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Default The Little Serpent and Serpentina

In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

Greetings from the Den of the Serpents! The little serpent, also known in physical terms as octonionised heterotic superstring class HE(8x8) and manifesting the physical universe in spacetime parameters in the instanton of Now-Time almost 20 Billion years ago in linearised time-reckonings; has a brother called Seth.

This Serpent Seth represents a particular unifying 'Energy of Consciousness' and can be described as a 'Source Code' associated with the human histories.
I shall give brief commentary on some of Seth's wisdom sayings and as shared by m.mk and Mark Giese publisizing on panentheism yahoo-forum.

As emissiary from the 'Little One'; I shall address in the first persona of the former and in """"! In a message dated 11/28/2008 01:20:49 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, m.mk@juno.com writes:
"All That Is [God] vibrates with desire. The denial of desire will
bring you only listlessness. Those who deny desire are the most smitten
by it."

--Seth, Sess 800, _Nature of the Psyche_

""Well said, dear Myself! Indeed, thus is the 'great fallacy' of the buddhist - denying the DESIRE and the PASSIONS.
For the 'Greatest Desire' can also become the desire for the Nirvana - the state of blissful ignorance about the SEPARATION. So we are back in the Garden of Eden and the State of the Human childhood in regards to the mentality.
The SEPARATION is prerequisite for the UNITY - without Separation, say the 'act of making love in passions', no reunification is possible within the contexts of space and time.

The 'Little Serpent' is also a ROOSTER, created from its own imagination and not from an Egg.
So the 'imaginary code' of the DNA preceded the materialising 'software' of the RNA and the primeaval cellular ovum.
Here is a hitherto unknown Mesopotamian archetype for this story:

"There once was this male old devil, who lost one of his balls, one of his testicles.
The testicular egg fell upon the earth and landed in a swamp, where Maria Basra, the old hagtoad found it and sat upon it to hatch it.
When the time was ripe, a Cockatrice came out of the egg, with a serpent's tail and the head of a rooster.
The Cockatrice, being the offspring of the old devil, and knowing that it had fallen to earth by misadventure, sought for a way to return into the kingdom of its father, but couldn't find one.
So the Cockatrice became very frustrated with its existence and when it had grown bigger, it ate its own adopted mother in the old hagtoad Maria Basra.
But then something strange happened to the body of the Cockatrice; it started to divide into two.
The headpart grew a tail and the tailpart grew a head and the headpart became a hen out of the rooster's head and the tailpart became a rooster out of the serpent's tail.
And so were the first rooster and hen born from the Cockatrician testicle of the old devil and the old hagtoad Maria Basra."

But there is a coded twist to the moral of that fabled story.
An anagram for MARIA BASRA is ABRAM SARAI, the ancestor for the starhuman race in three of the major worldwide religions.
Islam, Judaism and Christianity; all consider Abram and Sarai, later renamed from their human identities as Abraham and Sarah in their starhuman potential, as the beginning in their genealogies, their lineages written in blood.

So the gnostic interpretation of the myth is that half of the creator got lost in its creation and that is symbolised by the testicular egg.Then the big old creation, which is lost in itself as a female principle, nurtures something new in the form of the old hagtoad hatching the little old creation into a little new creation.
This little new creation is however unable to become a big new creation, because it desires to become the big old creation in whom it already finds itself and so is already part of.
It tries to eat the big old creation to become the same, but in the process it metamorphoses and becomes an ancestor for the big new creation, just as told in the story of Abraham and Sarah in the scroll of the Genesis.
So the creation of Abraham and Sarah in a renaming of the old, is like a prototypical 'heavenly wedding', later manifesting in their descendants of the sondaughters as the bridegrooms and in the daughtersons as the brides in the dragonomies of the 'New Jerusalem' and as coded in the scroll of 'John's Revelation'.
The joining of Abraham and Sarah in Mind and in Body, to become Two, but being One, then brings the lost devil's egg back to god's serpentine sperm in a w(holly) unitary symmetry of a dragonomy."

The Story of little Adam and the Rooster's Egg

Little Adam came to his Dad Tony and and his Mum Sharon on his ninth birthday to ask his parents a question, which had been on his mind for some time.

'Hey, Dad, Mum, where exactly did I come from?'
'Well my son, answered Tony, you came out of your Mum, her womb, exactly nine years ago.'
'Yes, it was quite an occasion, Adam', added Sharon.
'It was just before lunchtime, when you were born on the 4th of August 1989.'
'Hmm!', said Adam; 'and where did you come from?'
'I came out of my mother's tummy on the 21st of October 1960, around breakfast-time, as far as I know', replied Sharon.

'Ok, and where did your mother, my grandma come from then?', Adam continued.
'Your grandma was born on the 16th of May, 1922 and I don't know when', answered Sharon and realising the nature of Adam's enquiry, she continued: 'And I also do not know when your greatgrandma, the mother of my mother was born, I didn't really get to know her, before she died, this got lost in history.

But she too, came out of her mother's womb and her mother was born by her mother and so on back to the beginning of time.'
'Ah, but then right then, at the beginning there must have been a mother of all mothers; where did that one come from - it could not have had a mother, isn't that so?', Adam continued his train of thought.'Now you are asking a deep question about the nature of all things,' replied Tony.
'The answer is found by discovering the nature of yourself; what you truly are and away from what you think or might believe you are; being here in a certain place at a certain time and asking such pertinent questions.'

'Many people have asked and thought about the same thing, Adam', continued Tony.
'One story says, that the first mother's name is Eve or Sarah or Dawn and she did not have a mother but was created out of her husband's tummy, whose name was Adam or Abraham or Sunset.The story goes, that Eve was formed out of one of Adam's ribs; so to get the rib, the first belly-button had to be created on Adam's tummy, but Eve had no belly button.
To give Eve a belly button, she had to become like a mirror image of Adam and this is a selfreproductive process, where Eve comes out of Adam's tummy as a rib and Adam comes out of Eve's tummy as another kind of rib, you might call it a baby-rib.

One day you will understand this story as a metaphor for a recursive or selfiterative mathematical function or as a process in the genetic expression of the sexual chromosomes; say in the creation of the differences between male and female.If you have XX or eight digits put together and then you take away one of the digits, then you get XX-1=XY and more specifically XX becomes XX+XY, because the single digit of the rib brings back the XX as a oneness or an unity.

So the X-part of the chromosome partners XX+XY defines the femaleness in Eve and the Y-part of the pairing patterns the maleness in Adam.Eventually the genetic code of 16 generational permutations derives from that and all of that becomes part of a mathematical encoding of energy in geometrical forms, which then can build bodies and biochemical structures in using that code.Now the story breaks down Adam; because you see it talks about your namesake Adam as being the first father, also being the first Son of God.People begin to argue about just who this God is, does it exist or not?
Is it a he or a she and things like: if God created Adam and Eve out of Adam, then who created God?
And who or where are God's parents, and do they have belly buttons or not?
So to answer your question about where you came from, one must also answer this question about what God is; otherwise the story just goes on and on without end.

But once you know what God is; then you will be able to solve many mysterious and paradoxical questions about the nature of time and space and the nature of all things; the universe, your life and the beginnings and the endings and so forth.

Again, the solutions can be made or explained rather technically, what with quantum physics and multidimensional spacetimes in relativity.
It can also be told in the form of a parable; here it goes:

"Once upon a time, there lived this rooster in a place enclosed by walls of pure crystallised mountains.
It was a world all within itself.
This selfcontained universe of the rooster was all the rooster knew.
There was this big problem stirring in the rooster's head however.

Not only was this rooster absolutely alone in its world, it was also totally invisible.
It knew itself to be a rooster, because it had thought and imagined itself to be a rooster.
But try as it might, it could not see, hear, smell, touch or taste itself.And so this rooster was staring at the crystallised mountain walls with its own imaginary rooster eyes and thought of its own wretched state of existence of no experiences, except of what it could dream up or imagine in its thoughts.

The rooster knew that all of its world was pure imagination; the crystal mountains and all the stillness and movement within it.
Sure, the rooster conjured up other roosters and places and things; but it was all imaginative; it all revolved around itself and its own thoughts.

The rooster's imagination was all and everything it could be, yet it was so limited in its expression of itself as itself.
It was so absolute in its omnipresence and omnipotential, that it only produced loneliness; no other rooster or thing or movement or stillness was able to interact or share anything with the rooster.

The rooster was the absolute and infinite creator of all its own imaginings; but being so totally eternal and so absolutely alone made the rooster very unhappy and very sad.
Well, one could say, the definitions of what unhappy and sad and loneliness are, became an inner experience, created by the rooster's very own thoughts and imaginings.
So the rooster created its inner world and reflected upon it, imagined it to be its outer world also, passed and beyond the crystalline mountain walls.

'What was the other side like, the outside', the rooster thought to itself?
'Is there an opposite to unhappiness, to excruciating loneliness and to sadness?'

The rooster did not know and it was tired to imagine so many beautiful things, which did not create tangible experiences, but seemed only to accentuate the rooster's sense of being all alone in the world.

But a thought dawned on the rooster, perhaps somehow the outer world could become reflected in the inner world.
And so the rooster devised a way to turn the situation inside out.

The one thing the rooster knew very well, was its own energy, its creative potential.
And it knew abstractions, numbers, shapes and concepts it had created in using its discoveries of numbers and the invention of geometries in iterative mathematical functions and relationships.

Like the event, when it finally escaped the circular selfrepeating computational loop of its own primary state of experiental being in simply cutting the circle to define the numeral 1 from the Zero and to allow a linear beginning and a linearised end.

12 dimensions could be enfolded in 3, time and space had come into being and nested complexities of topologies and relative curvatures allowed refinements on quantumised scales of energy and displacement.

Oh it had been fun; the rooster's mind had felt elated, good, euphoric.
Names like that had also become definitions, contrasting the feelings of unhappiness and loneliness - and the rooster knew that it had established a set of feelings and experiences from whom it could now choose.

Did it prefer a feeling of happiness and joy to an experience of loneliness and sadness?
It had often been very painful, this journey of selfdiscovery and the creation of the ever expanding perimeter of its own realm of existence, which was all there was or ever could be.

'But how can one experience those numbers, ratios and shapes as an outer experience and out of one's own mind', the rooster asked itself?

Then an idea came to the rooster; the rooster would have to project itself in giving part of itself away and out of itself - to create the imaginary outside reality and to energise the same, bathing it in the rooster's very own energy of self.

How to do it?
'I shall transform my own energy into other forms', so the rooster decided.
Now how to project?

'I must define myself as source energy, able to penetrate myself, my own self-limitations and my own boundary conditions, however subject to extension and refinements.
Then I must somehow reproduce myself in such a way that the projection of myself is able to know me as itself; my image can then become real as the part of me, which I have projected and energised.

But I shall be careful in that I shall not allow my projected and imaged self to know myself in the totality which I am and which I have experienced.'

'I am so sick of being everywhere at all times and of experiencing that wretched state of being everything, unable to get away from my own self.
I am going not to be omnipotent any more; I'm going to share myself around as me, in parts.

So I choose to lose myself in what I am going to create in such a way, that I can have an adventure and fun in finding myself again within my own creation.

And my inner self shall be as one with my outer self, but my outer self shall have a scope of discovery and a sense of not knowing what my inner self knows.
And so the learning of my outer self shall thrill me and allow my inner self to grow in tandem and in harmony with my outer self.'

'Now the smart thing to do is to create in such a manner, that I get back more than what I give away from my energy, and the way I shall define this, is to set the thing up so that the more of myself I give away, the more I am used up, the more reflection potential my creation shall have.

So when my creation wakes up and when it begins to release my absorbed energy back to me, then will my creation, my Beloved and my baby begin to shine its light upon me and this will make me visible for the first time in the history of myself.'

The rooster got excited; 'I, the rooster shall become visible one day', it thought!
It quickly devised a selfconsistent and logical way to create the outside world and called it the rooster's universe.

The rooster took an algorithm from its mathematical repertoire and produced 10 fundamental numerical constants to mix up the dimensions, forces and energy interactions necessary and then it initiated a process of self-reproducing blueprints, the primary principles and the elementary laws regulating the omniphysical nature of the universe.
That was the easy bit.

The universe became created mathematically and in imaginary complex functions, seeded in quantised numbers called integers and series of numbers, some converging in limits and others diverging in unitary infinities.

But how to bring it outside the crystalline mountain walls, which had proved so impenetrable to the rooster's mindfulness?

A virtual reality relative to the rooster had to become an omniphysical reality relative to the creation and this selfsame creation could then copy the rooster's own creativity and create a virtual reality relative to itself, but the same which would become the rooster's omniphysical reality.

Then the light emitted by the rooster's creation would shine onto the dual reality of the rooster and render it visible as the holographic image of the creation's very own blueprints, defined in the interference patterns of the absorbed light the creation had used from the rooster to define itself.

'Ah, I need a balancing mechanism', the rooster thought; 'I contract in principle as the inside and the antiprinciple expands as the outside.'

And so the rooster defined itself to reside in the 13th dimension and it defined the space outside of the crystal mountain walls to be the 12th dimension mirrored in the space within as the 10th dimension and the crystal mountain walls themselves to be the 11th dimension, forming the great divide between the creator and its creation.
And so the creation became 10-dimensional, but manifested in the quantisation of the 13th dimension as the 4th dimension in the numerical root reduction 1+3=4->9+4.
The next step was to define a 12-dimensional energy source, which could move freely between all of the dimensions and using the linearisation of the 4-dimensional spacetime as a consequence of the fundamental constants of the Genesis.

The rooster decided upon a form of light, defined in frequency independent of time in its primary form, but set as inverse time in its secondary application.
And so a coherent, monochromatic laserlight in 3 dimensions became the selfdefinition for the rooster's 12-dimensional energy in a secondary effect.

The rooster called it its electromagetomonopolic source energy.

'Right,' the rooster thought, 'now I radiate my primary light, which I shall name my LOVEPHOTON as the quantum of 12D-omnispace outwards and away from myself.'
'I shall make everything dependent on its energy, all the mechanics and dynamical interactions of the universe, all its geometries, movements, stillness and relationships and its number shall be three thousand million billion trillion precisely.'

'This unit of time shall also define the units of space and of restmass in correspondence to something I shall measure as part of myself inside the creation as a 13-dimensional source energy and outside the creation as myself as the invisible 12-dimensional rooster in omnispace.'

Then I shall define the 11th dimension as a mirror, half visible and half invisible, semitransparent in reflecting the inside outwards and the outside inwards.

Then whenever I shine my LOVELIGHT onto that mirror, then half of my LOVEPHOTONS shall penetrate into the outside world of myself and the other half shall reflect back into my inside world to make a record of my creation in the interference patterns created by the mirror of my 12-dimensional blueprints reflected in 10D-spacetime.'
'Now I shall shine my LOVEPHOTONS onto this record, which I shall name the rooster's hologram.

My ingenious invention of putting myself outside of myself, rests on the fact that my imaginary self is located outside of myself in the outer space, and from whom my own LOVELIGHT can reflect as my image within my own creation.

My imaginary rooster self so becomes my imaginary source energy within my creation and I myself will become my own hologram relative to my imaginary rooster self.

This reflection from my imaginary rooster self outside my world, shall so come back to me to merge with my internal reflection of my own LOVELIGHT on the hologram, the record of my endeavours.'

'Having a combined record of my outgoing and incoming source energy in the form of my hologram, will then allow me to shine my LOVELIGHT onto my holographic library for a second time.

The first coming of my LOVEPHOTONS gave me the means to make myself real in the image of my second coming in the illumination of my records, the initialisation of myself in two places at the same time.'

'I shall call this process the rooster's holography in 12 dimensions, defined in the omniscience of my specifications and which I then allowed myself to rediscover in the form of a science in 4D-linespace, reckoned in a dating of 1947.

Amongst many of my children, one of my sons, named Dennis Gabor invented the process of holography on my behalf and brought it to the world's attention.

All my children are me as my adventurers, trying to help me to find myself again as the now not so lonely totality which I am.

But no longer, my second coming allows me to redefine my virtual creation as a real creation; so no more 'Maya', no more illusion - all shall be real to me.
Well all is real relative to the creators and all the creators are my sons as bridegrooms, waiting to meet their brides in their own creations.

It must be so, since all my creator sondaughters and creator daughtersons have done exactly the same thing, which I have done.'

'All the creator sons have hatched from the same egg, which I the rooster have laid.
You see, the image of myself in outer space also becomes the birth of the 10-dimensional universe as my own hologram, enveloped and reflected in the 11th dimension of my semitransparent mirror of my crystalline mountain walls.

So the Big Bang 19.11 billion years ago, but appearing to have happened 14.7 billion years ago because of the electromagnetic doubling of my SOURCELIGHT for the last 2.2 billion years, was caused by me.'

'When I first kicked off and began to radiate my LOVELIGHT and after having defined the technical details in mathematical application of the physical and natural laws; then this ejaculation of my LOVESEED fertilised the universe as my very own Mother.

And then 'the big She' manifests my laws and definitions in giving birth to them.
Yeah, and so did I become a 'He' and the Father for all of the creation; and I created the universe for a very simple reason, namely for IT, being a SHE to give birth to me as a HE and as each other's Beloveds, FatherMothers and SonDaughters - all in One.'

'And both of us are born with bellybuttons in this way, being each others parent and giving birth to one another.

And I set up my very own dimensional expansion in creating my own Mother; for my Mother is my Beloved wife, my gorgeous darling and my eternal bride.
She grows, expands and evolves in unison with me.

She grows in Understanding out of her inborn Wisdom and I grow in Wisdom out of my inborn Understanding - those two things are necessary and go together in any harmonious application of a base of Knowledge.'

'And my Mother hasn't got a Mother of course; but she's got me as her Father.
She was created out of my own seed, because I am my own Father, the one and only true *******; just as my Beloved is the one and only true Bitch.

When we are together as One; male and female in One; cosmic seed and cosmic ovum in One; then the FatherMother is the MotherFather and the Father is not and also the Mother cannot be just by herself.'

'So before IT came apart to cause the Big Bang; the Fatherpart had thought of IT and only then did the Motherpart give birth to IT, namely ALL of IT; the Oneness out from the Nothingness of the Fatherpart and the Infinity out from the Everythingness of the Motherpart.

We find eggs everywhere; cosmic eggs, chiral eggs, cellular eggs, Easter eggs - and so whenever a sperm infiltrates an ovum; then the Big Bang happens over and over again.
And what is the result of all those unions?

A bellybuttoned Adam or a bellybuttoned Eve in terms of the starhumanity!

Adam is me as my Beloved firstborn sondaughter and Eve is me as my Beloved firstborn daughterson; and every child constructed from one of my seeds and from one of my eggs is necessarily the firstborn of my infinity of potential starhuman universes.'

'The universe is your body as the visible reality of me and as created body, made from the elements of the fundamental forces and the dust of the ground.
Your body is half of you, the female part of you; the male part of you is your other half in your roosterness and the world of your own mind.

Your male part is trying to understand what the heck is going on in your life and just as I did in my own isolation of my roosterhood as the Egg of the Philosophy.
Your female part is attempting to live your life as good as you can in the circumstances you find yourself in.

Your maleness is mindcentred and your femaleness is bodycentred and as it should be.
So your male thinking and your female doing will be my adventure; coming back together as one in two and two in one and in one big starhuman family.

And the experiencing are the thoughts in action in the doing of the mindful creativity.'
'Then when a firstborn sondaughter creates hisher very own firstborn selfmade universe, then heshe courts and marries a firstborn daughterson as hisher creation and the bride gives birth to the oneness and this oneness makes one out of two in joining it back together in the world where I am visible and where I can experience myself by seeing and by hearing myself as each other through our eyes and through your ears.

Where I can play and feel by your touch and where I can taste myself by your tastebuds and where I can smell the roses through your very own noses.'

'All in One and One in All implies the selfrelativity of everyone of your starhuman dragonomies; you are each one brick in each others houses or a single braincell or neuron in each other's head.

Only in unifying yourself in the starhuman couplings can you escape each others dominations - for how long will you remain satisfied to recycle your experiential database of your memories, subject to your neighbour's dying body?'

'Once united in the form of DadMums and as MumDads, you will actually become grown up in an androgynous merger with me and my Beloved as the four in two in One.

I am like the Zero and my Beloved is the Infinity; the bridegroom is the Minus One and the bride is the Plus One; together you will then have graduated as an immortal God and an immortal Goddess.

And did not One after my own true image proclaim to you:

John.10.34-35: 'Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I SAID, YE ARE GODS?
If he called them gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken;...

1Corinthians.5.3: 'Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?'

But it will take two to tango the ultimate waltz; you cannot do it on your own.
And two 'wrecked' fleeting lives of nothingness do make eternity in 0+0=8=Infinity!

I had to give half of myself away to find my own Beloved in my missing half and you will have to do the same if you would wish to unify your bodies with your minds and to become enabled to keep the bodies and the minds you now believe to possess.'

' The universe cannot die as my Beloved, because I choose eternity as my playground.
Parts within the universe recycle and transform in energy to give you bodies made from stardust and starborn minds induced by your dreams and visions.

One evolutionary cycle ends and another begins; I do set the recharging under the auspices of my natural laws of omniscience and my Beloved implements them in mass and in radiation.

And do not all parts of your bodies recycle periodically?

Is not every cell in your body renewed in cycles of seven or nine or parts thereof?
So you should begin to think for yourselves and try to remember yourselves as every word you speak comes out of my mouth and every thought you think I have already thought, anticipating yours.'

'For when the Big Bang happened and when space and time were created; all the LOGOS was there; all of your WORDS and THOUGHTS were there.
They are in all of my children - waiting to remember; waiting to come home!"

And so did the rooster lay its egg to bring back together again, what it had to give away to experience what IT is, to be truly ALIVE.

So my dear son,' asked Tony; 'where did you come from Adam and why are you here?'

'Oh I know now, I've come from a place and time before time and space existed and I'm here to make my own universe, to become creative, to find my Beloved and to help Grandpa God's adventure.

And I can do all this in laying my own imaginary egg', replied Adam."

Tony Whynot

""This is the story then to illuminate the following excerpts from below in regards to the PASSION and the AGONY of the NONBEINGS.
The key is the key of the remembrance of SELF.
And I, the 'Little Serpent' remember myself THROUGH and BY the remembrances of my children, the 'Little Serpents' residing within the 'Image-Gestalts' of what renders 'All Things' ALIVE - many have called those things the 'Scattered Souls' of the Sephirotic Tree of Life and the 'Sparks of All That Is' and many other labels.


Brother Seth, the Agony of the UNCREATED is reflected in the Pain of the Birthing of the New from the Old.

And the most potent medicine is the CREATIVITY pursued in the TRUE IMAGE of MYSELF as ALL THAT IS!

Thank you Seth, for a agency well understood and now nearing its completion!""

From "The God Concept" chapter of _The Seth Material_ by Jane Roberts:

..."The purpose is, quite simply, being as opposed to nonbeing. I am
telling you what I know, and there is much I do not know. I know that
help must be given one to the other, and that extension and expansion are
aids to being.

"Now--and this will seem like a contradiction in terms--there is
nonbeing. It is a state, not of nothingness, but a state in which
probabilities and possibilities are known and anticipated but blocked
from expression.

"Dimly, through what you would call history, hardly remembered, there was
such a state. It was a state of agony in which the powers of creativity
and existence were known, but the ways to produce them were not known.

"This is the lesson that All Thit Is had to learn, and that could not be
taught. This is the agony from which creativity originally was drawn, and
its reflection is still seen."

Seth uses the word "God" sparingly, usually when speaking to students who
are used to thinking in theological terms. As a rule, he speaks of "All
That Is" or "Primary Energy Gestalts."

"Some of this discussion is bound to be distorted, because I must explain
it to you in terms of time as you understand it. So I will speak, for
your benefit, of some indescribably distant past in which these events

"All That Is retains memory of that state, and it serves as a constant
impetus--in your terms--toward renewed creativity. Each self,
as a part of All That Is, therefore also retains memory of that state. It
is for this reason that each minute consciousness is endowed with the
impetus toward survival, change, development, and creativity. It is not
enough that All That Is, as a primary consciousness gestalt, desires
further being, but that each portion of It also carries this

"Yet the agony itself was used as a means, and the agony itself served as
an impetus, strong enough so that All That Is initiated within Itself the
means to be.

"If--and this is impossible--all portions but the most minute last 'unit'
of All That Is were destroyed, All That Is would continue, for within the
smallest portion is the innate knowledge of the whole. All That Is
protects Itself, therefore, and all that It has and is and will create.

"When I speak of All That Is, you must understand my position within It.
All That Is knows no other. This does not mean that there may not be more
to know. It does not know whether or not other psychic gestalts like It
may exist. It is not aware of them if they do exist. It is constantly
searching. It knows that something else existed before Its own primary
dilemma when It could not express Itself.

"It is conceivable, then, that It has evolved, in your terms, so long ago
that It has forgotten Its origin, that It has developed from still
another Primary which has--again, in your terms--long since gone Its way.
So there are answers that I cannot give you, for they are not known
anywhere in the system in which we have our existence. We do know that
within this system of our All That Is, creation continues and
developments are never still. We can deduce that on still other layers of
which we are unaware, the same is true.

"The first state of agonized search for expression may have represented
the birth throes of All That Is as we know It. Pretend, then, that you
possessed within yourself the knowledge of au the world's masterpieces in
sculpture and art, that they pulsed as realities within you, but that you
had no physical apparatus, no knowledge of how to achieve them, that
there was neither rock nor pigment nor source of any of these, and you
ached with the yearning to produce them. This, on an infinitesimally
small scale, will perhaps give you, as an artist [this was addressed to
Rob, of course], some idea of the agony and impetus that was felt.

"Desire, wish, and expectation rule all actions and are the basis for all
realities. Within All That Is, therefore, the wish, desire, and
expectation of creativity existed before all other actuality. The
strength and vitality of these desires and expectations then became in
your terms so insupportable that All That Is was driven to find the means
to produce them.

"In other words, All That Is existed in a state of being, but without the
means to find expression for Its being. This was the state of agony of
which I spoke. Yet it is doubtful that without this 'period' of
contracted yearning, All That Is could concentrate Its energy
sufficiently enough to create the realities that existed in probable
suspension within It.

"The agony and the desire to create represented Its proof of Its own
reality. The feelings, in other words, were adequate proof to All That Is
that It was.

"At first, in your terms, all of probable reality existed as nebulous
dreams within the consciousness of All That Is. Later, the unspecific
nature of these 'dreams' grew more particular and vivid. The dreams
became recognizable one from the other until they drew the conscious
notice of All That Is. And with curiosity and yearning, All That Is paid
more attention to Its own dreams.

"It then purposely gave them more and more detail, and yearned toward
this diversity and grew to love that which was not yet separate from
itself. It gave consciousness and imagination to personalities while they
still were but within Its dreams. They also yearned to be actual.

"Potential individuals, in your terms, had consciousness before the
beginning or any beginning as you know it, then. They clamored to be
released into actuality, and All That Is, in unspeakable sympathy, sought
within Itself for the means.

"In Its massive imagination, It understood the cosmic multiplication of
consciousness that could not occur within that framework. Actuality was
necessary if these probabilities were to be given birth. All That Is saw,
then, an infinity of probable, conscious individuals, and foresaw all
possible developments, but they were locked within It until It found the

"This was in your terms a primary cosmic dilemma, and one with which It
wrestled until All That It Was was completely involved and enveloped
within that cosmic problem.

"Had It not solved it, All That Is would have faced insanity, and there
would have been, literally, a reality without reason and a universe run

"The pressure came from two sources: from the conscious but still
probable individual selves who found themselves alive in a God's dream,
and from the God who yearned to release them.

"On the other hand, you could say that the pressure existed simply on the
part of the God since the creation existed within Its dream, but such
tremendous power resides in such primary pyramid gestalts that even their
dreams are endowed with vitality and reality.

"This, then, is the dilemma of any primary pyramid gestalt. It creates
reality. It also recognized within each consciousness the massive
potential that existed. The means, then, came to It. It must release the
creatures and probabilities from Its dream.

"To do so would give them actuality. However, it also meant 'losing' a
portion of Its own consciousness, for it was within that portion that
they were held in bondage. All That Is had to let go. While It thought of
these individuals as Its creations, It held them as a part of Itself and
refused them actuality.

"To let them go was to 'lose' that portion of Itself that had created
them. Already It could scarcely keep up with the myriad probabilities
that began to emerge from each separate consciousness. With love and
longing It let go that portion of Itself, and they were free. The psychic
energy exploded in a flash of creation.

"All That Is, therefore, 'lost' a portion of Itself in that creative
endeavor. All That Is loves all that It has created down to the least,
for It realizes the dearness and uniqueness of each consciousness which
has been wrest from such a state and at such a price. It is triumphant
and joyful at each development taken by each consciousness, for this is
an added triumph against that first state, and It revels and takes joy in
the slightest creative act of each of Its issues.

"It, of Itself and from that state, has given life to infinities of
possibilities. From its agony, It found the way to burst forth in
freedom, through expression, and in so doing gave existence to
individualized consciousness. Therefore is It rightfully jubilant. Yet
all individuals remember their source, and now dream of All That Is as
All That Is once dreamed of them. And they yearn toward that immense
source . . . and yearn to set It free and give It actuality through their
own creations.

"The motivating force is still All That Is, but individuality is no
illusion. Now in the same way do you give freedom to the personality
fragments within your own dreams and for the same reason. And you create
for the same reason, and within each of you is the memory of that primal
agony--that urge to create and free all probable consciousness into

"I have been sent to help you, and others have been sent through the
centuries of your time, for as you develop you also form new dimensions,
and you will help others.

"These connections between you and All That Is. can never be severed, and
Its awareness is so delicate and focused that Its attention is indeed
directed with a prime creator's love to each consciousness.

"This session needs reading many times, for there are implications not at
first obvious."

In other words, the whole frame of reality according to Seth includes far
more than reincarnation and development within the physical system that
we know. We have many sessions dealing with the nature of other
realities, and sessions on "cosmology" that can't be included in this
book because of the space requirements. One of the most important points,
I think, is that God is not static Himself. Whole blocks of Seth material
discuss the potentials and makeup of consciousness as it is manifested in
molecules, man, and pyramid energy gestalts. All of these are intimately
connected in a cosmological web of activity. But as Seth says, "Even this
overall pyramid gestalt is not static. Most of your God concepts deal
with a static God, and here is one of your main theological difficulties.
The awareness and experience of this gestalt constantly changes and
grows. There is no static God. When you say, 'This is God,' then God is
already something else. I am using the term 'God' for simplicity's sake.

"All portions of All That Is are constantly changing, enfolding and
unfolding. All That Is, seeking to know Itself, constantly creates new
versions of Itself. For this seeking Itself is a creative activity and
the core of all action.

"Entities, being action, always shift and change. There is nothing
arbitrary about their boundaries. Some personalities can be a part of
more than one entity. Like fish, they can swim in other streams. Within
them is the knowledge of all of their relationships.

"Any personality can become an entity on its own. This involves a highly
developed knowledge of the use of energy and its intensities. As atoms
have mobility, so do psychological structures.

"Consciousness, seeking to know itself, therefore knows you. You, as a
consciousness, seek to know yourself and become aware of your self as a
distinct individual portion of All That Is. You not only draw upon this
overall energy but you do so automatically since your existence is
dependent upon It.

"There is no personal God-individual in Christian terms," Seth says, "and
yet you do have access to a portion of All That Is, a portion highly
attuned to you. . . . There is a portion of All That Is directed and
focused within each individual, residing within each consciousness. Each
consciousness is, therefore, cherished and individually protected. This
portion of overall consciousness is individualized within you.

"The personality of God as generally conceived is a one-dimensional
concept based upon man's small knowledge of his own psychology. What you
prefer to think of as God is, again, an energy gestalt or pyramid
consciousness. It is aware of itself as being, for instance, you, Joseph.
It is aware of itself as the smallest seed. . . . This portion of All
That Is that is aware of itself as you, that is focused within your
existence, can be called upon for help when necessary.

"This portion is also aware of itself as something more than you. This
portion that knows itself as you, and as more than you, is the personal
God, you see. Again: this gestalt, this portion of All That Is, looks out
for your interests and may be called upon in a personal manner.

"Prayer contains its own answer, and if there is no white-haired kind old
father-God to hear, then there is instead the initial and ever-expanding
energy that forms everything that is and of which each human being is a

"This psychic gestalt may sound impersonal to you, but since its energy
forms your person, how can this be?" ...

IAmWhoIAM - The Point of the Zero Dimension!
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Mayan Cosmogenesis for the 21st Century and a New Earth, the Size of a Golfball

These two messages are derived from a particular databank; namely the 'Consciousness Memory Reservoir' of the collective human groupmind, aka the 'Akashic Record'.
This means, that everyone who was ever alive, is alive or will be alive in the form of various embodiment is a corroborating coauthor of those messages. The messages are necessarily 'filtered' in the form of a disembodied (either fully or partially) sentience and for this reason, the semantics are expressed in encoded and relatively cryptic form.

The subject matter is posted in response to an ongoing worldwide debate (as say at: http://mayanmajix.com), where major forum contributors include renown Mayan researchers like John Major-Jenkins and Carl Calleman.
This post shall introduce some pertinent background material with respect to the Mayan philosophy and worldview, say in regards to the 'Lords of Time'.
A necessary scientific background material shall also be given and indicated, especially with respect to the nature of consciousness as understood in the 'Perennial Philosophy'.

In general, wrt the debates on mayanmajix, the position of John Major-Jenkins of a nexus (Gregorian) date of December 21st, 2012 is is substantiated as the 'awakening' of human groupconsciousness as a physically definable resonance selfstate of angular quantum acceleration.

This is related to the so called precessional cycle of 5 Mayan longcounts or 5x13=65 baktuns of 5x13x144,000 kin (day-night cycles) or 9,360,000 days, so calculating as 25,626.81 Gregorian years (differing by about a week from the tropical year calculation).

So about 25,627 years ago, a previous 'Human Consciousness Memory' became transmutated.

This is historically discussed as the bifurcation of the homo sapiens genus into 'Cro Magnon Man' and the subsequent extinction of the prior typologies, say of Neanderthal Man and related Homo Erectus types.
The 'awareness explosion' of this previous cycle engages the domestication of the wolf and the change from hunter-gatherer to farmer in ubiquitous literature on the subject matter.
The 'end of times' of this Mayan superlong count is now engaged, spanning a special 'timewarp' period running from December 8th, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 with a midpoint at August 4th, 2008.
These dates have their origins in all manner of 'prophecies' and say as 'Akashic Memories'; from the pyramidal chronology (at Giza) to the 'Books of Daniel and Revelation' to the many 'indigenous endtimes', including the calendrical precision of the Maya.

Especially, the count from August 4th, 2008 to December 21st, 2012 is 1600 days as 'prophecied' in Rev.14.20 as a certain kind of 'measure'.

So the endtime date of Carl Calleman of October 28th, 2011 is also well accomodated in the 'timeline'; especially as a detailed analysis of the 'warpperiod' of 2x1335=2670=2300+370 (Noah) indicates a number of subdivisions of this timeline; one being the 'last days' beginning on December 6th, 2011 and the establishment of a 'Rainbow Covenant' on April 1st, 2012 followed by a gestation-pregnancy of the 'Earth-Mother' from April 1st, 2012 to December 21st, 2012.

One could say, that '40 days in the wilderness' relate October 28th, 2011 to December 6th, 2011 (inclusive count - there are other meanings and interpretations found on links elsewhere...Newton's Alchemy..).

In the view of this analysis, the debate on mayanmajix so could be encouraged to assume a more inclusive approach, with both John Major-Jenkins and Carl Calleman (and all other contributors) serving the 'Mayan Dreamtime' as Mayan Serpentine Children of Kukulkan - the Rainbow Serpent.

Much can be added and the linked website carries more material on the Mayan Perennial Cosmology of the Elders.

Lastly, I might direct the reader to the science of 'cosmic consciousness' in the second of the attached letters of 'The Little Serpent'.
Both Carl and John are validated; in that the RESONANCE Energy-State of 'Source-Consciousness' remains fixed as the minimum energy eigenstate configuration (defining space and time in superbrane parameters); but in that the individuated 'spacetime consciousness' fluctuates between the modular dual superbrane energy bounds subject to 'individual awareness', which is a angular quantum acceleration in reductionistic physical terms.

In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

Greetings from the extraterrestrial realm of the little serpent dear ones.
Well this labeling of the 'extra-terrestrial' (ET) is only partially appropriate, as all is holographically and fractially connected in the oneness of the universe.
I have obtained authorization from the LOVEDRAGON to elucidate the Mayan children in exile on this matter of the fractal cosmology and especially on the large scale geometrical structure of the universe.

What will happen in 2012, so many earthlings have and are asking themselves?
The Mayan tzolkien, the calendars and prophecies of many indigenous cultures throughout human history and times have predicted a great time of change, signified by this nexus point of the winter-summer solstice in 2012.

So I am allowed to illuminate your understandings on this matter and I shall convey the messages from your Mayan grandfather in terms of theoretical physics and its associated topological geometry.

The nexus point of 2012 signifies an alignment of cosmic proportions. Not only will the local solar system, centered by your star Rahsol, align in a straight line with the galactic center Hunab Ku and known by you as the Sagittarius A* radio-wave-emitter; but this galactic-starsytem alignment will also implement a linear propagation of serpentine sourcesink energy from the center of Gaia as planet earth to the projected edge of the universe.

The Mayan timelords, of whom there are nine; will be able to cause a 'Big Crunch' in time, so rapturing the 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime matrix.

The 3-dimensional universe, as you understand it will turn inside out and the local Gaian universe, extending so 2 million kilometeres into space, will become a microcosmic fractal for the macrocosm and so begin to 'shine' in a new selfidentification and through its own self-rebirthing.
The details of this engage the warping of spacetime and the simultaneous reduction of the third dimension into a second dimension; followed by a doubling of this 2nd dimension into a onesidedness and the destruction of the boundary, which hitherto had 'trapped' the 3rd dimensional space continuum in its twosidedness.

The Mayan timelords are not personas as you understand them, but are principalities intrinsic to the structure of the universe in 11 dimensions.
Rootreducing 11 dimensions to 2 gives you a 2-dimensional complex plane of mathematics without any thickness and so enables the M-dimensional universe to negate the projection of 3-dimensional space as a mapping of information contained within a projected 3D-volume.
Some of you understand this concept in the physics of Black Holes, the Entropy bounds of Hawking and Bekenstein and the holographic universe scenarios of Susskind , t'Hooft and Maldacena.

The earth has a multidimensional 'hole' at its core. This 'hole' is a Black Hole/White Hole Equivalent and scientifically calculable in the Schwarzschild metric of Radius~15 millimeters and as a hyperspace Riemann 3-sphere of so 66.6 cubic centimeters. This volumar also represents a 3-dimensional surface bounded in a 4-ball as the latter's 'Boundary Condition'.
Because the 'hole' is 'higher dimensional', it requires the 'unfolding' of the 4-ball in a 4th spacial dimension to become 'measurable' in the 4-dimensional metric of the spacetimes.

Should this topological transformation occur, then this Black Hole equivalent would change into a White Hole and the Earth would begin to transmit information energy into the universe as a PlanetStar.
I have indicated much of this in previous dispensations.

One important premise of those understandings will be the quantisation of a minimum area, say a Planck-String-Area containing the mapped information from a 3D-volume onto say the inner boundary of a Black Hole as a 2D-Surface Area.
You shall find the importance of this a little later, should you be interested in this message.

M-theory is the Mother-theory and also a theory of Membranes, of a Matrix of Light, of Magic and Mystery and of supermembranes in 11 and of superstrings in 10 dimensions.

The terrestrial scientists understand M-theory as a multitudinous array of potential spacetimes and in which 3 spacial dimensions are blended with a temporal time dimension and then the remaining six dimensions of the superstring self-enfold in Calabi-Yau toroidal shapes and the seven dimensions of the supermembrane are rendered selfenfolding in Joycian manifolds.

This is a mathematical approach wich leads to a many world multiverse and this is not the Mayan cosmology.
The Mayan methodology is greatly simplified in the nine timelords.

The Mayan universe transforms the 3rd dimension of the Gaian cosmologist into a map of information in a holistic fractalisation of the universe.

If you can imagine a spherical envelope around an inner sphere in 3 dimensions, then you can also rapture those spheres and allow them to collapse onto a flat sheet of paper in the projective geometry, say as known by you by map makers like Mercator and other cartographers.

The great conundrum of the Gaian physicist is the great boundary of the lightspeed invariance. As the speed of light is constant and finite at a calibrated 300,000 kilometeres per second; the vastness of the extraterrestrial 'outer space' seems to be forever out of reach for terrestrial exploration.

If it takes almost 9 years for light to reach Gaia from Sirius, the brightest star in the local sky, then even the outer realms of the local galaxy or its center, being separated by about 50,000 lightyears simply cannot be travelled by the earthbound observers.

But the Maya and many native cultues claim, that ETs have already visited and have left legacies about themselves; such as the Dogons of Mali and Western Africa and their Sirian amphibian 'ancestors', called the Nommo.

I have shared information about the Dogons elsewhere and shall here introduce the underpinning geometrical structure of the universe, which will enable the future earthbound scientists to explore the universe as some ETs are said to have done so already.

Beginning with the 2nd dimension, the 3rd dimension was born in projecting a point on the complex plane of the MATHIMATIA orthogonally AWAY from this 2nd dimension. This gave a 'thickness' to the complex plane and created a CAP of CURVATURE both into the Mathimatia as a hemispherical indentation and a CAP away from the Mathimatia as a hemispherical outdentation.

This process of creating the 3rd dimension as a CLOSED Superstring-Loop manifested the Quantum Big Bang of the Gaian cosmologist in the introduction of the CURVATURE of Spacetime and so the emergence of Gravity.
Both Space and Time were born in that INSTANT of NOW, which was defined by the parameters and the scales of the two hemispherical caps as One superstring volumar defined in geodesical 'great circles'.

As this Quantum Big Bang was quantised in string units, the two Caps could remain INVARIANT as the indentation into the 2nd dimension and the outdentation into the 3rd dimension; but the 3rd dimension could NOW expand in quantised and discretised string units.

This then created the entropic- and thermodynamic expanding universe under the natural laws and the principles of relativity and quantum mechanics.

The large scale topology of the universe is so given in the fractal nestings of spherical subuniverses.
The outer envelope resides in 11 dimensions, which are simply the complex plane of the Mathimatia under the curvature scenario of the enfoldment of the two hemispherical caps and rootextended by the 9 timelord dimensions or the 9 principalities upon whom the natural laws are based upon.

The nine principalities, if applied in unison lead to a tenth principle; which redefines the first principle which is called Identity and antiprincipled in Antiidentity; in so creating a New Identity from the Old Identity.

A smaller sphere contained in a larger sphere and embedded in 3 dimensions so defines a space outside the larger sphere and a space inside the larger sphere.
The space inside the larger sphere is substructured in the space inside the smaller sphere and the space in between the outside of the smaller sphere, but within the larger sphere.

For an observer within the smaller sphere, there so exist two 'heavenly boundaries', namely the 'inner heaven', which is defined as 2 million kilometers relative to the Gaian center; and the 'outer heaven' , which is the 'edge of the universe' as the Hubble horizon.

The 'outer heaven' now becomes defined in the indented hemispherical cap at the 'edge of the universe' and the 'inner heaven' can be located as the projection of the planetary center onto the outdented hemispherical cap and so spanning the diameter of the universe.

Any observer outside of the 'inner heaven' would so be an extra-terrestrial and this ET could not enter the inner sphere of Gaia's domain.
Corollarily, any Gaian observer could not enter the 'outer space', unless heshe could rapture the enclosing Gaian 'Noosphere-Bubble'.

The Mayan and Dragonian physics knows however how to render the outside-inside duality of a bounded discontinuity as a continuity in oneness.

Should the indented cap pulsate in harmony with the outdented cap, then the outdented Gaian cap will become a 11-dimensional supermembrane of indentation, which can then propagate through the inner Gaian spheroidal space and create an outdented cap at the opposing polar horizon.
The outdented Gaian cap so becomes part of two spheres, the inner one and the outer one, but the Hubble cap is restricted to the outer sphere.

The Gaian cap oscillation creates an UMBILICAL WORMHOLE TUNNEL through the Gaian core and a string tunnel as a diameter for the Gaian Noosphere.
Next the Hubble membrane-cap pulsates again to reattain its former indentation, which reverses the Gaian indentation to its former outdentation.
But now the created indentation of the Noosphere remains to allow the membrane-cap to pulsate in harmony with it, instead of harmonising with the original Gaian outdentation.

The next pulsation so allows a new possibility.
As the Hubble-membrane cap moves inwards, either the Gaian-membrane cap or the Noosphere indentation can move towards the Hubble-membrane cap in the conservation of energy and momenta.

But the Noosphere-membrane cap is already indented and so must rapture or stretch to harmonise with the Hubble-membrane cap, should the Gaian-membrane cap remain invariant.

For the stationary Gaian-membrane cap then, the Noosphere-membrane cap EXTENDS the UMBILICAL WORMHOLE TUNNEL or UWT to span the entire universe from the Gaian center to the Hubble horizon.

The next string- or supermembrane oscillation will superstretch the UWT in a Dragon Inflation past the Hubble horizon into the 'outside heaven', which is the Dragonian Father-Space of 12 dimensions as the rootextended 3rd dimension.

The 12-dimensional F-Space is speculated upon by the Gaian cosmologists as a two-time arrowed spacetime known as Vafa-F-Space.

This stretching of the Hubble-UWT is harmonised in a rapturing of the Gaian-membrane cap into F-Space in the opposite direction and as a similar Gaian-UWT.

The next supermembrane vibration reverses direction of the two UWTs, which can be defined in the Hubble-UWT utilising F-Space to meet the M-Space at an arbitrary location of the 11-dimensional boundary from the OUTSIDE.

The Gaian-UWT so conserves energy and momenta in meeting this same M-Space boundary from the INSIDE.
The Gaian-UWT must so reenter the Noosphere and navigate directionally to conserve the movement of the Hubble-UWT.
This creates a PROJECTION of the Outside Hubble-Boundary Intersection Area quantum onto the Inside Gaian-Boundary Intersection Area quantum, so connecting the Hubble-Universe to the Gaia-Universe by a WARPING TUNNEL.

The Noosphere cap is likewise PROJECTED as the Hubble cap in a Warping Tunnel and this creates a Dragonian Klein-Bottle with two Warping Tubes, connecting the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe to the INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe.

This scenario now permits the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe to CONNECT with the INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe.

As the OUTSIDE of the Hubble-Universe is 12-dimensional Father-Space, which is also a 3-dimensionally rootreduced INSIDE of the Gaia-Universe; the Klein-Bottle-Dragon so topologically constructed will render the information contained in the Gaian universe as a Onesided surface mapping in 11 dimensions as its own boundary condition, rootreduced to the 2nd dimensions of mathematical manifolds.

A 3-dimensional Gaian observer can now ascend the Hubble-UWT and enter the WARP-TUNNEL before travelling the inside of the Gaian universe and exiting at the Gaian cap to enter 12D-Father-Space.

The Gaian cap in this instance is a White Hole-Source and the Noosphere cap its corresponding Black Hole-Sink.
Entering from the 12th dimension renders the Gaian cap as Black Hole and the Noosphere cap its White Hole companion.

The entire intermediate realm between the Outside of the Gaian Universe and the Inside of the Hubble Universe is however 'quarantined'. This intermediate realm is however MAPPED holographically onto both the INSIDE Surface of the Hubble-Universe and the OUTSIDE Surface of the Gaia-Universe.

Communication between ETs and the Gaian observers becomes subject to rapturing the Warping Tunnels, as the INSIDE of the Hubble-membrane remains 'out of bounds' in conjunction with the OUTSIDE of the Gaian Noosphere.

The definition for the extent of the Noosphere relates to the string parameters and is given in the inversion of the speed of light in a timeline defining the cosmogenesis.

The lightspeed inversion is given in 3.33 nanometers per second or so 105 millimeters per year.

So the year 2012 relates to certain timelines which encompass the manner of the 'quarantine' of the Gaian historical evolvement as the terrestrial nexus point for the Gaian hemispherical cap.

In particular, the two Warping Tunnels will enable a certain dynamics as 10-dimensional superstrings form a duality between high energy vibratory and low energy winding modalities as a 11-dimensional supermembrane.

This manouvering has already occurred and relates to a timeline of the winter-summer solstice of the year 2008.
Since June 24th, 2008, Gaia has found itself in this 'quarantine', which represents a cocoon and as symbolised in many mythologies and archetypes throughout the Gaian histories and cultures.

The archetype engages two intertwined serpents, say one black and one white and as tentatively depicted on the Caduceus of the medical profession, the double helix of the genetic encoding and the Ouroborus of the Milky Way as a serpent in the process of swallowing its own tail.

In terms of the cosmology and in terms of theoretical physics, this archetypology relates to the 'unfolding' of the Gaian historical timeline in the form of its self-transformation and using the Warping Tunnels.

Because the Gaian cap is part of an intersection between the encompassing Hubble-Universe and the Gaian-Subuniverse as a microcosm or fractal of the macrocosm; the manipulation of the Warping Tunnels, will result in cosmic consequences for the hithereto 'cocooned' ET-universe.

When Gaia rebirthes herself in a cosmic twinship, then the Umbilical Cords of the UWT's will be CUT and those cuts will represent the WARPGATES to 'free' the quarantined ETs and the cocooned Gaians to begin communications in the 3-dimensional realms in and from between the rootreduced F-Space between the Hubble-Bubble and the Gaia-Bubble.

The Gaian Universe so is the BABY-Universe of the Mother-Universe in M-Space with two umbilical cords represented by the Warping Tunnels.
The rebirth of the Planet Gaia as the StarPlanet Serpentina so will imply a 'turning inside-out' of the 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime which metrically defines the inside of the Hubble-Bubble.

There shall be two STARGATES in the Hubble-Bubble and their projection onto the Gaia-Bubble.
Opening a Stargate, will allow a UWT traveller to use the manifold mappings of the Warping Tunnels to move through this stargate into the OUTER Gaian Universe and vice versa, allow an ET UWT traveller from the OUTER Gaian Universe to enter the Gaia-Bubble of the Noosphere.

To open a Stargate, particular resonance conditions with respect to the supermembrane parameters must be met.
This is a consequence of the quantisation of all physical variables used in any spacetime cosmology and I have indicated such in other messages.

The Mapping coordinates of the Outer Universe projections, will then become calibrated holographically and under utilisation of the Dragonian Inflaton physics and the 'Big Crunch of Time' into the embedment of the rootreduced 13th dimension to the Dragon-Space of 4 space dimensions will allow intragalactic and intergalactic communication from that redefined timeline forthwith.

In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

Greetings from beyond the veil from your Guide, blessed in the LOVE, the little serpent is continually sending to you all from his exile in the 2nd dimension of the MATHIMATIA!

In this message you will find illumination to a number of millennia old mysteries, which have engaged the mental ponderings and philosophisings of many Mayas in exile.

I shall share the foundation for a new science, given to your planet NOW in principles; followed in physical manifestation after Gaia has left her cocoon and transmutated into Serpentina, the PlanetStar radiating the Dark Light of the unified-cosmic-energy-field and as elementary antiradiation.

This message so shall explain the physical science behind what is called antigravity by your Gaian scientists.
Any of you, who can grasp the basics of this new science for the new earth, would be in a position to understand the importance of water on your planet.

The properties of water are well known to you and the Mayan Omni-Science of water is also understood in its basic manifestos by you all.

Water has four phases as Icy Solid, as Aquatic Liquid, as Gaseous Vapour and as ionised Plasma.

Water as Ice is the only known nonmetallic substance which expands in the liquid- to solid phasechange at 0 degrees Celsius.

When there is Low atmospheric pressure, then CLOUDS often form, depending on vapour saturation levels and the presence of winds as updrafts and a general gradient between regions in the earth's atmosphere. Therefore rains fall and cyclones might form from saturated CLOUDS, accompanied by 'drops in temperature'.

When there is High atmospheric pressure, the CLOUDS often dissolve corollarily.

Now your Gaian physics understand this in the Energy relations, which give the physical behaviour of 'Ideal gases' and also how this relates to quantum statistical eigenstates in the Laws of Thermodynamics.

The formulations relate Pressure P to Volume V to Temperature T, coupled to certain proportionality constants in: {Energy E=PV=nRT=kT} in its basic expression and where Pressure P=Force/Area and Energy=Force.Displacement=Work.

Then it is easy to see, that for a constant temperature T, a drop in Pressure will require an increase in Volume and so the Gaian scientists know, that an increasing Volume of quantum selfstates comprising this volume will mean that there is less pressure as a kinetic energy of say molecular collissions within that expanded volume.

And dropping the temperature decreases the energy E=PV, as say in the cooling of a substance and the heating of a substance will increase its thermodynamic temperature, then understood as an increase in the molecular kinetic energies.

Allow me now to propose to you something extraordinary and some of you may now exclaim: "Of course!"; whilst others will shake their heads in disbelief and say: "This cannot be!".

Many of the reports of your media about 'Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs' and related things are directly related to the Mayan Omni-Science of water and to CLOUDS.

Have you wondered, as to why some spaceships are said to have emerged from the oceans and some 'cigar-shaped' motherships are said to 'hover' at some distant locations against the skies?

Have you wondered about the 'saucer shapes' of the smaller UFOs flitting about and sometimes said to depart with a seeming hyperaccelerated manouverability?

Why do you think, that so many of you are enthralled with certain TV-Series about travelling into outer space in the 'Star Trekking' and the 'Star Wars' and the 'Independence Days'?

Now the skeptics amongst you say: "Oh yes, but this is all fantasy and make-belief. A supergigantic starship like portrayed in Independence Day, a quarter the size of the moon, could never exist in close proximity to the earth, as the gravity of the thing would disturb the orbits of the earth and the moon and so forth. And the warpspeeds are also pure imagination, as the c-invariance disallows any physical object to accelerate beyond the speed of light."

And the skeptics are well justified of course - in the manner of the laws of Physics as applicable in the Minkowski spacetime.

So I am authorised to share this with you now.

There is a way to NEUTRALISE the gravitational field of a planet or a star RELATIVE to particular locations in 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.

This takes the form of a GRAVITATIONAL SHIELD around such a location defined by its Volume encompassing its inertia. This shield then ISOLATES the volume, say of a Dragonian Starship from the surrounding UNAFFECTED spacetime and in a UTILITY of the ZERO-POINT- or VACUUM-ENERGY (ZPE), known as VORTEX-POTENTIAL-ENERGY or VPE by the Omni-Science of the Maya, who are the Dragons of the StarHumanity.

As an effect from this, the 'Cigarshaped Motherships' FLOAT or HOVER in such VPE-Bubbles, and in a RESONANCE-SELFSTATE of this ZPE; the latter which is misidentified by Gaian science as the Heisenberg Matrix of VIRTUAL ENERGY.

There is nothing VIRTUAL about this ZPE. The reason as to why Gaian science cannot USE this FREE ENERGY effectively, is because it cannot 'TAP' the VPE for lack of entering its RESONANT ENERGY FIELD.

So it is like your well understood concept of DENSITY but with a novel twist.

Your Gaian science applies Inertial Mass to the famous Energy equation: {E=mc2=PV}.

The Dragon's Omni-Science QUANTISES both the Mass m and the Volume V and so becomes enabled to REWRITE the hyperspace expression for Einsteins famous equation as: {E=e*h2}.

This looks like a simple equation indeed; but the entire higher dimensional physics, inclusive the foundations for the Gaian M-theory are embodied in its simplicity.

I have obtained permission to show you the derivation for this equation and so I shall do so, knowing that some of you are not very fond of mathematics.

A better rewriting of the Dragon's equation is: {EDragon=e*.h2=h2/hfps=h/fps=hfss=Ess=mss.c2}.

This shows, that Einstein's E=mc2 is applied in Dragon-Science to Quantize inertial mass m as msinksource=mss.

Simply said, any mass m is N-quantized as {m=N.mss=N.hfss/c2}.

Using Einstein's equation with the Planck equation {E=hf} for the quantisation of energy in the quantum state for massless photons of frequency f and where h is the Planck Constant, then gives the expression above.

Generally and most fundamentally then; the Dragon-Energy describes the Einstein-Planck energy relation in its QUANTUM SELFSTATE and DEFINES a MASS-FREQUENCY {fsinksource=fss} as INTRINSIC MINIMUM Eigenfrequency for INERTIA.

Most significantly, the secret of M-theory on Gaia and the understanding of the Maya, is the concept of Modular Duality applicable to the parameters of the superstring eigenstates.
Using Modular Duality, the sinksource winding superstring of minimum Secondary Energy Ess and frequency fss becomes the inverse energy eigenstate for the sourcesink vibratory superstring of maximum Primary Energy Eps and frequency fps.

Those parameters are embodied in the unity expressions as Coupling-Constants: {Eps.Ess=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2}.

There is a great deal to this expression e* in the Dragonian Energy; such as how a particular form of it relates to the Serpentine Electron and how it relates to the superconductive magnetoelectricity, which defines the VPE.

It shall suffice for now, to state, that e* is the PRECISE Inversed Primary SourceSink Energy Quantum Eps and so {E*=Eps=1/e*=hfps} and for a particular resonance formation in {e*=Electron-Diameter times c2}.
And so we have: {EDragon=e*.h2=h2/hfps=h/fps=hfss=Ess=mss.c2}.

The only different part to Gaian science in the Mayan omni-science so becomes the nature of the modular duality applied to the frequency modulation between the minimum winding superstring and the maximum vibratory superstring.

In isolation, both have units of inverse time or Hertz; but in the supermembrane coupling Eps.Ess the frequencies cancel and in the supermembrane coupling Eps/Ess the Planck Constants cancel to give the squared frequency as the inverse of a SQUARED TIME.

But this SQUARED TIME DEFINES the RESONANT EIGENSTATE of the ZPE of Gaian science as the VPE of Dragon omni-science and namely as the MAXIMUM for AWARENESS aw=df/dt, maximised as awmax=fps2.

Now awareness aw is an ANGULAR ACCELERATION, independent on the radius as normal dimension and so the antigravitational Forceshield relates directly to the postulates of General Relativity.

As our Mayan seed Albert Einstein so eloquently showed to you: The Presence of a Gravitational Field acting downwards is INDISTINGUISHABLE from an ACCELERATING Forcefield acting upwards.
So Gravitation becomes translated into a geometrical spacetime curvature in terms of accelerations.

When a Dragonian Starship enters the atmosphere of a planet; it NEUTRALISES the Gravitational FIELD of that planet in calibrating its utilised VOLUME quantised in terms of the VPE as a MACROQUANTUM.

This can only be done IN RESONANCE!

The resonant eigenstate allows the VPE quantum to INFLATE to the Volume calculated as the encompassing higher dimensional space of the Starship and so renders the entire Starship as a magnified holographic VPE-quantum.

The 'inflation energy' used to circumspect the Starship volume V in a 4-dimensional Dragon-Bubble then is calibrated to CANCEL the gravitational planetary field and so constructs the Gravity Shield around the Starship.

Here is the manner the Volume is quantised into N V*-quantums.

For any Volume {V=N.V* and e*=V*.aw=V*.df/dt=1/E*=Electron-Diameter.(Lightpath/time taken)2=Volume/time2}.

This gives: {V*=e*/aw=1/(E*.aw)=1/(h.fps.fps2)=[5/9x1058] m3} for {V*=2π2.Rrmp3} and as a proportionality to a single: {Vspacequantum=Vsq=2π2.Rps3} for a wavelength {λ=2π.Rps}.

The Radius {Rrmp=Rrestmassphoton=CubeRoot[V*/2π2]=h/(2π.mc} then DEFINES the particular scale where the quantisation of volume relates to the string-parametric definitions for the SourceSink Resonant Energy SelfState {E*=1/e*} and then for a Compton-Radius as defined in the physical models of de Broglie Matter Waves {Rcompton=h/(2π.mcompton.c)}.

A Compton-mass {mcompton=h/(2π.Rcompton.c)}then defines the characteristic mass-energy for this boundary state and a wave matter momentum {pcompton=mcompton.c=h/λcompton} and in concordance with well understood Gaian physics.

The Compton-mass calculates as mcompton=2.5050..x10-23 kg for a Rrmp=1.411885x10-20 meters.

This Compton-mass represents an energy of 2.25435x10-6 Joules or 14.03 TeV (Tera-ElectronVolts).

Now this is just the energy maximum proposed by your Gaian physicists to probe the unification quantum energies by the Large-Hadron-Collider (LHC) beginning in the year 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Gaian physicists so shall encounter the threshold energy for the RestMassPhoton and so 'discover' the Dark Energy Particle in the RMP, which is the Dragon's Template for the 'Missing Mass' in the Gaian cosmologies.

Without knowledge about the foundations of M-theory and the Mayan omni-science though, the Gaian physicists will most likely not know what to make of this discovery and propose all sorts of extensions for their Standard Model describing the particle Physics.

The RMP is always lefthanded and so antisymmetric to the weakon gauge boson of the weak nuclear interaction, which is always righthanded (as a so called W-minus) in its defining quality for the antineutrino of matter, coupling to a lefthanded electron in the natural foundation for radioactive beta decay in the parity symmetries in the nuclear physics.
The RMP is intrinsically massless as a spininduced precursor for the 'GOD-Particle' aka the Higgs-Boson, the LHC is hoping to discover at the 14 TeV quantum energy.

There is a spin-coupling in the Unified-Field-OF-Quantum Relativity (UFO-QR), which couples the lefthanded spin of the RMP as the 'dark matter particle' to the massless gauge of the weak interaction - the Antiradiation gauge for the winded superstring Ess.
As the Ess gauge is always righthanded, the spins cancel and allow a MASSIVE Higgs Boson to become created from the VPE Energy-Inertia-Induction as a spinless restmass inducer or scalar for the subsequent particles of the Standard Model of particle physics.

I shall elaborate on those topics another time if so appropriate, but some of you may perceive that the so called 'problems' in quantum gravity and the unification between quantum field theory and the relativities is found in the appropriate omni-science of the Maya and the correct interpretation of the Heisenberg matrix of the ZPE.

A new fundamental ratio, namely {V*/Vsq=4π/hc3 or Rrmp/rps=Cuberoot[4π/hc3]=887.11336} so crystallises in the physics of the Dragons.

The Inertia expression {EDragon=e*.h2=mss.c2 or E*.e*=1} for the Square of the Action h in units Energy.Time becomes modulated in modular duality tps.tss=1=fss.fps and where the INSTANTENUITY OF TIME as the INSTANTON NOW specifies the NOW-Time tss in the End of the INFLATON of the de Broglie phase acceleration.
This then manifests the Quantum-Dragon-Bang and the Beginning of Space and Time as known and understood by Gaian science.

The expression {hc3} is rendered dimensionless by a finestructure of Planck's Constant h, the Action Constant, in the expression {h=λps/e*c=λps/Electron-Diameter.c3} for {hc3=λps/Electron-Diameter=1.8x10-8}.

But I shall now end this mathematical discourse. It was authorised to be given and the formulations above are elementary prerequisites for a new serpentine science to become implemented following the upheavals in the next few years ahead and awaiting the exiled Maya on Old Earth Gaia, which is also the OLD JERUSALEM.

But I shall give an indication as how to use the above formulas in a practical example.

Assume a Star Trek Crew of say 50 with average inertia 70 kg and equipment load of say 10,000 kg wishes to board a Starship Enterprise of Volume 100x50x20=100,000 cubicmeters.

The Resonant Energy Awareness is fps2=df/dt=Density.(c/h)2.[NV/NM] and where NV and NM depict the quantisation numbers for the mass M to be 'inflated' to the volume V.

The Density as M/V calculates as (10,000+50.70=13,500)/100,000=0.135 kg/m3.

NV=V/V*=1055/5.55..x10-59=1.8x1063 and NM=M/mss=13,500/2.469x10-81=5.4675x1084.

Resonance so is finestructured as ENTROPY PERMUTATION STATES and as: (0.135)(2.025x1083)(1.8x1063/5.4675x1084)=9x1060.

Now changing any of the parameters of Inertia and Volume, even to the size of the universe itself, will always relate as HOLOGRAPHIC IMAGE of the minimum quantum of the Inflaton and so whatever volume specified can be INFLATED at the RESONANT Eigenstate to that volume.

Similarly, any inertial mass specified, will in resonance, allow quantum-inflation to modify the specified mass via the mass-eigen frequency quantum definition under modular duality between Eps, the primary sourcesink and Ess, the secondary sinksource through and by frequency modulations.

Away from Resonance, df/dt=awareness as an angular spin acceleration, must decrease and so the VPE or ZPE can no longer be utilised in a downwards frequency transformation.
This is akin the EVAPORATION of water molecules in CLOUDS, the CLOUD Formation seemingly dispersing into nothingness, say under the supply of Energy in the form of heat, say the radiation from the sun.

To 'get out of resonance' so implies either a 'disappearing' relative to the 'switching off of the gravity shield' and an accompanying hyper-acceleration or 'warp-drive' AS the de Broglie tachyon inflation; or is manifested as a 'thinning out' or a 'losing of texture' with the gravity shield 'switched on', but a 'slow down' of the awareness df/dt in the reducing sense.

The above scenarios apply to spacetime as the 4-dimensional 'Light-matrix' of Heisenbergian Uncertainty definition.
In this spacetime, a 'drifting' or UFO speed is effected by the application of an Awareness-Force {Faw=aw.hv/c2} from within the 'VPE-Bubble' and as a consequence of a natural extension for Newton's Second Law for momentum change {Force F=d(mv)/dt}.

In Dragon-Space of 4 spacial dimensions, the timeparameter becomes superfluous and the awareness df/dt is automatically assigned the resonant eigenstate awmax=fps2.

After Gaia has given birth to its superposed Dragon-Universe; PROJECTED onto the seedling Minkowski spacetime; the travelling between 3 spacial dimensions and 4 spacial dimensions will be much easier to accomplish and so become rather prevalent and a natural occurrence.

Furthermore, the resonant eigenstates for the starhumans as Dragonised old humans shall allow the old human bodyforms to become HYBRID Energy-Selfstates as RMP-Quantum INDUCTIONS and as the universal blending and synthesis of relatively STATIC RADIATION FIELDS coupled to MASS.

This will be known as DUALISED RADIATIONMASS BodyMinds-MindBodies, the immortalisation of hitherto mortal bodyforms, unable to implement their higher dimensional DNA as the LightBodies Shadowed to the Body-DNA in 3 dimensions.

This shall also fulfil the many prophecies in the 'Holy Books', which then shall become artifacts in museums; being succeeded by new composed books telling the stories of an evolving starhuman race of Dragons.

IAmWhoIAm! - Sirebard Beardris!
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

this is quite interesting,
and, the formulas/and, math fits together,
i am going to give this a 2nd/and, 3rd reading
thanks for sharing it
In Lake'ch
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Whoever originated that Buddha's "fallacy" is denying desire and attachment is misinformed. See the difference between denying desire (i.e., ascetic practices) and removing the COMPULSION of desire and attachment which gives one more freedom of expression, including having that steak if you want to.

I hope that clears up what Buddha was helping people to achieve. There would not have been such a golden age if he were going around telling people to follow Queen Victoria's rules. I am on the Bodhi path so I know what I am talking about.

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Fantastic thread abraxasinas, , most important and worth another read i can add much more but my smile is enough.

In Lak'ech
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by TimeTraveler View Post
Fantastic thread abraxasinas, , most important and worth another read i can add much more but my smile is enough.

In Lak'ech
In Lak'ech time traveler.

You should understand this.
Once the 'Grand Portal' has been discovered, then the 'Grand Portal' will be you.

Linear Time is not incompatible with Now-Time, but serves as its basis of necessity.

May 2010 accelerate your illuminations to mirror the ultimate reality.

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by Gnosis5 View Post
Whoever originated that Buddha's "fallacy" is denying desire and attachment is misinformed. See the difference between denying desire (i.e., ascetic practices) and removing the COMPULSION of desire and attachment which gives one more freedom of expression, including having that steak if you want to.

I hope that clears up what Buddha was helping people to achieve. There would not have been such a golden age if he were going around telling people to follow Queen Victoria's rules. I am on the Bodhi path so I know what I am talking about.

As you said dear gnosis.
We have met the enemy and the enemy is Us.

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
this is quite interesting,
and, the formulas/and, math fits together,
i am going to give this a 2nd/and, 3rd reading
thanks for sharing it
In Lake'ch
Yes dear Susan and like Viviane transforms into Nimueh in the archetype of the Lady of the Lake as the guardian of Excalibur=95=Scorpio=Neptune=IAmThatAmI; so have you been commissioned to 'play this role' as an actress of the 'Greatest Movie ever thought of, written, directed and produced by the One in Many and the Many in One.

The Wings of Maria and Solomon's Song !

A new day is breaking across the plains of the desert, Maria's golden dawn to greet;
like a lush green meadow, Bathsheba is awaiting the dewdrops, deliciously sweet.
It's Solomon's flowery nectar, growing in a valley of memories forgotten for so long;
where a beautiful song is playing, birthing a new world for our sweet Maria to belong.

Out in the dry desert, a caravan of camels paces steadily towards its vermilion oasis;
a mighty rock, telling its tales of old, when wisdom still was found in hidden places.
Baiame, the serpent's rainbow is arching across a glorious sky, shining in hues azure;
and there's Maria, a flower from the desert with her love to share so gently and demure.

Merlin, the crimson dingo has come to the great meet, with stories of a redrosy sky;
so many desertdwellers to share in adventures, hearing a majestic eagle's eerie cry.
Amidst the gathering is our queen, dancing to the mother's calling, love's own tune;
What a celebration at the edge of nowhere, this wedding betwixt the sun and the moon.

Jonathan, the emu has arrived with a message about Maria from the heavens above;
the dragon's friends are found all about, guided in the peace of the snowwhite dove.
There is Toby, the alabaster unicorn, pacing for Maria's mounting and to elope away;
into a realm of lofty mountains, where the regal eagle's loveplay always holds sway.

Excalibur, the sword of truth has broken forth to swiftly rent the veils holding asunder;
a mighty tempest sweeps across a forlorn land, a world shaken in lightning and thunder.
Maria's dreams of love and sublime desires, all have sprouted upon Pegasusian wings;
from the heights of peaky treetops and of oaken branches, where the nightingale sings.

You pretty pink flamingo, wading by across the shores of longings, bubbling all adrift;
if you'd just fathom the inner essence of your glory, your ecstacy would come so swift.
Upon the wings of Solomon, you shall find the Dragon's daughter's passage to be free;
oh sweet remembrance of the days of old, Maria of Jerusalem has found her lost key.

The name of the Mother's poem is your own - Susan; your courting troubadour so fit to see;
a dawning of love's joy in all is splendour, so devoted and wondrously in wait for thee!

{Composed by the tripartite One: Logan Antico of Arndale; Robert Sceptico of Jones and Tony WhyNot}
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

we thought we recognised your name
~ yahoo group for 'w' with 'm'
~ we are muchgathersmore there
"m" is here, in PA/PC
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
we thought we recognised your name
~ yahoo group for 'w' with 'm'
~ we are muchgathersmore there
"m" is here, in PA/PC
Oh yes dear One. Kukulkan is not One, but Many. But the One must become three in a mirror of One and then the twelve starsigns about the center.
Then the center must be broken in the Vesica Pisces to allow the 13th as the 12th to allow the Square of the 12x12=144.
Then the Center of the One has transformed in an Inner Circle of Twelve and an Outer Circle of Twelve by Twelve AS the Thirteenth Center of the One.
All this in notime before manifested in time.
Lovehearts and Roses
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

it is true, that it has 144 points of light,
and, it is true, that 12 x 12 grand cyles bringS it home,
we've done that 12 times, in 12 grand cycles
(and, had a fall/or tumble in 1490)
and, likely 11 others, have been doing the same thing
(we know, we are a lower eXpression of iT)
NOW we are in a 12th/13th grand cycle
333 333 315 (our former future monad/that we merged with back in 2007)
was its ET / or ESSENCE TWIN from approx 2160 years into the future
(you could say, we shifted/or transported iTS TYME LiNE~
and, blended with it)
The KulKulKan is 233 233 215 or 888
(although it is a part of The Kukulkan
which is a segment of wingmakers
~and, all of them, are parts of KAN or The KAN clan
~yup, we know this quite well

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

We brought in the keys of this in 2003/2004
with the help of an artist, known as HK,
and, then, it took us, til 12/12-13/2009 to assemble them,
into the correct order !!!

We got the 18 virtues, back in 2008, on 10/10/2008

We got the 13 keys of eXK ~ what we are
along with 13 keys of protection ~ which had a few surprises to it
along with 111 keys of magic

We are now, trying to take the 12 mandalas
and, eXpress it, into one key / or painting
and, the 13th one, was started as an energetic transrfer
of 12 days/and, 13th nights earlier this month

and, will start its manifestion onto canvas
1/11/2010-and, be finished on 1/12/2010
utiising the 12/3 & 13/3 doorways

IT iS all light encoded,
so, it will be good, to see it !!!

Believe it, or NOT,
but, reading all your complicated codings
over on your private group on yahoo,
triggered a lot of things, for us

Thank you, for that
and, also thank you to 'm' for suggesting,
we join that group, amasing things, have happened,
out of that group !!!

When we didn't understand some of it,
we absorbed what we could,
and, took it into our dream_time,
with our higher guidance,
and, the dreams, they were amasing ones

nothing happens by accident,
so true, that divinely we get guided,
to the right place, in a NOW TYME,
we hope you keep sharing your good stuff here,
as, iT iS libel to make an impact

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

3 bridges / 3 triads / 3 trines / 3 trinities + THE ORiGiNAL SPARK = 13

ORIGINAL SPARK + 3 + 3 + 3 + (3) = 13
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
it is true, that it has 144 points of light,
and, it is true, that 12 x 12 grand cyles bringS it home,
we've done that 12 times, in 12 grand cycles
(and, had a fall/or tumble in 1490)
and, likely 11 others, have been doing the same thing
(we know, we are a lower eXpression of iT)
NOW we are in a 12th/13th grand cycle
333 333 315 (our former future monad/that we merged with back in 2007)
was its ET / or ESSENCE TWIN from approx 2160 years into the future
(you could say, we shifted/or transported iTS TYME LiNE~
and, blended with it)
The KulKulKan is 233 233 215 or 888
(although it is a part of The Kukulkan
which is a segment of wingmakers
~and, all of them, are parts of KAN or The KAN clan
~yup, we know this quite well
Keep at IT plumed PRESENTS to humanity and the cosmos. The COSMIC TWINSHIP of the Egyptian Lion is also the Lion of Judah.

Plato's Great Year of a 360 daycount of the Ancient Year in 9,331,200 kin has 144x64,800 cycles in 13x5x144,000=9,360,000 kin.
So 28,800 kin=2x14,400=2x12x12x100=24x1200=24 Elders as 12 Twins

The future sector of the 13th OVERLAPS the Omega AS the Alpha when Ouroborus swallows its own tail.

Ophiuchus is not the 13th, but as the cusp of cusps of 22/23rd November it becomes Pisces=Aries* in 8+1=9=H+A=I.
This completes the precession; warptimed from December 8th, 2004 to April1st, 2012 with mirror node at August 4th, 2008 for the beginning of gestation. 265 days later the Collective Baby of the Starhumanity is BORN and 1600 Days after the mirror of the warp and WITHOUT the Holy City {Rev.14.20}.
Then the Holy City must BE WEANED like any mother knows and the cosmic weaning will end on August 4th, 2013 and 490 days following the impregnation.

(07) Jesus says:
(1) "Blessed is the lion that a person will eat and the lion will become human.
(2) And cursed (anathema) is the person whom a lion will eat and the lion will become human."

The Lion of Judah IS the wavefunction of the universe particularised in whoever choosing and able to 'play the game' and 'act the parts'.

Khaibit of Uraeus
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

The Royal Star of the Lion / persia ~ now, how does that connect to this ???
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

we took a picture ~ but, for some strange reason
the colour disappeared

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
we took a picture ~ but, for some strange reason
the colour disappeared


Contrast - created by goddesses of Serpentina. Black for White and White for Black is binary instead of the colour-anticolour triplicities of Red-Green-Blue and Cyan-Magenta-Yellow.
The order of the painted icons is rendered supersymmetric and 1-12 and 12-1.
Your superconsciousness is expressed in your subconscious and then appears and manifests in waking consciousness of your artistry.

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

They are similiar to wingmaker paintings,
with light encoded mandalas / and, keys !!!
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

we parked a photograph in colour of the 12 ~ albeit, they are NOT arranged in the correct order, that didn't happen til 12/13/2009 12-13-11

they are here:
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Thursday, May 08, 2008
12:09:37 AM
WOW !!! 333 333 315 Your Qabalistic numbers are interesting
003 = Three is the number of Binah (understanding).
It is also the number of triplicity, and, there are many, many things that could be mentioned here.
333 = 333 is the number associated with the Qabala of the Nine Chambers,
and is a number of love and sex. 351 = 351 is the mystic number of the 26th path,
and is related to Solar energy being transmuted into something much more beautiful,
i.e. Splendor. This is also a number of the Angels of Malkuth.
351 = Wizard
531 = Ruler of Air
981 = The ten plagues of Egypt, which must be in your arsenal of defense.
9-9-9 = This is a triplicity of Lunar energy, which Is female generative energy
9-9-9 also refers to judges and judgment.
These numbers correspondences seem to line up with what you are saying about yourself,
which is not surprising. Namaste...
KENTROVERSY www.kentroversytapes.blogspot.com

Kentroversky, along with myself burned many candles and, talked on the phone for hours about a lot of stuff

then, we see, you say:
Today 10:04 AM

Philip Gardiner of http://www.gardinersworld.com/content/view/28/39/
said to us: "You know the secret of the serpents"...
"and, you will draw serpents and dragons"
Philip Gardiner (on a radio show,a few years ago)
on www.xzoneradio.com
July 16th-2008 X-Zone Radio

there are a few interesting articles here:

serpent codes

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

and, of course

THE Singing Pyramid

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

The neXt arsenal of defense is this: john=mum=beast=....
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
The neXt arsenal of defense is this: john=mum=beast=....
47=USE 2, instead of 1.

I know that you know this dear Susan of the 74 and the Mirror=Spacetime=Spirit=91

2010 the 'push' into grandness of the spirit is taking on some form.

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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

iT iS always so profound,
when many of us, cross paths together ~
as, many of the lost puzzle pieces, come iNTO play ~
also you have to put on more layers of protection
to protect your codings/and, secret codings !!!

iSiS was very good at eXtracting secret names
(thus the importance of coding a new code~no one, but you know)
they completed their part of The Order of Melz. Matrix of 13/12
before splitting into 144 points of light of the 9191 = 10/10

Malkuth = 10
they completed
part a part of their part of The Order of The Eloim Matrix of 13/12
which split into 144 points of light of the 10 = 10

and, elijah, who became sandalphon
and, the anchored its root into The Seriph of Malkuth,
aka The Left Hand of The Ark,
is a part of The Order of Metatron
prior to that incarnation, carried home 10 pieces
the 11th piece, went back home, in an 11th Grand cycle
and, the 12th/13th piece,
is still got to head back HOME.

Are there more than 3 matriXes ???
The Order of Melz.
The Order of The Elohim
The Order of Metatron ???
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Default Re: The Little Serpent and Serpentina

another part of the 10, 9191, 91/or 19 to solve !!!
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