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Default natural lucid dreamer, met myself 20 years older

And that's just to start. Just like everyone else, the "weirdness" has started creeping in my life whether I recognized it or not. I have always had some form of control over my dreams for as long as I can remember. I had connected with what I call an "infinite light" when I was a child while running away from some ET's on the astral plane. Since then I've seen and done so much on the AP all the while thinking I was only in my head. It wasn't until I really started researching this subject that I found out that I am what people would call a lucid dreamer who can astrally project and "other". I didn't necessarily believe it at first, so I figured if all of what they write about in lucid dreaming/projecting was true, I could create a fantastic situation for myself using imagery from another dream that had me perplexed. Essentially I met my "future self" who told me what ever I had in my head about the future, it was better then I thought. I made a video journal of the encounter for some friends of mine & anyone else who is interested(about 14 mins):

Part 2:

After that event (7-4-07) things really started getting "odd" and since then I've talked to more ghosts, ran into a few ets, and even chased a demon or two over space & time. I've been keeping as detailed of record of the weirdness as I can. I've seen past 2012 and even have had my own visions of what's to come on all levels. Like anyone who's into interpreting subconscious communication will tell you, these are all just probabilities, but they're always interesting to see. If people are interested I can post a bunch of other encounters including an apparent ET one where I woke up to seeing writing on my ceiling -shrugs-

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