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Default Rose, Clintons, Tyson & blood trafficking!

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from Another Wellesley College Alumna

Dear Hillary,...
The inbred-ness of Rose’s legal representation of corporations which own controlling interests in other corporations there and of corporate boards sharing members who are also shareholders of each other’s corporations there, is so thorough that it is hard to capture. Jon Jacoby, senior executive of the Stephens Group - one of the largest institutional shareholders of Tyson Foods, Walmart, DP&L - is also Chairman of the Board of DP&L and arranged the Wal-Mart deal. Jackson Stephens’ Stephens Group staked Sam Walton and financed Tyson Foods. Monsanto bought DP&L. All represented at Rose.

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Default Re: Rose, Clintons, Tyson & blood trafficking!



1974 - The Washington Weekly reports that as far back as 1974 the FBI knew that a Montreal-based blood plasma middleman "violated the law" in shipping tainted blood from the US. The FDA was also aware that the plasma broker might be involved in "criminal activity." The article quotes a 1974 memo from John Furesz, the director of the Canadian Bureau of Biologics: "FDA is keeping a close eye on their plasma, they have tested so far about 20 lots, of the last six lots four were found to be HB [hepatitis B] antigen positive."

1980s - Suzi Parker, writing in the Arkansas Times, described the scene: "At the Cummins Unit of the Arkansas penal system during the 1980s, while President Clinton was still governor, inmates would regularly cross the prison hospital's threshold to give blood, lured by the prospect of receiving $7 a pint. The ritual was creepy to behold: Platoons of prisoners lying supine on rows of cots, waiting for the needle-wielding prisoner orderly to puncture a vein and watch the clear bags fill with blood. Administrators than sold the blood to brokers, who in turned shipped it to other sates and to Japan, Italy, Spain and Canada. Despite repeated warnings from the Food and Drug Administration, Arkansas kept its prison plasma program running until 1994 when it became the very last state to cease selling its prisoners' plasma.

1981-86 - During Martin's term on the Canadian Development Corporation from 1981-1986, Connaught purchased, fractionated, and sold contaminated plasma from Arkansas Blood Components (ABC), a subsidiary of Health Management Associates, which was run for the benefit of Clinton and his cronies, notably Leonard Dunn, a former Pine Bluff banker and now chief of staff to Lt. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller, and Richard Mays, a Little Rock attorney and judge.

1981 - The Kansas City Star report included Canadian documentation showing that the Red Cross, as early as 1981, knew that a test was available to screen blood for hepatitis C - but while the U.S. began using the test in 1986, it wasn't used here until 1990.

November 1985: Canadian Red Cross begins testing blood products for the AIDS virus.

Dec. 14, 1989: Federal government announces $150 million in compensation for about 1,250 Canadians infected with HIV through blood transfusions or blood products.

July 19, 1993: A federal health official says the government knew before July 1984 that blood products for hemophiliacs were contaminated with HIV.

Sept. 15, 1993: Provinces and territories announce a compensation plan for people who contracted the AIDS virus from contaminated blood and their families.

Sept. 16, 1993: Tory Health Minister Mary Collins announces inquiry to recommend how to reform the blood system to make it safer and more efficient.

Dec. 21, 1995: The commission, headed by Justice Horace Krever, sends notices to the Red Cross, the federal and provincial governments, pharmaceutical companies and individuals, warning that they could be named for misconduct in the tainted-blood tragedy.

Nov. 26, 1997: Final report of Krever inquiry doesn't lay direct blame for tainted-blood scandal, but recommends people infected with disease through the blood system should get suitable compensation without having to prove fault.

March 27, 1998: Health ministers announce $1.2-billion federal-provincial compensation offer limited to victims infected by tainted blood from 1986 to 1990.

May 4, 1998: Ontario Premier Mike Harris announces Ontario will compensate those excluded from original federal-provincial offer.

May 6, 1998: Red Cross reaches agreement with provincial and territorial governments to transfer blood services to two new agencies, Canadian Blood Services and Hema-Quebec.

Tuesday June 8, 1999 - FROM THE OTTAWA CITIZEN - Tainted-blood sleuth firebombed

April 19, 2001: The Supreme Court rules the Red Cross was negligent managing the blood system in the early years of the AIDS crisis.

June 26, 2001: Ontario judge Warren Winkler approves $79-million Red Cross-led settlement for people infected by hepatitis C through tainted blood before 1986 and after July 1, 1990.

Oct. 2002: National Blood Safety Council releases report saying provinces need to assume greater role in monitoring blood supply and ensuring safety.

Nov. 20, 2002: RCMP lays charges, including criminal negligence causing bodily harm, against four doctors, the Red Cross and an American pharmaceutical company.

2005 - Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal (documentary, Kelly Duda)

Feb. 6, 2006: Criminal trial against Perrault, doctors, and pharmaceutical company begins.

Oct. 1, 2007: A verdict is heard.
Accused in tainted blood scandal acquitted - CANADIAN PRESS - Perrault's lawyer, however, called the ruling an "absolute vindication'' and "exoneration.''


-Caveat Lector-

Tuesday June 8, 1999

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Tainted-blood sleuth firebombed

Intimidation campaign suspected as Arkansas clinic razed, Montreal office

Mark Kennedy
The Ottawa Citizen

The controversial story involving tainted plasma from Arkansas prisoners
that was shipped to Canada in the 1980s while Bill Clinton was state
governor has taken a mysterious and chilling new turn.

Two crimes that occurred within hours of each other Tuesday night, hundreds
of kilometres apart, have raised questions about whether someone is trying
to intimidate or silence those who are asking questions about the
prison-blood fiasco.

In Pine Bluff, Arkansas, someone firebombed a prosthetics clinic owned by
Michael Galster, who has been pushing hard for a U.S. government
investigation. The clinic was burned to its shell and fire officials, who
found a gas container in Mr. Galster's attic -- where he kept his documents
-- say they're "90-per-cent sure" the fire was arson.

In Montreal, someone broke into the offices of the Quebec chapter of the
Canadian Hemophilia Society, which recently unearthed documents that showed
Finance Minister Paul Martin was a board member of the corporation that
owned Connaught Laboratories, the company that fractionated and distributed
the Arkansas prison plasma in Canada.

Hemophilia Society officials say thieves stole a computer and three
telephones. They also stole documents from a box labeled "Hepatitis C,
Krever Commission, Reform of the blood system, HIV-AIDS."

Police are investigating both incidents.

Mike McCarthy, a Canadian hemophiliac at the forefront of pushing for
answers into the prison plasma scandal, says he's convinced the two crimes
are connected.

"It's too much of a coincidence," he said, adding that someone is worried
Mr. Galster and the victims are probing too close to the truth.

"They're trying to find out what we know and erase the trail if they can."

"I think they're also sending a message. They're trying to scare us into
backing off. They're trying to put the fear of God into us, that if we
pursue the truth it can get worse. That the next action might not just be
buildings and records."

The RCMP are examining the prison-blood scheme as part of their criminal
investigation into the tainted-blood scandal. RCMP Cpl. Gilles Moreau said
yesterday that the Mounties are willing to review any evidence local police
in Montreal and Arkansas uncover.

"We do not work in a vacuum," said Cpl. Moreau. "If there's information
that is linked to the blood distribution system for the period that we're
investigating, we're certainly not going to close our eyes to that
information. We welcome any information that comes our way."

The story of how prison plasma was collected and found its way into the
bloodstreams of unsuspecting Canadians stands as one of the most shocking
aspects of the tainted-blood tragedy.

It's not known how many Canadians contracted HIV and hepatitis C from the
plasma of Arkansas prisoners, who were paid $7 a unit, although it's likely
that several hundred people were infected by the tainted products.

At the time, U.S. companies that fractionate blood products had stopped
buying prison blood because it was widely understood that, since many
inmates practised unsafe sex or were intravenous drug addicts, their blood
posed a high risk of carrying the AIDS virus.

In Arkansas, a private firm, Health Management Associates, was given a
contract by the state government to collect the prisoners' plasma. The firm
had difficulty locating a U.S. customer but found a willing buyer in a
Montreal blood broker, Continental Pharma Cryosan, which then sold the
plasma to Toronto-based Connaught Laboratories. Connaught apparently didn't
realize the plasma had come from prisoners.

Canadians learned of the prison plasma scheme in 1995, when Justice Horace
Krever's inquiry unearthed some aspects of the story. Last September, the
Citizen revealed further details.

Also last fall, Mr. Galster went public with his accusations about the
Arkansas prison system, where he conducted orthopedic clinics during the
1980s. Mr. Galster published a book, Blood Trail, which is a fictionalized
account of how the prison-plasma program worked.

He wrote under a pseudonym because he feared reprisals. Soon after media
stories began appearing, he revealed his true identity. In February, he
organized and participated in a news conference in Washington where
Canadian victims called for a probe by the U.S. Justice Department and
announced plans to depose Mr. Clinton.

Mr. Galster said yesterday he is reeling with shock from the firebombing of
his clinic, which he has owned for 21 years.

He said he worked until about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and was later called at
home about the fire.

"I'm trying not to get too paranoid about it. I pray to God that it was
just a coincidence."

Mr. Galster said that if someone is trying to silence him, it won't work.

"They're barking up the wrong tree. They can't erase the victims who are
seeking the truth."

Pine Bluff's fire marshal, Capt. Randy Rushing, said the state crime lab
has been called in to help with the arson investigation.

Capt. Rushing said fire officials have a "couple of leads," but have no
evidence on a motive.

In Montreal, hemophilia society officials are puzzled.

In recent days, the group learned that Mr. Martin was a director of the
Canada Development Corporation (CDC) from 1981 to 1986 -- the key years of
the tainted blood scandal. The CDC was created with federal seed money to
promote the country's leading industries and owned a variety of firms,
including Connaught.

The Citizen published details of the story on Saturday, and indicated that
Mr. Martin has no recollection of any discussions about tainted blood while
a CDC board member. The article stated that Mr. Martin's connection to the
CDC had been "unearthed" by the hemophilia society.

Just three days later, the break-in occurred. Thieves entered the office of
executive director Pierre Desmarais and were selective in what they took.

Mr. Desmarais said that because the thieves stole documents -- not just
computer equipment -- it appears they were looking for information, not

"It's really frightening. This is the kind of thing you see in movies."

Copyright 1999 Ottawa Citizen
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Default Re: Rose, Clintons, Tyson & blood trafficking!

Report of the Auditor General on the Alberta Government's BSE-Related Assistance Programs
The packers’ earnings before corporate interest and taxes rose $130/head, an increase of 281% (see page 89). [companies clumped together]

__________________________________________________ __________

Deregulation and NAFTA has seen the American meat packing industry engage in union busting, low wage employment, and moving plant operations into Canada and Mexico. Cargill and National Beef have moved plants into Alberta, and in the latter case National Beef's operations in southern Alberta were able to keep out a union organizing drive by UFCW.

Cargill has always benefited from government largesse, not only from the American government but here in Alberta as well. When Cargill first began to buy up grain operations across Western Canada in the 1970's, their tell tale elevators now dot the landscape, they and the Alberta government came to a common agreement to set up a joint grain processing operation at the port of Prince Rupert, B.C.. Cargill's meat processing operation was able to take advantage of a market that had been deserted by Canadian companies such as Burns and Gainers, leaving it open to American companies who received support from the government under its agricultural diversification program.

In Argentina Cargill's fertilizer operations receive U.S. OPIC assistance. As an investor in developing countries Cargill has benefited from World Bank and IMF loans. A 1994 U.S. Treasury study* shows that U.S. companies, which included Cargill, won $2.7 Billion US Dollars in contracts compared to the $1.5 Billion US dollars the American government donated to the World Bank and its members.


USA: Tyson Hit With $1.28 Bn Verdict
by Bob Burgdorfer, Reuters
February 17th, 2004
Tyson Foods Inc., the nation's largest meat producer, was hit with a $1.28 billion judgment on Tuesday by a federal jury that said the company manipulated the cattle market and must change its buying practices.

Tyson Foods and Don Tyson Settle and Pay Penalties of $1.5 Million and $700,000

Washington, D.C., April 28, 2005 - The Securities and Exchange Commission announced today that it has instituted settled enforcement proceedings against Tyson Foods, Inc. and its former Chairman and CEO Donald "Don" Tyson.

* The World Bank: Fifty Years Is Enough! http://multinationalmonitor.org/hyper/mm0894.html
by Linda Minor

... According to John DeCamp, FirsTier Bank "was the bank Larry King's pilfered $40 million passed through, without anybody batting an eye." In 1987-88, at the time of the Franklin Credit Union scandal was revealed, there were two men serving on the board of FirsTier Financial, Inc. who were also directors of a company called Valmont Industries--Robert H. Daugherty and William F. Welsh II.

Note below that Thomas F. Madison is also on the board of US West Communications - a board on which Cheney sits. Also interesting is the fact that Lloyd P. Johnson serves on the board of Cargill and Norwest. Charles M. Harper is on the ConAgra board, as is Walter Scott, Jr., who also serves on the board of Berkshire Hathaway and Burlington Resources. A recent makeup of Valmont's board is shown below.



JBS-Swift falls in line with COOL
October 24, 2008

JBS-Swift & Co. said Wednesday it will comply with the intent of mandatory country-of-origin labeling law, saying it will label the majority of its beef products as a "Product of U.S.A."

The Greeley, Colo.-based company's statement comes the week after competitors Tyson Foods Inc. and Cargill Meat Solutions made their intentions known.

Like Tyson and Cargill, JBS had decided to label most of its product with the "Product of U.S., Canada and Mexico," or Category B, label to cut down on the costs of segregating livestock and products. However, USDA closed that so-called "loophole."

"This adaptation will require additional complexity and add cost in our facilities," JBS-Swift President and CEO Wesley Batista said in a letter to customers. "However, it is clear that despite the additional financial and business strains that may be involved, there is a significant amount of industry encouragement and government support to change our initial approach to labeling beef products."

Most of JBS-Swift's pork products have been produced as a "Product of U.S.A.," and will continue to labeled that way, the company said.

USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service has granted a six-month period of education and outreach, during which the law will not be enforced, that is scheduled to end in March 2009.

"During this time, it is our intent to continue working with our partners throughout the industry to develop ideas that will minimize the burden of COOL to all entities involved," Batista said.


I saw a News Hour piece on Maharastra, India, about farmers committing suicide. Monsanto, a US agricultural giant, hired Bollywood actors for ads telling illiterate farmers they could get rich (by their standards) from big yields with Monsanto’s Bt (genetically engineered) cotton seeds.

You didn’t just work there, you made friends. That shows in the flow of favors then and since. You were invited onto Walmart’s board, you were helped by a Tyson executive to make commodity trades (3 days before Bill became governor), netting you $100,000, Jackson Stephens strongly backed Bill for Governor, and then for President (donating $100,000).


Thursday, July 14, 2005
The Real Story of Alberta's BSE Crisis

boards - GE

Genetic engineering and industrialized food and animal production all come together at the Rose Law Firm, which represents the world’s largest GE corporation (Monsanto), GE’s most controversial project (DP&L’s - now Monsanto’s - terminator genes), the world’s largest meat producer (Tyson), the world’s largest retailer and a dominant food retailer (Walmart).

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