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Default HHO power!

Video link to hydrogen cell power very interesting fuel source.

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Default Re: HHO power!

Ah, I've seen that video before. Really interesting... and promising (as many independent/hidden/obscure inventions but, as usual, unlikely that this will become publicly available any time soon given the current state of things. We should focus our intent on manifesting this though!
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Default Re: HHO power!


Electrolysing water to make a fuel (especially for a car/automobile engine in a way that does not require it to be substantiallly modified) has been investigated by many groups over the years (more arising over the last year due to the much higher fuel prices in that time frame). In all cases, the electricity for the electrolysis is (initially) provided by the vehicle alternator & battery which generate or store that energy from the engine in the usual manner of vehicle electrics.

Some of these groups use conventional electrolysis at high power (without exploiting alternative energy) to produce a HHO gas that is then mixed with petrol/gasoline. It seems this route can produce moderate improvements in consumption (5-15%), perhaps due to better vapourisation of the petrol (like that carburettor that was suppressed in the 1930's) and cleaner combustion.

However, there are other groups that attemp to use lower power electrical resonance techniques (employing coils and capacitors - just like a crystal radio) in the electrolysis which thereby utilises alternative ('free') energy in the decompostion of the water to produce a fuel which can totally replace the petrol/gasoline. Of course, resonance is a concept that appears in many diverse attempts to produce over-unity devices.

The first successful exploitation of the technique for resonant electrolysis of water for fuel was the famous Stanley Meyer who was probably killed by vested interest just before he commercialised the technology (he had progressed to using injectors that replaced spark plugs and performed the electrolysis in situ as the water flowed through the injector). Project Camelot commemorates Meyers in the 'Tribute' page of that site.

Now various parties have attempted to duplicate Meyer's work, including recently an initiative by the Orion Project (a spin off from the excellent Disclosure Project) who are currently asking for funds to buy up some of Meyer's private papers that are due to be auctioned (there are also many public Meyer patents and other of his information available but, like many secretive inventors, it is thought Meyer did not reveal everything in those disclosures). That Orion Project initiative has only just started but, as a generalisation, many previous attempts to duplicate the Meyer's technology have failed (presumably without the benefit of those private papers).

However, I suspect that a guy called Kevin West, at waterforfuel.com may have cracked this technology. He started in 2005 with limited resources and has religiously worked through the public information about the Meyer's technique - with, of course, some addition experimentation to make good the absence of complete disclosure by Meyer. West seems genuinely intent on discovering this technology for the betterment of mankind rather than personal gain. Indeed, he has made freely avaialble on his web site all his knowledge on this subject (in blogs and elsewhere) but does sell a compendium as a DVD on eBay at moderate cost, in order to fund some of his costs. The best Youtube video of his results is as follows:


Please note that this video refres to using a 5 watt resistor in the electronics but West subsequently found a 20 watt resistor was needed. He has replaced the above video with a corrected video but , in my opinion, that is not as entertaining as the prior video.

Kind regards,
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Default Re: HHO power!

Hydrogen from water, as I live on a boat, is looking mighty good to me.

So far, I think I will burn hydrogen against ceramics on a boiler to generate steam for a
Tesla turbine hooked to a generator. Still learning and thinking about it though.
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Default Re: HHO power!

I've played around with HHO. I can make fire from water. However, I must make it perfectly clear that this process can be extremely dangerous. I've had my explosion and got away with it. What you need is a Browns Gas generator. This produces HH02, which is implosive, much safer. I've got a good idea on how they get the extra oxygen atom in there, but not enough info to share it.

www.brownsgas.com is a very informative site.

www.browngas.com is the Korean company who produces the real deal.

www.bgaquapower.com are the UK based EU agents.

www.waterflame.co.th also produce decent gear, but I'm not sure if it's real Browns Gas as they use an electrolyte and don't quote it as Browns Gas.

www.waterflame.co.uk are the UK agents.

For a nifty Tesla turbine go to www.gyroscope.com. They do a nice solar powered Sterling cycle engine as well.

Hope this helps.
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