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Default A Piece of the Big Picture

Keywords: big picture, consciouness, old new paradigm, non local communication, project, human ontogenesis, psychedelics, E.T. presence coverup and the War on Drug.

Notes: I'm not 100% sure of my english so please expect some errors such as grammatical errors. Admin feel free to move this thread if this is the wrong place to post - I'm not quite sure where to post it .


In the following text, I would like to draw your attention to one piece of the big picture, namely the Consciouness part of reality and in particular the psychedelic tools and their fate in western societies.

The main purposes of this text are:
  • to stress that the modified states of consciouness are a complete heritage of humanity and play a corner stone role in the present and futur of humanity.
  • to show how, in the right conditions, psychedelics[1] are a powerful catalyst in the evolution of humankind, so powerful and revolutionary that they were culturally shamed and banned for official use and research despite experimental results that plead for further research and applications.
  • to show that the issue of the disclosure of ET presence and the issue of the potentials of psychedelics are twin issues.
  • to invite people to discuss on psychedelics and how they can now be used by humanity. I propose a project to use them as a tool for non local communications.

1. A quick background

To make a long story short, nowadays the modified states of consciousness (MSC) are not part of the western mainstream culture which recognizes basicaly only 2 types of conscious state: the preponderant wake state and the dream state where some fantasies produced by the brain are supposed to occur.
However most of the human cultures before the so called globalization which might have started with imperialism, have many levels of consciouness attached to many realms.

In such culture, these MSC are so important that they are sacred and people are initiated to them through complex paths or screening. Plants, dancing, chanting, fasting, special music, meditation techniques are used to achieve a MSC. For example one can think of the shamans of America using Ayahuasca, Peyote, drumming or the popular buddhist monks in meditation.
Less mainstream is the Mystery of Eleusis which was a Greek ritual devoted to Demeter and allowed only once in a lifetime, that lasted 4000 years and used a drink called the Kykeon that induced visions[2].

Some of the difficult to explain ancient knowledges can be explained by information accessed in a MSC. Those polyphasic cultures have disappeared or are now an endangered species.

Nevertheless, as the phenomenon of consciousness cannot be eradicated since consciousness is a fundamental building block of reality (perhaps more fundamental than time and space - this is a very important point), extraordinary experiences keep on emerging in human species everytime and everywhere. Kylea Taylor in The Breathwork Experience, wrote:
«Nonordinary state of consciouness can also occur spontaneously in some people. [...] This is one way we know that these experiences are a natural human legacy».

2. The psychedelics in the Western World, 1943-1960'

After the discovery in 1943 of the unexpected action of LSD on consciouness by Albert Hofmann who worked for Sandoz, LSD had the attention of psychatrists who saw in it a way to access in a controled way the psychosis of some of their patients.
One of this psychatrist was Stanislav Grof who under LSD had a transforming experience that he will afterward qualify as «holotropic»[3]. He went on to be the most known LSD psychatrist and was one of the founders of the Transpersonal Psychology which is an attempt to expand the boundaries of mainstream psychology.

But psychedelics became popular mainly through Timothy Leary from Harvard who was hyped by the media as the guru of the hippy movement. However this was not the case when he discovered the MSC in 1960 not with LSD by with a psilocybin mushroom for which he declared: «I learned more about psychology from those mushrooms than from graduate school».

Unfortunataly the energy of the emerging psychedelic wave was easily used to stop all official scientific research. The hippies were opposed to the Vietnam War, opposed to structured religion and the authorities in general. The image they reflected to the rest of the dominant society was one of rebels and junkies and in the consciouness of the mass this bad image was deliberately associated with all of the type of usages of the psychedelics without disctinction.

On the other hand:
«Clinically, psychedelics showed therapeutic promise for a wide array of difficult problems, such as chronic alcoholism, severe psychosomatic disorders, death anxiety in cancer patients, and post-traumatic stress disorder. They even proved helpful in the most horrendous of all stress disorders: concentration camp syndrome»[4].

Of particular interest is the studies carried out at the International Foundation for Advanced Studies[5] where the objective was the enhancement of creativity in problem solving with the help of psychedelics. James Fadiman, the psychologist at IFAS, says about one of the results:

«One of my favorite successes was an architect who had the task of designing a small shopping mall in Santa Cruz. It was a task with complicated architectural possibilities. At the end of the four hours, as he put it, “I saw the entire structure". He literally had seen it and walked around in it. It was designed. It existed as a kind of platonic form».

On the dark side of psychedelics we have mind control programs like the nefarious partially documented CIA MK_ULTRA project.

So between 1943 and 1965, the year IFAS was closed because the FDA suspended all authorizations for official research with psychedelics, only 22 years have passed. Two decades is the time granted by a dominant western society to rational research on one of the most revolutionary discovery of human history.

That was in the USA but soon, in 1971, international laws at the UN level were produced to control the use of psychedelics which were now Schedule I drugs, right next to cocaine and heroine even if it is proven that they are not addictive, can be useful for healing (sometime some can treat drug addiction!) and that very low casualties were reported for usages in right conditions.

3. Potentialities of MSC

I haven't first hand experiences of the most interesting potentials of MSC. However one can learn about them because they are relatively well documented with a good bulk of testimonies and some analysis in clinical conditions.

3.1 Remote Acquisition of Data:

The main aim of this aspect of MSC is to acquire information in space and time without the limitations of mainstream physical laws.
This clearly poses a serious problem for structures that need secrecy to operate. There are accounts of NDE with post-verifications (veridical NDE) where the experiencer can see in a 360° fashion, hear conversations and thoughts before they manifest, space travel through walls, read letters and numbers...[6]
Remote Viewing[7] is also a good example of application and has an history of its own which is the continuation of the larger history of the legacy of human MSC.

3.2 Non Local Communication:

As an example see Dan Sherman testimony. Furthermore, since consciouness is not limited to time and space it is possible and perhaps shown in some experiences that some sort of non local communication can be made beyond Earth and beyond the terrestrial plane of reality (~ another universe).

3.3 Healing:

This is a BIG field of research and application since most of the survival activities in MSC of polyphasic cultures are focused on healing. Therefore there must be a huge experience in the collective consciouness about practices involving healing.
In western societies, in a well informed context, the psychedelics are mostly used in psychotherapy.

3.4 Exploration:

Exploration of other worlds to bring back ideas. Terence McKenna was a relatively well known western explorer of consciouness. He used DMT (one of the main molecule in Ayahuasca) to access a MSC. He had brought back many ideas from his explorations but his most publicised idea was probably the (incomplete ?) notion of Timewave coming from his interactions with alien entities that he called tykes or self-transforming elf machine.
Obviously the notion of time pops up continuously when one deals with MSC and there is no doubt MSC changes our perspective[8] about time.

3.5 Creativity:

IFAS is a good example of projects aiming at developping the creativity and problem solving process with the help of MSC induced by psychedelics. Kary Mullis (Nobel in chemistry) credits LSD for the discovery of PCR[9]. Indian prodigy Ramanujan credited Namagiri for his discoveries in mathematics.
Some influencial people who have worked and are working in computer science have used psychedelics - James Fadiman interviewed in «Higher Wisdom» says:

«Computer programmers and hackers are a great parallel. If you were to go to a conference that featured the "breakthrough" computer minds from the first wave of computer companies, nearly all of them were deeply affected by psychedelics. But you won’t find any mention of psychedelics in the history of computers, because it didn’t serve them to mention it, except to one another».

And what to think about this: Someone at Google is drinking Ayahuasca...

3.6 Mysticism:

Probably the highest point of MSC. Here there is no word because there is no terrestrial experiences that match what is happening at this level. As a consequence we do not have the necessary vocabulary. Instead the testimonies of these levels of experience use metaphors to describe what's happening. There is no known time and known space and still there is consciouness (that's why consciouness is perhaps more fundamental than time and space).

Primordial religious beliefs can possibly stem from such experiences whereas later organised religions prefer to plays them down.

What might be "new" to western societies is that it has been shown in scientific research that psychedelics in certain conditions can give access to the mystical state.

3.7 Mind Control - Malevolent purposes:

This is the Dark Side of the Force.

Thus the nature of the experience in MSC depends on many factors that are sum up in the following diagram:

An old way of looking and knowing things in reality, is waiting to be used again. This way says that things are not separated and there is a conscious link between them and therefore we can know and understand things by becoming them. As sufist mystic Rumi put it Become The Sky!

This is seemingly in contradiction with the current egocentric materialistic mainstream paradigm. An attempt to conciliate both points of view as been done by David Bohm with the notion of holomovement.

As a final note to this section I would like to quote Ram Dass about psychedelics and spirituality:

«As I gained experience in the use of psychedelics, I realized that I was accessing spiritual planes of consciousness.
These chemicals can get you in the door, but you don't stay on these planes like you do when you become adept at meditation.
However, the psychedelics give you faith in these new, spiritual perspectives - faith which is necessary for later spiritual growth».

4. The Twin issues

There are some similarities between the management of the E.T. presence and the psychedelics potentialities and as a result the social reaction to these knowledge.

Both undermine the basis of the current model of reality in such a way that if they were to be accepted as mainstream knowledge they would end the control of major authorities over a massive number of people on Earth.
They are clearly the main weaknesses and also the strongest points of defence of the dominant paradigm.

But it is only in the psychedelics movement and history that one can see in action how powerful sociological catalysts are those pieces of the puzzle: it can end the support for War, it can instill social change that spread in the youth and over many generations, it can remodel religious beliefs and so on.

Both have been subject to an on going secret research and development by super-powers.

Both have fall victims to propaganda, disinformation campaign, threats, authority repression and social isolation. And this despite tremendous amount of information proving that they are real extraordinary phenomenons.

James Fadiman said in «Higher Wisdom»:
«[...] we were asked to not only stop the research, but to try and deny whatever we had already learned, and to keep society as ignorant as we could».

Both are stigmatised by society in a way that could turn you into a fool or worse into a schizophrenic ready for tranquilizers and asylum.

Both have played and are playing pivotal roles in the origin and evolution of humankind.

One can even sees significant timely related "advances" (mixed with control) in the Disclosure process of 2008 and events in the Consciouness field: on one hand the Stephenville, Larry King, Edgar Mitchell string of events and on the other hand the restart of the use of LSD in a study involving patients with terminal Cancer in Switzerland (Hofmann passed away in April 2008) coupling with reports on CNN about a study that concludes that psychedelics can induce genuine religious/mystical experiences.

This is why they are twin issues.

And may be this is one of the reason justifiying the confinement of the human species to Earth.

Since the human species hasn't solved its internal contradictions and violence it is very understandable that promoting its advance to inster-stellar capabilities would only expand the external reflection of its internal chaos to a bigger scale.
And perhaps this internal chaos can't be solved externally.
Henk Barendregt[10] has a theory about this chaos which he calls «fundamental process». In his article «Buddhist phenomenology, part II»[11] he wrote:

«It cannot be emphasized enough, that the process is of an extreme nauseating and unbearable quality. Our system (i.e. our body-mind combination) wants to avoid the process at any costs. This means that we have to perform actions that produce feeling in order not to see the process. The existence of the process and our necessity to hide it is the driving force behind all inhumanities a human being can commit. It is the very cause of war.»

However there are some differences between the 2 faces of the same coin. Obviously the E.T. presence face is more externally oriented and the Consciouness face is more internally oriented.

As a result more powerful actions can taken on the internal side. On the other side one can feel powerless because only E.T. can decide whether they will be visible or not (except for fake alien invasions false flag type of event).

So in the correct conditions one can personaly make the experience of an alien world. Here again Terence McKenna is known for his personal experiences even if his position about the E.T. presence was ambiguous. Michael Harner has also something to say about the alien dimension of some of his MSC and the experience of the shamans concerning extraterrestrial life - not to mention NDE reports of E.T. life on other stellar systems which can remind you of the last sequence of the movie «Contact».

To sum up, on the "internal" side of the coin it is up to the people of Earth to act and on the "external" side of the coin it is up to E.T. civilizations to manifest.

In addition, something that may suprise you is that in my opinion we have theoritically ALL the pre-requisites to initiate a repeatable, controlled communication program with E.T. intelligence:
  • Past experiences and techniques in MSC
  • Some reports of communcation and experimental data [12]
  • Experimented elders and young people
  • Physical inducers or interfaces (psychedelics)
What we don't have at the present time is:
  • The networking between people from different horizons who have the belief that extra non local communication is very important and achievable
  • the social support, instead psychedelics have a hugly image
And most probably, the authorities will banish or control such experiments therefore finding a place to carry out this kind of project is an issue.

5. A Proposition of Project

For the service of humanity and all life on Earth, the primary goal of the project is to perfect the communication bridges with non human intelligence during a MSC induced by psychedelics.

By communication we mean an exchange of information where :
  • The experience can be repeated
  • The parties are clearly identified
  • relevant information are exchanged and possibly aimed at post-verifications and to "check" the identity of the parties
  • The conditions to build the communication bridge and to reach the correct destination are identified

Well, it is like a phone call but in some sort of "virtual" space.

Many problems arise while an experiencer is in a MSC. The most problematic is that the experiencer cannot have the control of the experience.
This is why something like a coordinate system should be found or even created by the experiencer - perhaps the knowledge of this pseudo coordinate system may give the experiencer a little control over the experience.

Besides, like the songs of Sirens , the experiencer may be attracted by the exploration of higher level of consciouness (mystical experiences). The IFAS team have solved this problem by lowering the dosage. However, in this case the MSC were used in problem solving process.
This may not be sufficient for extra-communication pourposes. Perhaps many stages of MSC should be considered in some kind of recursive process: use the low levels to solve the current problems at one stage of the program and then reach step by step the relevant higher levels (avoiding to go to high).
Terence McKenna had his own parabole of the fisher. In this context, the Behemoth concepts could be seen as the Sirens of the mystical state.

The project can be inspired and based on what is written in the book DMT, The Spirit Molecule by Dr. Rick Strassman and in the article «A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the N,N-dimethyltryptamine-Induced Alternate Reality» by Marko Rodriguez[13].
This means that DMT is the main candidate as the inducer of the MSC for this project. Nevertheless there is certainly other helpful molecules.

The secondary goal is to find a sort of Universal Hall of Records that is a place designed to store any information relevant to this universe. This may sound completly crazy but there are mentions (legends ?) of such a place. It is also known as the the Akashic Record.
Humanity stores valuable information in some kind of medium...well, it is not stupid to make the hypothesis that this desire to store valuable information is mimiced at all the scales of reality.
I've read for example that Edgar Cayce believed that while in MSC he accessed the knowledge of all the physician, stored in some sort of collective consciouness (not limited in time and space ?) - he also believed that we can all do it...
As for the purpose to access the the Universal Records, it is to recover the history of Earth and Humanity.

Finally, the ideas in this text are not copyrighted. As a consequence anybody can take them and implement them and name them whatever one likes[14]. It is one of the goals of this text to dessiminate, as seeds, the potentials inside the psychedelics and beyond them, the human consciouness, so that (physical) multiple projects can be born wherever they can grow.
I'm interested in joining such projects and discussing the ways to make it real, so message me if you are on the same path.

6. Some questions about the "reality" of the potentialities of Consciouness

It was stated that Consciouness is a building block of reality and that it allows such thing as knowing by becoming. Furthermore it can plays with time and therefore is not bound to some kind of darwinian evolution.
Then the question that arises is:
What happened to humankind so that it seems to have lost the ability to fully use Consciouness ?

In addition, one can find some past/current research going in the same directions described in this text and it is reasonable to think that for the last millenia of human history there were many attempts to achieve extra-communications or to repair what was broken, so:
Why the many attempts of the past and present have no visible big result or breakthrough ?


In the near futur, we are expecting unprecedented changes on Earth and beyond, I believe and I hope that this text has shown that Consciousness, the old new thing, is one of the key to these changes and that important projects are waiting to be accomplished in this field by the people of Earth: it is necessary and inevitable.
A positive futur without a deep change coming from inside seems impossible to me.

When the bridges are built and the safe conditions are known, the scope of the field of Consciouness Exploration is infinite.




[1] The class of substances that induce a LSD type state of consciouness are called Psychedelic meaning "that reveals the psyche" or Hallucinogens "that generates hallucinations" or Entheogens "that generates the experience of divinity" or Psychotomimetic "that mimes psychosis" - therefore it can be called the PHEP class.

[2] «Eleusis is a shrine common to the whole earth,
and of all the divine things that exist among men,
it is both the most awesome and the most luminous.
At what place in the world have more miraculous tidings been sung,
and where have the dromena called forth greater emotion,
where has there been greater rivalry between seeing and hearing?»
The Road To Eleusis - Wasson, Hofmann, Ruck.

[3] Watch his 2001 conference at the university of Arizona, on video google- Recommended book The Cosmic Game.

[4] Highly recommended book: «Higher Wisdom», SUNY press. A community initiative to translate it in French: psychonaute forum

[5] Al Hubbard who was a FBI/CIA agent was so impressed by his own psychedelic experiences that he decided to work for development of this field and joined IFAS.

[6] The «Jean Morzelle» case, audio testimony in french. In english, look for the Pam Reynolds case for another example of veridical NDE.

[7] Clairvoyance: Joe McMoneagle cites the works of René Warcollier as a reference for RV. This french old term reminds of the time of spiritism at the end of the 19th century.

[8] See for example Metod Saniga's concept of time coming from the phenomenology of MSC, here and introduction in french with references in english.

[9] He stated it in the fascinating documentary Other Worlds about Ayahuasca

[10] His homepage. Before the conspirationist minds start fire up, I'd like to say that he won the NWO Spinoza Award 2002, the highest scientific award in the Netherlands and that the term NWO means Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, according to www.nwo.nl .

[11] The article is here. En français ici.
The following are relevant to mind control:
«Conjecture 5.3:
* Phobias are caused by covering up the process using fear, a strong source of feeling that is preferable to the selflessness of the process. This is the model of phobias of my father in Barendregt [1982], ch. 12.
* Depressions are an efficient way to cover-up the process. Again one has to pay for it by being in an undesirable state.
* Hypnosis can be explained as follows. During the induction of the hypnosis one has successfully made a link between behavior (the post-hypnotic order) and the cover-up of the process. An efficient way to avoid experiencing the process is to obey the post-hypnotic order.
Some evidence for this last conjecture concerning hypnosis was given in part I, §3.6.»

«Conjecture 5.7: The human mind has more than one center of control (for our thoughts and emotions). But only one of these is visible in our momentary consciousness [...]
The following is an important consequence.
The well-known phenomena of the multiple personality syndrome are quite natural aspects of the human mind. In "normal" people the various personalities are similar. In "pathological" cases the various personalities are dissimilar.

Whether meditation may cure some forms of the multiple personality syndrome I do not know».

[12] See the testimonies in DMT, The Spirit Molecule or the series of experiences reported here which obviously needs more investigations.

[13] Rodriguez is a researcher at the Center for Non-Linear Studies at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. His article in PDF format.

[14] A nice name for this project would be Parsifal since a french free translation of Perceval could be «Perce le Val» and then «Perce le Voile» which means «To Pierce the Veil».
Note that the Veil has already been pierced if we consider indivual experiences in human history. However it is appropriate in the context of Project Camelot to follow the names of the Arthurian legend.
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Default Re: A Piece of the Big Picture

Have you read the books DMT ; the spirit molecule or Inner paths to out space. they are about entitiy contact via plants teachers.
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Default Re: A Piece of the Big Picture

Hi E-W-O,

Yes i've read it and I recommended it in last post.

the following are interesting quotes from the book underlined in Rodriguez Marko's article (you might be interested to read this article):

They told me there were many things they could share with us when we learn how to make more extended contact.
They seemed please that we had discovered this technology [DMT]. I felt like a spiritual seeker who had gotten too far off course and, instead of encountering a spirit world, overshot my destination and ended up on another planet.
So experiencers report that there are extra-contacts that wish communication with us. I think that it is important enough to stress.

I haven't read Inner Paths the last book of Strassman and others. If you have read it and found something that might help us, please share it.
The Graham Hancock's forum dedicated the month of August to this particular book.

I really see in this project a way to help humanity.
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