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Default U.s. Gov't will collapse before summer 2009

Hal Turner
Oct. 19, 2008
I have confirmed that the United States federal government will financially collapse "before summer 2009."
Long time listeners to my radio show will recall that as early as September 5, 2007, over one year ago, I warned my audience on the air, that this was coming.
I announced during that same radio show that the US government was secretly minting new currency, THE AMERO and revealed a plot to intentionally bankrupt the United States to force integration with Canada and Mexico. Once merged, the US Canada and Mexico would be a new entity called the North American Union. (You may listen to an archive of that show, from over a year ago, by clicking HERE)
According to a Bulletin issued out of Cannes, France, the collapse will come "before summer 2009" because the U.S. can no longer make payments on its national debt.
According to "Lettre Confidentielle de LEAP/E2020" the US economy, now in deep recession, will collapse. The resulting lack of tax revenues will make it impossible for the federal government to pay even the interest on its ten trillion dollar national debt.
On October 16, 2008, the "Global-Europe Anticipation Bulletin" told its subscribers that the present U.S. Dollar will be demonetized and a new currency imposed. "Old dollars" will be devalued by ninety percent (90%)
When the collapse occurs, countries around the world will immediately stop accepting our money. That means imports will dry up very quickly -- including food and oil imports.
Lets talk oil first
The United States uses 18 million barrels of oil each day. We produce 5 million barrels a day of our own oil and import 13 million barrels a day from around the world.
Right now, our strategic petroleum reserve has 701 million barrels of oil in storage. When the world stops accepting our currency and stops shipping oil to us, we will have to draw down on the strategic petroleum reserve by 13 million barrels per day. We will run out of oil in 59 days.
No oil means no gasoline for cars; no diesel fuel for trucks.
Everything in this nation, except electricity and natural gas, is transported by truck. No diesel fuel means no products being shipped. . . . . including food.
Now lets talk food
After our oil reserves run out in 59 days, trucks will have no fuel. No fuel means no food gets delivered anywhere.
Here in the New York City area, our supermarkets have about three days worth of food in stock. They must get deliveries almost every day to feed the population.
So . . . . . the oil reserves run out in 59 days, the supermarkets are empty 3 days later. What do you think is going to happen?
Complete Social Collapse and anarchy
The cities will disintegrate into complete chaos first. Roving bands of savages will break into homes looking to eat. If you cannot protect yourself, they will take your food.
Once the cities are emptied of food, the savages will come to the suburbs. Small local police departments will be instantly overwhelmed. Calling 911 will be useless.
If folks in the suburbs cannot protect themselves, the savages will take their food too.
Ultimately, people will start killing each other for food.
No Government money means no welfare checks, no food stamps.
When this collapse happens because the government is totally broke, the welfare checks will stop. Almost immediately thereafter, civil unrest will erupt and we know who will be doing that. . . . don't we?
Now you know why Barak Obama is being pushed so hard for President. The powers-that-be know what's coming and they want a black man in the White House with the hope he can control "his" people. It won't work. They'll just call him an Uncle Tom or an OREO cookie and then go on their merry way to rape, rob, pillage, burn and kill.
In fact, to prove I'm right about the Obama situation, check out what VP candidate Senator Joe Biden said this past weekend. Biden 'guaranteed" that Barak Obama "will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in power and he will need supporters to stand by him as he makes tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions." Telling us all that we're going to lose 90% of the value of our life savings sure will be unpopular.
I wonder if the Secret Service agents who lose their life savings too, will bother protecting Obama from assassination; or might they kill him themselves? After all, the Zapruder film proves the secret service agent driving John F. Kennedy in Dallas, turned around and shot him in the head. That's why his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, tried climbing out of the back of the limo after it happened! She saw who shot her husband. It happened once, it can happen again!
What to do right now
1) If you live in a city, make plans to get out when all hell breaks loose. Arrange a place to stay with relatives or friends far away from the city because the cities will be deadly.
2) Start storing food.Don't wait. You have less than 6 months before the **** hits the fan. Buy canned foods because they stay fresh a long time. Buy SEVERAL 50 lb bags of rice, SEVERAL 50 lb bags of oatmeal and store them. Make sure you have lots of flour and yeast to bake your own bread. Have supplies of sugar, salt and the like. Buy powedered milk that can be mixed with water to create real milk. Refill your propane tank for your grill and maybe get some spare tanks. Do not store propane inside your house because it can explode.
3) This Christmas, forget buying presents; buy a gun or two and ammunition. Ideally you should have one handgun for each older teenager/adult in your home. You should also have at least one 12 gauge shotgun and one hunting rifle such as a .308 or 30-30. Teach everyone in your family how to use them. Make certain your children understand these are not toys and that in apartment buildings and condos, bullets can go through walls and kill innocent people. We don;t want that so make sure you teach your kids well. You're going to need guns to fend off the savages that come to steal your food. You may also need a rifle to hunt for food yourself.
4) Buy a gravity-fed water filter so you have clean water for drinking and cooking.
5) Stock up on any prescription drugs you MUST have to live.
6) If you have never hunted for food and don't know how to gut, clean and prepare freshly killed animals, LEARN. Get a couple books and LEARN.
7) Start talking to your neighbors about what's coming. Since the police will be totally overwhelmed, form local neighborhood defense groups. Get CB radios or Family Radio Service radios so you and your neighbors can call each other for help immediately. If the bad guys come, call out the whole neighborhood and use all deliberate force to repel the invaders. Don't be afraid to shoot and kill. The savages won't be afraid to do it to you!
Folks, this is the absolute worst news I have ever delivered to my readers. I shudder at what's coming. If we hope for the best but also plan for the worst, we might. . . . . just might. . . . get through this alive.
Please spread the word to prepare for this coming disaster. Europeans are already planning for it.
Final analysis
How we got to this point is simple: The United States federal government and in particular, the Congress, systematically and deliberately overspent our nation into oblivion. Our own government wrecked our nation.
In order that WE THE PEOPLE can bring justice to our elected officials, I am publishing the private home addresses of all members of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.
Under our Constitution, they hold the purse strings. They are the only branch of government that can tax, spend or incur debt. Sure, they blame Presidents - that's politics. But the Constitution makes clear that congress and ONLY congress deals with money.
If you would like to know where your U.S. congressman and U.S. senators live so that you can "pay them a visit" after they devalue your life savings by 90%, I will provide their home address to you.
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