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Default Waterman/Tobias Site Compromised?

Hey Everyone,

Just a note to anyone who happens to visit our website... it's been a strange day - some of our audio files "disappeared" from not one, not two, but three different servers sometime in the last 24 hours. The "Chronicles" portion of the site was the only area affected along with a link or two from the blog.

Not a "total disaster" (crossing fingers) this time, but strange and quite inconvenient all the same. I guess it's my "welcome" to the wonderful world of electronic (lack of) privacy. Dunno what more to say. If anyone experiences any problems on the site, we would appreciate you letting us know asap. It's just a little weird... we are nothing "important".. little ol' us? NOT!


PS: maybe I'll try to get the new story about Echelon Intel, 8200 Base (Israel's Signet Group in Tzeelim where they plug-in to Echelon), ARIK, CAZAB, the State Department, the Masons connection to British intelligence, politics and that We are EMPIRE up even faster? LOL! Things are almost back to normal, but I've still got to "re-work" one of the files that disappeared. Lesson learned!

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