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Default What technology does the human race currently possess? Strategy on Technology

When I watched the movie Patriot Games I thought instantly to myself, wow, if we have that technology developed, to track and spy and pinpoint from space, and those in control allow this to be seen by the public, it must already be ten to twenty years old.

Extending the premise, if correct, I suspect the technology genuinely available is twenty years (or more) ‘beyond’ what is currently detected or revealed. Seemingly ‘legitimate’ sources have revealed the following technologies:
  • RFID
  • Small output beamed/wireless electrical power
  • Cellular disruptive acoustical and electromagnetic projection weapons
  • Remote under clothing scanning technology
  • Extremely shielded and maneuverable aircraft

None of these technologies feel futuristic to me, and lead me to conclude that much of the current phenomenological experiences encountered are brushes by individuals with the more advanced but sheltered technologies currently available to ruling parties.

Reviewing the list, I notice that the only exception to domineering and authoritarian technologies is the wireless power, and even it was probably developed to support one or more of the other technologies in the list.

With all of the new revealed technologies, and those presumed developed but sheltered, it is apparent that as a race we posses the capacity and potential for creative advancement, but it is generally used to play the control game. When any appreciable independent invention or idea is forwarded, it is quickly destroyed, controlled and diverted into the control agenda, whether it is initially related to energy, food, medical, construction, spirituality or sovereign governance (aka idealized ‘politics’).

From this brief detail of contemplation on the status of technology, I conclude two things:
  • We have the potential to solve any riddle with applied focus and resources.
  • If enough of us carry a vision of positive and sovereign change, we need to adapt in Sun Tzu fashion, learning from our ‘opponent’ and changing strategy.

Strategy to Release Harmonious Technology

  1. To make strides towards empowered harmonious change, we would need to work in small groups and develop technologies independent of think tanks, militaries, space agencies, corporations, universities, NGOs, investment bankers and venture capitalists. Most anything engaged with these agencies results in continuation of the game at hand.
  2. The motive for the endeavor would need to be transformed from fiscal profit to humanity profit. Without this ingredient, every attempt to release new technology will be infiltrated and diverted. History is full of examples which haven’t been fully silenced.
  3. Further to point two, once the technology is established and verified, with working prototypes, the invention crews need to become unpaid mentors to apprentices and let the next generation expand upon the technology without patents or other restrictive controls.

I look forward to any discussion this post may ignite!


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Default Re: What technology does the human race currently possess? Strategy on Technology

Yes i agree.

I think we have enough technology to solve many problems

Any develpment must be placed in a public place, where everyone
can copy it , enhance it, so it wont "disappear" .
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