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Default The White Wesir Project

This most peculiar piece of information was released on Nyhetsspeilet.no today on behalf of a Norwegian whistleblower:




Hi Armin,

I will contact you anonymously because I fear for my own career as well as my own safety. I do not quite know what's going on, but I think it is the best for all concerned if you do not know exactly who I am. I am a Norwegian civil engineer with power generation as the main field. My job involves, among other things, the evaluation of various projects in production and transportation of energy - I have, in different order, working with power lines, induction-based generators (hydro, wind, etc.) and storage of radioactive material.

Some projects, such as the radioactive materials, I've only been to evaluate from a security perspective. There also fall in recent projects with the windmills. I have been asked to look at different designs and implementations, technical considerations and safety considerations. Generally, this is quite okay, I get the drawings and are asked to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement) for trade secrets as material types, etc. For the six months since I received the other hand, a set of drawings and models I should investigate and when the procedure was a COMPLETELY another. I could only work with the material in their own facilities in another country, in a closed room without access to either phone or internet. I also had to sign the contracts, while I was filming, where I include my legally bound to not even mention NDA Agreement! I have signed a NDA agreement that says that I am not allowed to say that I have an NDA agreement. I do not even know right where I worked, only that it was far below the earth (elevator ride took a long time, even if I did not notice any noticeable acceleration).

The design of wind turbines was drastically different than anything I've ever seen before. Usually, wind turbines, a rather simple construction, where a rod can torque from the aerodynamic design of propellers. It is of course a little more complicated than that, but there are many common denominators that I got a sure way back when I saw the new design. It took me several weeks to at all understand how to make electricity, much less why it worked. Many of the components were completely unknown, even for someone who has extensive experience with both commercial electronics and theoretical physics. Among the components I, however, seems to recognize the satellite transceiver, which resembled an electronic geiger counter (measure of radioactivity) and NOK hardware to carry out large computations. A single wind turbine of this type would have NOK computational power to replace an entire supercomputer-park of the type used to calculate the weather reports or stock quotes. This is expensive technology and in addition there were a number of parts that apparently had nothing to do with neither the technology I've seen (and in retrospect, I have tried hard to figure out what this might be, without finding any good answers from either colleagues or in literature) or the production of electricity! Crystals coated with barium connected to the glass-like spheres, wires that apparently was not connected to anything permanent and sealed boxes, I had the opportunity to open.

After a while I asked a cautious question - I should after all come with the approval of the technology, though I am not quite understand it - but when it was made quite clear to me that I was going to approve the prototype, whether I would or not . My name would be on the report anyway. I do not even know how it was look out in the end, I only know that I can not stand for it. I know that several others were working with the approval of the same project, but I doubt that any of them have come with a professional opinion that is nothing but fabricated lies.

I'm afraid the wind turbines have two purposes, and none of them deals with power production.

1) They are relatively easy to place fairly close to settlement areas and tilfart roads. Nuclear power, voltage power lines and mobile towers have large negative attention due to the electromagnetic potential both for harm and to control the human mind. This concerns experts know well about, but which are kept hidden because we fear to discredit and be unemployed once we ask ourselves critical of Maxwell's equations and ExxonMobil researchers. Skepticism is therefore great to put these things near where people live, but the wind has now received approval stamp as a result of the declared climate crisis.

http://www.nve.no/Global/Publikasjoner/Publikasjoner% 202005/Rapport% 202005/Rapp% 2017-2005.pdf page 35 says quite clearly that there are possibilities for setting up windmills all over Norway, except the Eastern, where population control whatever is good since the government can build exactly what they want under the tram lines, underground and in the larger buildings.

2) They generate so much electromagnetic radiation that is easy to go with radiation. A wind turbine can now be a rotation of over 100Hz, which is more than NOK to generate such powerful electromagnetic fields that can only wish. In addition, it is easy to dismiss skepticism that the electromagnetic radiation is "a harmless expected effect" - exactly those words will be used when development pushed forward, with climate skremsel and propaganda. I came across one of your articles when I tried to find someone in Norway who were aware of EM-challenges we face every day.

I fear I have revealed too much, but it will be so. Someone must know the reality, if I would be pressured into silence. Some parts of the story has been deliberately vague because I'm afraid that it will be too easy to find out exactly who I am. Maybe they do not - perhaps this will just be dismissed as spray - but I do not know what measures they will take if it leaks out and they know who I am. Maybe I will just lose his job due to contract violations, or something far worse.

Hang on. I think people like you can do to bring Norway out of the darkness. You do a great job. Just be careful. Everyone has a tolerance limit - even those who sit in power.

.................................................. ...

Hello again

I think people have a right to know this, especially since something must be done soon if it will be hoping to stop the process. From a proposal will be presented to the implemented, it is a very short time. We need signatures and stir so they do not dare to carry out his plans ... If there is anything more you wonder about, just ask.

It might seem a bit paranoid, but in my meetings with responsible persons during the evaluation process, I got goose bumps every time they spoke. These were dangerous people who did not have a track humor or goals beyond getting the job done. Maybe we all once like that? It's a scary thought that gives me the belief that I must do something before it's too late.

I think I have an ethical responsibility to get this published. While I was not allowed to make copies or notes in my work with the drawings, so I remember still a lot of the technical details - there will be little to forget that. Among other things, may I mention that the three rotor blades (windmill looks totally normal from the outside) should have a weight of over 300 kilograms each. Usually they tend to be far lighter and nearly a ton weight, in addition to rotational forces on a single shaft is not a conventional material (reinforced steel, aluminum crossing, etc.) will be able to support over a long time. It must simply be some materials that are not in mass production. Nano Carbon steel, for example, could be used, but it costs several hundred dollars for the program and as I know, there are no established techniques to build with it either. This is not my field, so it could happen that has happened advances in the field, but it is certainly strange for equipment that will be erected in the third quarter of 2010 (the approval papers must be ready one year in advance). Typically, the delays, but I expect that this will be a reality within a few years anyway.

You take a big risk by publishing this, but I think you're safe just because you have published so much material already. If you had disappeared, I had received a final confirmation that things are going sikkelig wrong. Be careful, and do not use cell phones unless you must - in theory, they have more than NOK energy in battery that can suddenly be discharged on an electromagnetic pulse, which is well documented in the literature. I realize this sounds rather paranoid, and I think the course is not that it's going to happen as long neddyssing is so much easier than confrontation, but for one who has seen the equations behind it all, it is easy to realize that the world is open to those with skills without ethics.

.................................................. ...................

I've tried to write the most important to you in your previous email. The most important is that wind turbines that will soon be declared major will have a different purpose - so that people can protest and understand what is going on. The seriousness of the matter is most important - we face a massive deployment of equipment, we can only speculate on the behaviors behind. I think mind control and radiation is only the top of the iceberg of what advanced technology is capable of. I have no doubt that they can cause panic, anger or apathy among large segments of the population in addition to affecting individuals more directly. I have not seen anything I myself can link to the holograms, etc. (PROJECT BLUEBEAM?). but it was said that many systems I did not have full understanding of which can range from harmless things to deadly radiation sources. I never saw the prototype in use, only disconnected the power and communications.

I do not know exactly how everything works, but I think a faradaybur will be able to stop in any case much of the radiation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage - something that is not too difficult to obtain if you have room for it.

I must admit that I do not quite know what the arrest the people behind wants to achieve. You seem to know much more than me about the area - largely thought I was on the official history of this happened ... I know that there is a group of Norwegian Institute of Technology and University-alumni within teknologifag that operates in secret. I was asked by a representative of a time about some things, blah. if not it should exist limits on how many people are on earth, but in the end I decided not to involve me. It felt not right. I do not know if this group is directly a part of something bigger, but everyone I know who have good careers has been a member, even the less good. Talented people who are not with ends up with less good jobs. Perhaps it is only networking that happens, or so the driver with something more, but it is definitely a group of Masons who have managed to remain outside the public eye. Not so surprising perhaps, since all employers in the engineering profession is either a member or work for someone who is ...

The turbines I looked at was a common design for Class AF, that all orders of magnitude. You had everything from small wind turbines (10m diameter) to the giant wind turbines (250m) where the difference was largely related to the anchoring mechanisms in the ground (a large windmill must have an enormous counterweight to not be torn loose when the wind is blowing hard). They can be placed anywhere, except in the center of large cities such as Oslo (where it usually is more than NOK EM transmitters from before ...)

Keep me updated!

.................................................. ................................

Would anybody have any idea what this means ??

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