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Thumbs up My Fascinating Last Post

Or I mean... a post on FASCINATION!

FASCINATION is the opposite or negative of IMAGINATION

The moment when you sit down to watch a movie or the TV you become fascinated. You become absorbed in the images and the sounds. You begin to relate to the characters or actors on the screen and even begin to 'create' your own feelings for them.

Any hypnotist worth their salt would be aware of the mystery of fascinating anothers attention.

FASCINATION is a form of sleep or hypnosis. When you are fascinated you are not in contact with your BEING, you've lost your awareness.

Would you rather live in a FASCI(ST)NATION or I-MAGI(CK)NATION?

Today we are constantly bombarded with colours and lights and technologies and toys that were barely dreamed of 40 years ago. This has most of us in a constant state of fascist nation.

You lose your sense of where you are and even who you are during say... the watching of your favorite TV show or playing that video game.
Any exterior forces can fascinate you. Anything that can steal your attention. These are not always bad things, and indeed we can often learn many things well being fascinated. The harm is in not being aware that this is happening all the time. The harm comes from ignorance only.

We can also become fascinated by interior forces such as the ego and mind.
The mind fascinates us in much the same way as a movie projector. Contained within any one of your countless memories are vibrations of PICTURES, EMOTIONS, SOUND, ect.. These vibrations will steal away your attention the same way as a movie projector. The force required to keep your ATTENTION is WILL.

Your ego will also trap your attention. This is Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. These thieves come and steal away your attention, the connection to your Being, your soul. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.. envy, pride, lust, greed, anger, vanity, ect... These are the 'LEGIONS' of the ego that will steal away your God or Nature.

IMAGINATION when not coloured by FANTASY is a door through which one can perceive other dimensions and make direct contact with your BEING, Higher Self, Mother Nature, Intuition, God, Creation, it matters not what you call it. Meditation is the best method to improve imagination. Ritual (experience) and meditation are common ways to train your will. One of the most fundamental practices in magik schools through out the ages right up until today is SELF OBSERVATION.

Every mystery tradition from every culture through out all ages taught the importance of self observation, ninjas referred to it as self look, western traditions called it double attention or second attention. For a simple but powerful exercise, start to notice that moment when your awareness slides into the background while on your way to work, what caused the slip? Was it the car in front of you or that person walking down the street? How long until you noticed? Who is doing the noticing? What is it that is asking questions in your conscience?... ect ect ect...
Maybe you arrived at work and sat down before you realized you were lost in thought. Maybe you will have gaps as long as week or two before you surface and realize you were asleep through most of the days. It matters not as it is a skill that can be trained and improved with hard work and WILL. One of the abilities a master has is 100% second awareness at all times. It might sound impossible but with practice it will become easier and easier. Also... SELF OBSERVATION is a key that unlocks THE ART OF REMEMBERING.

All the blest everyone! Know that all is well! If you doubt keep searching. I hope to see many of you all in another forum sometime in the future.


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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

YEAH BABY cool post, this (ah hem ) event has brought out the greatness! and it cheers my heart no end. take care on your journey and sincerely hope to meet up with the great big hearted open minded souls on here before long, the road may well get a lot tougher, but integrity is all.
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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

Happy travels Phtha!!!

And thank you for that wonderful info about sun gazing!!! great stuff.

and so many other great posts!!!

Please do consider drooping in sometime in the future

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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

It has been lovely to know you Phtha
And great to travel this journey with you .
Thank you for your ever colorfull presence in Avalon.
You have been a spark of Light here as we were all .
Our candles will remain burning here for everyone
that will come along to read and enjoy .
Our roads will cross again I am sure as you say
somewhere ...
In the meantime we'll stay connected through the Heart.

Be well my friend .
Love for You Always

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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

Hey Phtha! It's time to tell you that I always appreciated your presence!

Great post!

Take care and may your life filled up with peace and joy!

Namaste, Steven
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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

Enjoyed your gardening pictures on another thread. Would love to have your plots of land!. Wishing you a wonderful fall harvest . You will be missed here along with the many others who have made the same decision.
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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

Thank you for the kind words everyone. Actually I just read that the forums are going to be open for another week or two. I was under the impression earlier that the forums were going to be closing right away. So I may as well float around now and then until d day.

@Swordsmith - Thank you I wish you well on your journey to my friend, I am glad you enjoy the ride, it's great isn't it? Much love and much respect.

@Jester - Thanks man much respect and love to you as well! I'm glad you enjoy the gazing as much as I do. Sun Grazing and Gazing ahhh paradise. I'll keep in touch for sure, Got your pm.. ill put your email on my email list, I send out some links now and then, maybe sometimes twice a day, maybe not one for a month. if anyone wants on or just exchange emails just pm your email address.

The forum may be going somewhere but we are all still here.

@Mudra - Thank you Mudra I'll look forward to reading more of that calm and loving energy that you kindly share with us all in the future on another forum like this one. Your presence meant a lot here... or as you well put it, it meant as much as everyone elses in the grand scheme of things. We will be in touch as always. Lots of love to you as well my friend.

@Steven - Cheers friend I thank you for your words. May you exist in constant peace and joy as well. I send you my gratitude, respect, and love, and am sure we shall meet again.

@Sunflower - Thank you for your comments and the well wishes for this coming harvest. I would love it if the plots of land were every bodies property, or rather no private properties at all anywhere. Another time for that! In the mean time I wish you well and send lots of good luck to you and your future manifestations. Much love!
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Wink Re: My Fascinating Last Post

I've only been off-line since 11:00 am Sat. -- about 14 hours ago, and i come back on and all of the sudden Phtha is leaving (going where?)), and the forum's going down (temporarily??), and our mostly-happy-but-sometime-angry-and-defensive-as-hell family is breaking up??? we're divorcing each other? or, are some of us just going on vacation for awhile??

Phtha--i LOVED your "fascinating post" and wish i could have had a chance to know you better here at PA. but what i do know of you, i definitely like! (and you're obviously "Mr. Popularity here! LOL)

anyway ...... i HAVE been here EVERY DAY this year, i think (OMG! i wonder if that's good or bad?!? oh yea ..... almost forgot ..... note-to-self ..... "don't forget to transcend duality!") anyway, back to the point, i've "heard-tell" that some people are choosing to leave PA (PC?), due to our recent wild and crazy crises/tempests/kerfuffles. but i guess the reality of it is just now hitting me ..... hard ..... and it hurts. like a kick in the gut, or finding out an old friend has "moved on," either geographically or dimensionally. i certainly don't mean to doubt your discernment or the wisdom of your decision, Ptah. i'm just being human, i suppose, and maybe not a starhuman but just a plain-old human (do starhumans get sad? what about dragonized starhumans?? yes, i really think they MUST.)

Well, i can always hope that our paths cross again, Phtha ..... maybe on that "great forum in the sky," where peace and love and harmony and service and humility and creativity will be the orders of the day!

love in the here and now and the there and then,
in the One in Many and the Many in One,
in the Unity of Separatedness and the Separation of Unity,
Shalom, Namaste, Peace, Aloha, Over-and-Out, See ya.

your new fan, old sister, and fellow traveller,

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Lightbulb Re: My Fascinating Last Post

thanks bobbi for your words. Your name gave me a big smile the first time I read it, I think in the thuban thread. I enjoyed your posts there as well... I admire your positive energy and light heartedness, your openness, and your grasp on things. I'll stop there as we don't want to pet our egos to much do we now?

I don't doubt we shall cross paths again bobbi and thanks again for your kind words. I send much love to you as well in this great mystery of creation, and we are well on our way to that place in the sky you described so well. Last one there's a rotten egg.
*Passes back your and .
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Frank Samuel
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Talking Re: My Fascinating Last Post

Phtha I am fascinated by your Avatar , I hope you change your mind about leaving if not you will be extremely missed.

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Default Re: My Fascinating Last Post

It looks like a Court Jester to me ..... the proverbial "King's Fool"..... who (if my historical fiction is a true guide in this) typically was anything but a fool, though they could play the part well. Jesters often were troubadors--singing romantic historical and mythic tales to entertain the court, often juggled, performed acrobatics, magic, etc. Another essential aspect of their court role was to serve as national historian and memory-keeper, often performing epic dramatic renditions of ancient legends for large crowds of royalty and the court groupies.Though posing as professional "entertainers," their most important job was to spy, to be the King's eyes & ears among the courtiers & courtisans of the royal court. This double-agent characteristic of the Court Fool/Jester ensured his security and success at court, as his clandestine access to everyone's secrets naturally put him in a position to weild power and influence for and against various political elements. And .... from the tales of intrigue, betrayal, war, lust and love usually associated with the courts ..... this must have been an extremely sensitive, dangerous, powerful and exciting "career path" for intelligent, daring, astute and inventive men!

Do ya'll think that sounds anything at all like Phtha?!? NAAAHH....Not Really!


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