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James Casbolt
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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

So George Bush snr is using 'Mr Rogers' mind control programming on us.
See pic at the top of page on link


He's saying the whole planet is his neighborhood and he sits in the sky ( like on the photo ) and controls us all from the sky. We say things like "Yes George", he says "Who are you all", we reply "We are Georges puppets",
He says "raise you right hands", this we do. He then starts moving his hands around in circles and we move the exact same way at the exact same time. He is learning to 'drive us' and will send us out for assassinations in the future while he controls our every movement from a computer console, just like a real life computer game

Mister Rogers Neighborhood(CIA spy?)?
ok, so in social studies, we were talking about the cold war and about the CIA and my teacher brought up how there was a game show and the winners would go to odd places if they won like germany and russia...

well the reason they went to those places was because the show's host was a CIA spy agent person and would go with them to lets say, russia and would leave the winners and go assasign people secretly and then come back as if nothing happened. and no one knew about it until he wrote a book about it all.

well someone in my class said that the guy who played mister rogers was one too and always wore the sweaters becuase he had tattoos. i couldnt find anything about it anywhere. does anyone have a good answer!? its killing me! and i swear, if its true, my whole childhood was just traumatised.
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