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James Casbolt
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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

I'd like to jump forward with the timeline to help people get an idea where the training, conditioning and ops as child led to-

2007 London-

I travel from Southhampton to London on this afternoon to deliver gold to a location in West London. After the delivery is complete a range rover pulls up outside, an operative gets out and I am dropped into trance on the spot. I am handed a black briefcase containing 'Drago'- a beautiful pearl handled 9mm smith and wesson pistol with a symbol of a black dragon on the handle. This is the same gun I have used for years on many assassinations. The case also contains a small handheld white cube-like device that allows me to amplify my brainwaves and control other people with, as well as a small black handheld signalling device.
I follow the jeep and we drive through London. We end up on a street and park in front of a house with a small wall in front and a garden path leading up to the door. I get out, walk up the path and knock on the front door. An MI-6/NSA female operative ( wearing a silk shirt, medium length skirt, blond hair between 30-40 ) opens the door and I activate the cube and make her let me in. We walk into the dining room and another MI-6/NSA male operative comes out of the bathroom, I make him go upstairs and wait for me. They are posing and husband and wife and the woman is sex agent/prostitute. I make her pour us both a drink from the cabinet and we sit down. I question her about the location of PEARLS that have gone missing. She tells me the location on a boat somewhere. PEARLS are NSA code for suitcase nuclear weapons. When I have the information, I head upstairs and the man is waiting for me in a chair. He ends up with a pillowcase over his head as i fire several shots into his forehead.
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