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Default BILL AND KERRY--ground crew asks,"where are you? "

hey bill and kerry,

i know you guys are busy, but i think if you have time maybe you can address the community in this thread, and maybe the community can ask some questions about the direction of avalon.

first off, ive said it before, but THANK YOU for creating the forum.

I think the community is looking for feedback regarding lots about whats been happening both on the planet and here in the forums--and specifically for me at least ,the dissapearance of almost all the witnesses (st clair, lear, and henry deacon) their interaction was one of the best things about avalon in that first week and a half.
they were "heavy hitters" and we were lucky to interact with them.

and with yourselves as well, your guys posts were always informative--of course we know this is a tumultous time for everyone regardless and we know you two are flying around interviewing and speaking and whatnot.
but since the forum has gone "2.0" and with the exit of the witnesses there is a real lack of what made this site original and exciting, as well as the intent of the community seems somewhat muddy.

id like to know what you think of the community itself, i know avalon was founded off of "radiant zones" and "the ground crew" books, but as ive seen about half the community is survival based and the other is aware of the coming hard times but arent resigned to moving to the wilderness or switzerland/south america. we definitely all seem to want to be positive and spiritually and mentally grounded, thats one thing i think the community as a whole shares.

also with the "2.0" version the community has naturally evolved into back to what it was in terms of people discussing what they thought was important (ie- more "camelot" style threads) despite the call for more ground crew related topics.

id also like to hear exactly "why" you two have decided to go with george green/st clair as "THE" way to go, what made you guys not go with burisch's claim that were are 80% out of the "catastrophy" timeline or wilcocks's "acsension" theory or even marcia shafer's "different realites for different people"
-what made you guys want to go in the direction of extinction level event earth changes are imminent and given more weight to interviews that support that.

i believe the suggestion that miriam's interview being the most powerful important and "mandatory" viewing, really created a backlash of expectation, both from her information and delivery of it. you guys have never indicated for us to believe one interviewee over the other, but by doing so now you seem to DE legitimize other viewpoints from your other interviews. you yourselves said its up to us to decide what resonates with us and what doesnt, but youve remained impartial up to this point, and i think the fact that what was deemed "the most important"
didnt resonate with so many in the community speaks volumes on the contridictions with the aim of the forum and the people who actually come here to discuss.

anyhow i feel as though all the captains of the ship arent around and the crew is left with a lot of questions ( for me the departure of henry was a real bummer, as was the lack of any explanation for all the departures)

anyhow, like i said i know you guys are busy, but maybe a joint post by you two would be good right about now.

muchas gracias
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