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Default Re: Spiritual Telepathic Communication

Originally Posted by futureyes View Post
i believe this is so ... the timing codes ... for my self i have experienced accelerated movement forward at times ... exhilerating as it had been and i felt to continue onward ... i've also been regulated at that point ... to stop and wait ... coming to know this is an individual process yes ... but we do so collectively ... as one ... we stop and wait at intervals for each other ... it is not a race to the finish ... it is the journey together ... as one ...
Yes, I've watched this my entire life, the way certain people have matured in their spiritual wisdom, given it to the world, and then seemingly lost the buzz as their information was picked up and incorporated into the group mind where it became the building blocks of greater levels of awareness.
It's why some of the most brilliant minds can hardly support themselves after having made all the "wrong" business decisions. What if they had made it? Would they have pushed the mystic envelope or become fat and comfortable?

I've always said that someday I'll be in exactly the right place doing just the thing that needs to be done in perfect synchronicity with needs of the planet, and that it will be because all the mistakes I've made along the way allowed that timing to manifest. But, it's really hard to draw comfort from that or even believe in it when things are at their worst.

The global telepathic connection is probably right on course, though it's hard to imagine at the moment. But then who imagined we'd be interacting with each other like we do on net even 10 years ago?

Originally Posted by futureyes
Beg this question:
If we were not in this "mess"...would we learn anything?
I apologize for side tracking this discussion...curiosity motivated this post.
I listen to inner guidance...it tells me why we are in this mess.
Eyes need opening.
Does your insight tell you that we're at real risk of planetary mortality, or is there a failsafe plan in place that would prevent such an event? There's so much more going on with the earth than just people. I can see no point to their having become this powerful and reckless. It seems like the lessons of war, starvation, environmental poisoning, extinction and all would be more than enough incentive for spiritual growth without the manifestation of the potential to blow the planet to pieces a hundred times over.

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