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Whistleblower Testimony Post anonymous messages of truth or reveal what you know.

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Default A "Whistle Blower" open letter to Bill and Kerry, and the forum.

A "Whistle Blower" open letter to Bill and Kerry, and the forum.

Kerry asked me:
" 09-25-2008 02:07 PMKerry Cassidy
hi norval,
I would be happy to hear why you were talking about me selling out :-) ??
Thanks for the apology at any rate.
Best wishes, Kerry"

Well Kerry and Bill, here you go.
The story starts with an email we (Gale and I) sent to you, Bill and Kerry, at Project
Camelot, prior to this forum, outlining what we had discovered in our investigations. A
copy of that email follows this letter. We received no answer. It was assumed that you
both were quite busy and would respond accordingly. To date, we still have no answer.
For those of you that don't know me or Gale, we are what are called whistle blowers.
But our story "seems" to be an old one because it's about the bible. No, it would be an
old story if it were about religion. The bible is not about religion at all, it is about ETs and
the message that has been in our hands, now complete for about two thousand years.

Here is where this all stands today. Soon after posting this
http://www.projectavalon.net/forum/s...ead.php?t=2094 thread in the First Avalon
forum, I was inundated with messages and friend requests. Question after question has
been pouring in since then, support and confirmation for the first time on any forum that
hasn't turned false, so far.

Back in 2002 an email from a high up NASA official told me, about Gale's and my
research, that had been sent to him at his request, the following: "He who runs the fastest,
runs the loneliest". We were also told that "They didn't believe Louis Pasture at first
either". (One of the discovers of germs.) And the last thing he told us was that "You may
have discovered what bridges the gap between science and religion". All other forums we
have visited have professionally trained skeptics and debunkers to keep specific
information out of the public's eyes. They have done their jobs well.

Our original email to Bill and Kerry mentioned the Information Acquisition and Control
(IAC), agents. Now they have a forum with all kinds of agents with agendas. An
experience I had back in the early spring of 1997 involved agents from the FBI, DOD,
CIA, Secret Service and a couple of others, besides a couple of Tall Whites, may be of
interest? A friend was teaching me how to use the internet and search engines. We had to
define our searches a few times but finally got one that looked promising. The only bulletin
board / forum that was about the exact thing of the bible I wanted to discuss and was
searching for, turned out to be a top secret government think tank. A common search
engine of the time took us through a loop hole in the security at this top level university by
accident where I answered 4 of their primary questions. After that I was interviewed by a
presidential advisor twice. It was quite an experience.

Maybe I should have just posted like this in the beginning, presented myself and Gale as
potential whistle blowers? This message has to do with the survivability of the human
race. We are now past a time when one of the predictions of the bible clearly indicated
we could be destroyed, our entire planet wiped of life. Your governments now know this
to be true, as do many of the hierarchy of religions, and believe. The way we present the
bible's information is in a completely non-religious fashion. The bible, in very simple ways,
tells us about the government of the galaxies of our universe. Mankind was created for a
very good reason, many will be chosen as representatives of that government. Yes,
mankind is important and many are being offered a very responsible task in the future.

This then brings me to Kerry's question; "I would be happy to hear why you were talking
about me selling out :-) ??"

We now know that the agents seem to be allowing my and Gale's testimony to be heard.
Although the beginning is now locked up in Camelot, somewhat ironic, that, I would hope
to either be able to incorporate that thread with this and another to try and bring the
whole picture into focus or something along those lines. Divide and conquer is not new to
me. Many posters have voiced opinions about this split of the forum. I think it is a good
idea. Yet the bible's message is vital to both Camelot and Avalon as it contains
information that concerns what has happened, Camelot, and what is about to happen,
Avalon. Yet I can work both sides if necessary. That is, when Camelot reopens. Gale
and I have seen amazing forum changes soon after posting some aspects of the bible's
true message and the evidence we have. Your forum changed, I reacted, time will now
tell what really transpired, and time is running out. About these things, Bill, I would like to
comment from what I know of the bible to what you wrote here.

UFOs are real. (Agreed)
ETs are real. (Agreed)
ETs come from different planets and different times. (Many planets, but not times.)
ETs have different agendas. (Yes)
Some ETs are benevolent, and some see us as a resource to be exploited. (Yes)
Some ETs have 'helped' the human race evolve biologically. (Actually we were created)
The US military (and probably the military of other countries) have highly advanced
technology that may be beyond what we can imagine. (Possibly, but I have a good
imagination, and I don't think they have thought big enough.)
There is human and ET activity on the Moon. (I doubt it.)
There is human and ET activity on Mars. (I doubt it.)
Mind control is a reality. (It is possible to some extent.)
Abductions are a reality. (Yes)
Free energy is a reality. (Yes)
Antigravity is a reality. (Yes, three patents.)
Time travel is a reality. (No. As it would be the ultimate weapon.)
Contactee experiences are real. (Many)
Some channeling is real. (Many. Sources can be highly deceptive.)

What does that leave us to talk about?

Here are some suggestions:

What's the future of the human race? (Answered above)
What might the ETs (and the Illuminati / our governments) have secretly planned for us?
(Read the bible.)
What do they still know that is not being told about possible and probable future events -
either planned, foreseen, or both? (What is "really" in the bible and right in front of
What are the most probable future timelines? (The one that we are in, the only one.)
How can we as individual, aware people respond to current events? (Learn the other
unexplored truths of the bible without religion.)
Can we influence events? (Yes, your own, and others by your actions.)
Can we influence timelines? (No, there is only one, ours.)
What might really be happening in the next few weeks and months? (I can only tell you
how it's going to happen.)
Are we collectively smart enough to stay ahead of the curve? (Sorry, this is on an
individual level only, but you can help each other to learn.)
How can we organize? (Maybe I can help a bit with that, as there is a true gathering
taking place now, only not quite what you expected.)
How much time do we have? (If you live through this you could have all the time you
want, restored to a youthful form with no defects, and never grow old again.)
Can we really envision or create the future that we want? (That would depend on what
one truly wants.)
What are the real risks or threats, and how do we recognize them? (Look around, read
the bible, do word searches in a bible computer program about what interests you. The
answers are all there.)

These issues above are what The Project Avalon Forum is for. There's plenty to talk
about. (And we agree.) {end}

There is a disclosure coming and all eyes will see it when it happens. Think of a ship that
is 1,500 miles big. Imagine the other ships that would come with the King of all the
Galaxies? You could call this "The New Age" understanding of the Bible. It will be soon

Is Camelot and Avalon up to the task of reporting what the bible's real message is?
Will I be up to the task of explaining it adequately and reasonably?
Norval L. Cunningham
Gale Smart
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