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Default Hunting, learn how to do it!

I'm posting this only due to the amazing amount of people that I've spoken to who have never hunted for gone camping. alot of people are talking about how to preserve food which is great, but all that you take with you will expire or run out at some point, then what?

Learn how to get food where ever you are! I know alot of people here are vegetarian and dont want to hurt little animals, either do I but I will not allow my family to starve to death. You dont need food stocks to survive well.
Everyone wants to know what they should buy now to help them if all hell breaks loose (which it probably will)

1. Buy a good quality waterproof tent (dome preperably).
2. a high quality hunting knife, pocket knives are handy but wont last long.
3. A billy (something you can boil water in)
4. Hunting bow and lots of arrows ( not to be used all the time but handy in dire circumstances)
5. A hunting dog ( most likely your best asset and tool for survival ) natural hunting breeds are best, (dingo, Basenji, siberian husky) but almost any dog can be trained very easily.

Try fishing in a river with only your bare hands, learn how to cook your food with almost nothing (make your own spit out of tree branch's!)

For everyone who is contemplating where to go and what to do when hell breaks loose, nature is your only real salvation, the further you go out in to it the better off you will be, there is food and shelter everywhere!
Practice this stuff guys, it will save you!

Honor and thank everything you kill for food, it has given its life to save yours! Nature is your home, dont be afraid of it.

At some point in the future I am planning on taking anyone who is interested out on hunting/camping trips, to show people how easy it is to survive in the wild. I live in the outer west of melbourne Australia so anyone in the area who is interested just drop me a message and I'll let you know when I'm heading out.

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