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Default James Gilliland on Whistleblower Radio

Clay Douglass and James Gilliland

In Thursday's show Bill and Kerry spoke with Militia leader Clay Douglas during the first hour. The militia is defined as every able-bodied male American between the ages of 18-45 that can be called up to defend fellow Americans. The militia members are not terrorists.

Clay was activated into this mission as a witness to the Waco massacre of about 100 people, 17 of them children. Clay has been publishing for 25 years and has been on the radio for 16 years. He spoke about passive resistance such as the Oathkeepers who pledge not to follow orders such as taking guns away from Americans. He says the banksters and the corporations are the real evil.

Liberty neighborhoods - turn your backyards into gardens and meet with your neighbors. Install wind and solar power at your homes, and become free from the power mongers.
Clay's website is http://freeamerican.com/


In the second hour of the show, Bill and Kerry speak with James Gilliland of
http://www.eceti.org/. He agrees with B & K that there are (I forget the terms James used) "good and bad" aliens interacting here on earth, but that it is very easy to exclude the "bad" by the kind of energy you yourself hold and you can ask for help from any high spiritual master, and gave an example of calling upon Babaji [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babaji] for help. The degraded energy being simply stood there with it's head down and could not look up into this high energy of Babaji and my words now, simply wilted away.

James has insider information that deadly microbial agents and vaccines have been developed in an attempt to reduce the population. For those involved he says the severe karmic debt for these actions will have to paid and advises getting out while you can.

James ended with - the message from adepts from all advanced spiritual paths is to focus on love and joy and bliss until you become it. The path to enlightenment is so simple.

and much more - click at the halfway point to listen to James Gilliland.
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Default Re: James Gilliland on Whistleblower Radio

Thank you. That’s a very accurate summary, Karen. As far as I can see, what Gilliland calls “hostile ETs” may in fact just be PLFs, or perhaps humans from the future or possible future. That is what I understand Greer and others are claiming they positively know to be the case. For a brilliantly clear summary explanation of what PLFs are, people can go to http://www.worldpuja.org/archives/2009-08-14/
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