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Default Free Energy Devices not good for Environment

Dear forum,

First I would like to say hello to all here because im new.

There is one important thing I keep asking myself whilest following Project Camelot in their quest for the truth.

I have been studying the Keylontic Science of Ashayana Deane for some time now and found the following quotation from their e-group.

"IN a nutshell, all forms of electrical current on thisplanet make use
of the distorted electrons and EM feild generated on this planet by
the 'Caduceous' implant network', also known as the 'death seal'.

so called 'free energy' technologies that are coming as bleed through
from the UFO scene and related 'inspired' physics are black hole
technologies, the EM feilds they produce are shona feilds and are
extremely detrimental to Organic Environment and life forms.

Dont be fooled- official disclosure- for whatever spurious reason
would not be a good thing at this time...."

Now I have been researching this subject and couldn't find any evidence in the keylontic science yet that there is a way for making free energy devices that are positive. In fact they say that it is already too late and the plan is to evacuate the planet before the Sun turns into a supernova.

I already mailed this quotation to Kerry and Bill but I know they are very busy so I don't know if they will ever read this email.

I feel this is an important issue though cause it seems in their interviews they never bring the point up that free energy devices are bad for the environment and this might be exactly the reason why we still don't have it till today....

Wich leads me to another point and that is that Dr Steven Greer who is doing a huge effort with his Orion Project to get these technologies out isn't aware of this fact either.. and I think to get this information trough too him the only way to reach him would be trough Project Camelot..

Peace to all!
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