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Default The Bible, Our Conclusion. by Norval and Gale

Norval L. Cunningham
57, born 1950
Formal education 10 years, I went to 17 schools in 11 years before entering the US Army and
getting my GED. Having lived in all aspects of living conditions from city to town, to country and
on the edge of the wilds gave me quite the varied back ground. There was farm machinery,
trucks, cars, boats, and I learned to fly by the time I was ten. I was interested in all the sciences
and had all the kid's experimental labs, scopes, and apparatus, besides subscriptions to all the
science magazines. Well, till I met girls and played in a rock and roll band. The Army experience,
and yes I was in Viet Nam for about ten months. I have an honorable discharge for my
reinlistment and an "Undesirable" one from my discharge after Nam. Learned to kill, maim, and
destroy, went around the world, came home and I couldn't even buy a beer or a pack of smokes,
as I wasn't old enough. I wasn't 21 yet.
My search for the "truth" began on a beach in Viet Nam. I realized that looking all around me
at the life in the sky, on the land, and in the sea, showed me that "this" could not have "just
happened". I wanted to meet this incredible engineer and designer that created all this. I also sent
off for a $10.00 mail-in Minister Certificate. At the time I thought it would give me access that I
wouldn't get otherwise and it did. Strange notion at the time. After coming home from the service
I stayed at a friend's home where he introduced me to the Jesus Freak movement of the late 60's
and early 70's. I read the New testament before I turned 21, and had read the Old Testament a
few months later. This was a Standard King James Version of 66 books. Over the years I learned
much more about the bibles and what books are in what versions and why.
To earn a living I have worked at numerous jobs from restaurant to photography, from home
designing to electronics repair, minister to construction, taxi driver to bible research, many walks
of life, and finally settled into boat repairing, building, and design work. I retired from that about
15 years ago in 1995 and have been intensely researching the bible and it's predictions full time
since then. Now and then I do some odd job here and there to help with the bills or get moorage
for a reduced rate. Some of what I have is donated by people I have met over the years and
thought it worthwhile to help out in this kind of research and investigations in any way they could.
Now I look back on the past dozen years and I am grateful for this quiet life here on the water.
After settling into Olympia and getting this boat built, for the most part, I also dove into the
world of computers and after moving into this marina 11 years ago, the internet. Some times I am
a slow learner. Or, so it seems. It took a few years and a bunch of experiences to realize that we
are not alone and that there are basically two kinds of opposition on the net. Those we call IAC
agents (Information Acquisition and Control) and those that are not human. Duh, huh. Even our
keyboards are best suited for a hand with six digits. Even before I tied the bible, UFOs and ETs
and all the ancient writings together about 18 years ago, I knew we were not alone. Yes, I too
have seen a UFO, unidentified because I was very interested in aircraft and knew we didn't have
anything like that. I have seen three that I can't explain as anything else. Many say it is only a
recent event in modern times. The fact is, those craft have been with us from the beginning.
Besides the levels of lies down here, there are levels of knowledge and technology amongst the
ET's, both here and up there.
Since Gale and I started working together in this research some 8 years ago, we have seen
some remarkable developments take place in the world. Her side of this story follows and then I
will finish the story with our conclusions.

Gale Smart
51 born 1957

Gawd I hate talking about myself. I would rather just state, the path is the same for everyone
just the scenery is different.

Looking back, the trials of my integrity were fierce, I failed them but I learnt, that was the main

I tried university, Child Psychology but the second year requires a self evaluation, I failed
because of a simulation example of a child molester without remorse or regret that would do it
again and again I would have no patience for, I would not be able to conform to the
requirements enforced by social and science discipline.

I remember as a child playing outside, hearing the church bell on Sunday and going over to the
church to see what was going on. They rustled me off to the Sunday school to play and colour
pictures. One picture sticks in my mind, it was Jesus sitting with a little girl on his lap, leaning to
take a flower or something from a little boy kneeling in front. I coloured that picture, ran home,
gave it to my mom and said, “look mom, that’s me”, pointing to the little blonde girl. I have
discovered that many out there have a similar memory or experience like that one.

Jumping forward, in 1998 I bought a computer and discovered the Internet. Because of life
stresses, wanting someone to talk to, I joined a chat room. Oddly enough, Norval was a
member of that room, the same group of chatters moved to another chat interface after the
original one closed down. In 2001 when getting advice from one chat individual Norval entered
the chat room, after a while Norval spoke up, I don’t even recall what his statement was or
advice was but a few words floored me. Kingdom, gathering, calling.

From that point on and my inquisitive nature has pushed me to want to know more, I would
rather know than not know.

Norval told me at one point, just read the damn book, it took me some time to do but I did.
Then all new questions needed to be answered. I remember asking him, “what is this about
signs in the heavens”, his response was “well basically anything over your head, go look”. The
link he sent me was the Astronomy Picture of the Day. The August 5, 1998 image caught my
attention, I pondered it then just finally posted Norval the url and asked“13 strikes in a
row, what are the mathematical odds of that?” The investigation into crater chains followed;
then craters and all those bodies in our solar system.

I am originally from Ontario, Canada; my children and I moved to Newfoundland, Canada and
it was from there that I was doing this research with Norval who was on the west coast. In
2002 I felt I had to meet Norval and determine for myself just who is this guy. So I put the
house up for sale, was told by the real estate sales man it would take a year to sell but
amazingly it sold in 2 weeks. So the kids and I were off to the west coast, travelled across
Canada to British Columbia, then down into the United Sates and were waved through border
customs without any hassle.

We spent a couple days in Tacoma, not site seeing but the kids did get to unwind in the pool at
the Days Inn after spending the day on Norval’s boat watching movies or playing their Game
Boys while Mom and Norval discussed research. The ferry ride to Vancouver Island was nice,
got to see a pod of whales, mountain goat on one of the small islands and fed seagulls from the
deck of the ferry.

What we had learnt was real; the research was real and where to go from there. After the kids
and I got settled in Sooke, British Columbia the next task was to examine what the S.E.T.I.
protocols were, contact them, contact the science communities, contact the disclosure project,
Hoagland, the media and even contacted a Scientist at NASA. The NASA scientist requested a
copy of the research, which I did fax to him and his reply was as Norval has previously posted,
those who run the fastest run the loneliest, they didn’t believe Louis Pasteur either, this research
bridges the gap between religion and science and to submit the research for funding with the
instruction where to submit. Needless to say our funding submission was hit with a virus and the
report wording was scrambled.

The next few years was spent discussing this information online, discovering the online forums,
discovering who is posting at the forum and why. Discovering who is hijacking the information
highway, their roadblocks, their methodologies, their attitudes, and techniques and identifying
them; all the while raising three kids and maintaining a home.

An interesting side note, my son’s grade 8 teacher was a theologist not a teacher, looking back
now I can see she did her best to screw up his grade 8 learning, even sending me homework
nightly, needless to say she is not teaching anymore.

That brings us up to Avalon, disclosure, Norval and I posting this research and seeing
responses from posters that are of like minds, understanding and actually helping despite the
agents and disrupters. But we know who and what they are, some are very good at mimicking
us humans (some are human traitors) but these ones will trip themselves up to inadvertently
reveal their true nature.

I hope this is helpful to satisfy any questions and curiosities about myself.


Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
This was posted by Bennycog here.

We have told much of what we have learned in our research already in the threads we have
started and a bit of it in other's threads. So we offer our posts here for most of the story and
information needed to understand the bible UFO/ET connection. Is it the truth as some ask? All
of you have to be the judges of that for yourselves. What we do know is that the US government
knew about that war in our solar system but probably didn't know for sure when it all happened.
There are those of mankind in the world that have known about the bad ETs (fallen angels)
amongst us all along. Just like there have been the good ETs (angels) helping us at times. Those
strangers that show up unexpectedly, help out as needed, then are gone.
What the governments and people of our world working with these ETs down here didn't
know was that these ETs were the cast down losers of that war. Gale and I know that since
September of 2002 they knew because we told everyone we could all about it. What we find
truly amazing is that we are now putting the whole story out there in the public domain; or that
possibly even this forum is a blind or hoax. We have done our part in investigating and researching
what we have presented. We have blown the whistle, or as some would call it, blown the horn of
At this time, amongst mankind, are some very important humans. They have been selected to
help all who want to understand what I and Gale are saying. No, not everyone is going to
understand, many will actually be prevented from understanding, even if you explain this to them in
detail. Thus, as it is written, only one third will come through this alive. This has been stated
before. How many of the bad ETs here on and under earth will survive, we do not know. It is
only stated that those that survive, of the bad ETs, will be locked up for a thousand years. As for
the Called Ones amongst you now that know these things to be true, that we are saying, they will
help you with all the rest of the story of how to understand the bible. We can help them come up
to speed about what they have been given to know already and they, in turn, will be helping many
Why here, why now? We have no idea. Yet, isn't that what Camelot / Avalon are all about?
The discovery of information and then preparation based on that information? Well, here is some
information that has been in our hands for over two thousand years and could only be understood
in our modern times. There is also all the necessary knowledge for those that will live through this
coming disclosure and subsequent "cleansing" of unwanted bad neighbors here on earth. Yes,
there is a lot of information for "The Ground Crew". Think of it like getting the whole world ready
to greet the King of the Universe. The bible is coming true, just not quite like the religions said it
This forum works two ways and possibly three. Sort of like tri-level chess. There are three
kinds of posters here. Those that will live and enjoy life restored to their youth and many of them
will get to go out amongst the stars. Those that will die in the coming vengeance by our King as
not the kind we would want for neighbors. And finally those that will be locked up for the next
thousand years that survive our King's wrath. (And no, they will not have access to any
communications devices.)
We have stated before how to identify these bad ETs amongst us here at the forum. Simply
stated it is by psychologically profiling them. The same way as we can tell who amongst you are
what we call the Called Ones. Those that the bible says are called to be Saints, Chosen, or Elect.
And then there are the ones that do not have the calling and are just good human neighbors

Norval L. Cunningham
Gale Smart
This ends our self made interview for Camelot and Avalon.

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