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Wink 2012 Conclusion

According to the new changes in our solar system we will enter a new age in 2012. This marks a period in Human history on what direction we will take. The Sun is changing. Our planets are changing. We are changing.

We will begin a new GRAND Epoch. This happens roughly every 26,000 years.
The difference between this one and the others such as the beginning of Pisces from the birth of Christ, is that this new Epoch will have past all 12 cycles of the Zodiac.

There is a good possibility of major Climate changes due to the new solar energy that is coming. This is the quickening that we all feel.

Although there are many people talking about aliens, a possible world war III, economic problems, a revolution, etc. What is actually happening is a major change and shift of our consciousness to the next Golden Age.

It is important to remember that we will survive this transition. Yes, we may go through a transition from here to there. But, there are plenty of good souls that are awaiting the new Epoch. For this is the greatest time to be alive to witness this cosmic event.

Fear does not play a good part for this transition. For fear itself may alter us in the wrong direction. That is not what we want. We want to evolve to a higher understanding of our Universe and use our technology for good and balance.

There may be a cleansing to start a great Golden Age. But this is for the better. Have faith in yourself and our race. We have everything inside of us to make this a wonderful experience.

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Default Re: 2012 Conclusion


great post. Right in tune with the Truth!
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2012, aquarius, epoch, golden age

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