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Default Re: 2 misconceptions

Originally Posted by arcora View Post
The first is not so much a misconception, but rather a misapplication. It is the 'love will conquer all', 'all you need is love' or 'send love out into the cosmos' mentality.

Love is an important part of the spiritual path. A very important part. However, the misconception is that it is the end-all-be-all. It is just a necessary part - like the wheels on a car.

The second misconception is the one that will really prevent people from ascending. It is an insidious lie that strokes the ego, makes people feel good and, thus, get's rationalized as fact. Even when reason and analysis shows otherwise. It is the 'we are Gods', 'we create our own realities' or 'we're all co-creators' lie.

First. Reality check.
One absolutely MUST separate oneself from his ego if one wants to leave this plane of existence. But the 'I am a God' mentality serves to strengthen the ego - not separate it.

Separation of ego is true humility.

Be careful what you believe because there aren't many parole hearings left to be had.

Good points!
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Default Re: 2 misconceptions

In all honesty with this thread, I feel like I'm Dustin Hoffman in "I Heart Huckabees" telling Mark Wahlberg (the scene with his wife moving out with the firefighters) not to listen to that book:

MW- That's chaos. That's my "B."
DH - This doesn't sound like you.
MW - O, Vauban talks about space.
DH - Where'd you get that book?
MW - You sent it to me.
DH - O, no. We would never give you this book.
MW - You didn't send this?
DH - Caterine Vauban's full of ****. What is she doing here? God, she never leaves Paris. This is insane.
MW - This is a pretty good book. You should read this.
DH - What?
MW - She says nothing's connected, doesn't matter what you do...
you can drive a car, you can burn up gas...
DH - Yeah?
MW - Which would explain the way things actually are...
where people do destructive things like it doesn't matter.
DH - Tommy, Tommy, everything is connected and everything matters.
There's not an atom in our bodies...
that has not been forged in the furnace of the sun. Ow, isn't that cool? Huh?
MW - Yes.
DH - That's a cool thing, isn't it?
MW - But...
DH - But what? You tell me where she contradicts that.
MW - Oh, right here.
DH - Where? Where?
MW - There...
DH - Where?
MW - "Less than 5% of the cosmos is composed of the same elements that compose human life."
DH - You know...
MW - There you go. That means we're all alone...
and we're miserable and isolated.

Think about it... This way of thinking still leads you to an adept state of mind, but is it the direction you truly want to head in?

BTW, that movie is my all time favorite movie!
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Default Re: 2 misconceptions


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Default Re: 2 misconceptions

[quote=arcora;68740]Then, that's how you see it

To be precise: That is how I choose to see it.
Am I wrong?
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