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Default Ideas for Dealing with the Reality of 9-11

This thread is inspired by a post on the "Alex jones loses last thread of credibility" thread concerning the problem of spreading the word about 9-11 truth:

Originally Posted by housemouse2 View Post

that's basically the reply I got. "As long as it doesn't affect me." My mother's very words.

I don't think it's a case of people being selfish. I think it's a case of being absolutely terrified. The realization that our own government killed thousands of people to justify 2 false wars is too horrific to comprehend and that is the only reply their minds can come up with.

My initial reaction upon the realization was of absolute horror and then anger. Most people are going just deny it. Much easier to go with the lesser of the 2 evils.

Their options are accept the truth which is terrifying to an extreme or deny it. When they can't set aside the truth and realize that you are dead serious the next part of that denial is to claim it doesn't affect them...even though it does.

The truth is too horrific for most to accept. I don't blame them, all their lives they have been brainwashed into thinking what TV and the media tells them. They do not know they are programmed what top think, what to buy, where to spend money. They just know they have little money left and are struggling to survive.

9/11 will remain a "terrorist" attack for the foreseeable future and even if the government were to come out and admit it...people would still deny it was the work of the government.

Part of the great awakening that is happening now is 9/11...but that cannot be the main focus. Even concentrating on the fed is too difficult for most people to comprehend. Trying to explain inflation and the disappearing middle class is difficult. The audience isn't up to date with terms, policies,ect.

Our audience is more concerned with Tiger Wood, Micheal Jackson, latest idols and Hollywood films. They can comprehend Hollywood and even realize it's junk news.

I find the best way to combat 9/11 is to inform people about Islam and stop the BS about extremist. Tell them Islam believes in Christ and most Islamic are not terrorist. that the 50 virgins upon death was propaganda, that Al Queda is slang for going to the toilet and merely hint that it's not a good self respecting terrorist name.

I have gotten much further by defacing the fear of Muslim extremist than by making people fearful of our own government. We cannot bring truth to people through fear. It has to be through empowerment.
I'm looking for more input from members about what to do regarding spreading the word in relation to 9-11 truth.

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