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Default CHRISTIANITY and avalon : a question from clark

hey community,

im just taking an informal poll here.

maybe its more recent but i cant help but notice the preponderance of fundamentalist christian ideology and symbols in the forums (im not saying its bad im just noticing it)

more and more threads i see have religious overtones to them, in additon id say 50% or more peoples avatars are angels, demons or riffs on 666 etc.
as well as people talking alot about ascended "masters" light vs dark etc or talk of serpents and the like.

personally i was raised with no particular spiritual or religious ideas, religion has always seemed very very foreign and weird to me , worshipping and rituals dont really work for me ( i dont even like going to big concerts exactly because of the "worshippy" overtones)

so when im reading posts and theres so much "be a part of the light my child" and whatnot i get that same feeling of distance that i would get attending a church. i find myself in a strange situation of being with seemingly very religious (particularly christian) people (again im not saying thats bad, just very weird for me)

so my question is, how many of you out there are infact christians either now or previously were. and how many people of a buddhist, jewish, or muslim backround are here at avalon?
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