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Default Arthritis Cure: Vinegar and honey


Vinegar and honey cured my crippling arthritis, declares mother of four
Last updated at 8:01 PM on 07th January 2010
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A church organist who was forced to quit due to crippling arthritis is playing to congregations again after she was cured by drinking cups of vinegar four times a day.
Sarah Gall, 55, had been left virtually housebound after the condition which affects millions spread to her spine and left her in constant agony.
But she took daily doses of a cider vinegar and honey concoction over a four year period after reading its natural properties might help her regain movement in the joints of her fingers and alleviate pain in her back.
Sarah Gall is back playing the organ again at St Stephen and All Martyrís Church near Bolton, after her crippling arthritis was cured by drinking cups of vinegar
She combined her miracle vinegar medicine with exercise, Epsom salt baths and a healthy diet before her arthritis completely disappeared.
Now the married mother-of-four is back playing the organ during Sunday services at St Stephen and All Martyr's Church in Darcy Lever, near Bolton, Greater Manchester.
Mrs Gall, from Rochdale, who has now written a booklet to tell other sufferers about her recovery said: 'I feel so much better and haven't suffered any adverse effects.
'Now it is time I told as many people as possible about it to try and help others in the same situation.
'I am amazed by the response, so many people have been in touch, grateful to have a chance to try and relieve or even get rid of their arthritis.'
Mrs Gall was in agony and virtually housebound after being struck with arthritis in 2005.
She said: 'I had been suffering from bronchitis and I kept going to the Doctors and getting antibiotics but it wasn't making any difference.
'I didn't realise that it is related to arthritis - it is a warning sign. Then my knee suddenly swelled up and it was absolute agony.
'I had some blood tests done at the doctors and they came back saying I had arthritis.'
The arthritis spread to other joints including her shoulder and toes and finally her spine.
'I was given stronger pain killers and anti-inflammatorys, but they main me violently sick so the doctor took me off them and told me to wait six weeks for an appointment with a specialist. I was bed bound and in absolute agony,' Mrs Gall said.
'I couldn't even walk - let alone get out to play the organ. I had only just started having some more lessons but I had to give them up because I just couldn't play anymore. I had become depressed and was crying with the pain I was so frustrated.'
Mrs Gall who lives with husband Alan , an electrical engineer found about the alternative cider vinegar cure from her daughter who had researched the condition on the internet.
The recipe was first devised by a nurse called Margaret Hills in 1961 when she herself developed rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 21, during training.
Hills believed arthritis was caused by the body building up acid, which crystallized and lodged between the joints. The acid crystals would then become surrounded by fluids, causing swelling, soreness and stiffness.
So in her recipe Hills concluded that it would be alleviated by using the vinegar and honey's alkalising effects to cut down on acid entering the body.
Mrs Gall said: 'It suggested drinking cider vinegar mixed with honey and hot water so I started to drink it four times a day,' she said.
'After only a week I started to feel much better about things and he pain started to lessen.
'I started to get gradually better and I began to start to exercise too. Eventually the arthritis had gone and had actually disappeared. I didn't need to see the specialist anymore so I cancelled my appointment when it finally came through.
'I didn't take any medication and I was pain free. My doctor who had seen me when I was bed bound was flabbergasted. He almost fell of his chair when I told him how I had got rid of the arthritis.
'I had no side effects from drinking the cider vinegar and I was back to playing the organ regularly for my local church - after fearing I might not walk again let alone play the organ.'
Mrs Gall, of Rochdale, has been pain free for four years. She wrote a booklet about her remedy called One Advance Against Arthritis.
For more information go to her website arthritisrecovery.co.uk
Also comments on the website indicate it helps fibromyalgia.
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