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Default Re: Why is Kinsuemei2 banned?

Thats fair enough mntruthseeker, I've nothing bad to say about you. I know your an honest individual.

My point being, its not healthy to bash an entire concept because of one man. Sure, if someone disagrees with some of the things David says, thats fair enough, because i disagree with a fair amount of his information myself. The key here is to elaborate, Davids work covers a lot of ground.

But, bashing an entire concept to the point of insinuating that there is not an evolution in the consciousness of not only humanity but Gaia as well is as outrageous as someone stating the world is flat. That is Disinformation and at this stage in the game its downright dangerous. Thats where my beefs at.

And I'm not making this claim willy nilly, its after a lot of research that i'd be more then willing to share later on if you wish, just not right now, I'm experiencing some personal changes at the moment but will post later when the tides of life recede.

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