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Default Free energy

This is place for all free energy info.



Wavereaper™ the Technology.

Waves work in a constant movement up and down, forth and back, and we can with the WaveReaper™, a simple mechanical device take advantage of this in a cheap way.

As we said, the wave move up and down, but most generators, rotate around an axle, and the wave size varies a lot, and creates problems, when you want to utilize the energy content of them. The current technologies regarding wave energy today, is very costly, which brings that can’t compete with other ways of making energy.

Another factor, water, and generators, yes almost any technology, is having problem, when it comes to the oceans salt water without more expensive design and material. Water can leak inside equipment and ruin electrical circuits, and must therefore be safeguarded against corrosion, and in those cases it is under water, against leakage, and pressure. Also water-depth, and the special environment, which crave divers, and other expensive equipment, has made wave energy costly.
With other words, underwater technology is not cheap, with these problems to solve, which means high costs, and therefore more expensive energy for the consumer. This is not what we would like, so it’s needed to solve the wave generation concept, to go around these problems. And the solution is simple, we can use basic items, as wire, plastic barrels, one way bearings, pulley, an axle, flywheel and generator.

That is the main components, in what up to day, is the cheapest wave energy technology in the world. It can even be built in wood or by choice bicycle parts! This is very good, in countries which have limited access to expensive metals, and heavy machining tools. Most of the parts in a generator, except wiring, can be made of wood or plastics.

WaveReapers plastic barrels in the waves.
We will use a set of plastic barrels as boys, cost is low, and Pvc isn't affected by salty ocean water. The barrels are placed near shore or longer out in deeper water, depending on amount of energy needed in particular wave plant.

Each barrel has a lifting force of approx 100 Kg. A wire is connected to the barrel, which goes to a brass block on the bottom, which is weighted down, with a big stone, and connected to another wire. The location of choice is the main parameter for the size of the barrels, smaller waves, smaller barrels, and vice verse. Wave heights can possible catch range from 2 foot and up.

Powertransmitting wires, and seafloor based blocks.

The number of barrels, can be larger, but i think, for practical reasons, a number of 100 on each plant, would be good, and reasonable, this amount, can in the shore line version, give up to 500 kW of energy, or even more if special locations, and in a plant that covers 100 meter of shoreline, that makes it, 3 mw per kilometer shoreline.

The barrels is on 2 meters distance from each other, and connected to the on mainland placed WaveReaper generator, via the “power transmitting wire” it is also is connected with a thinner wire, between them, so, if the power wire should break, the barrels, don’t get to drift away, in the sea. This will also even out the possibility that the barrels, would smash into each other, when the sea is rougher.

The lifting capacity is also setting a maximum power input into the device, since if it is to large/fast waves, the barrels would not lift more than it can, and forces is kept within the range, chosen when constructing the WaveReaper plant.

Power out put of waves kW per meter of WaveReaper, approx 30% energy after conversion.
Example, number of barrels in each row 10, and rows 10, the plant would be 20 x 20 meters of area, 400m2, and will have 100 connected wires, which transfer the mechanical energy, to the generator. This type of plants, give 100 to 300 kW every hour, which generates profits, of 6500 to 20 000 dollars of revenue monthly, building cost of the plant is estimated to 20 000 dollars only. This give that the WaveReaper earns itself, in a few months, instead of years.

Reverse Half-Pipes makes it possible to haul gear without divers.

I have chosen to use cheap materials only, in this demonstration, because the need to bring down production costs, and make it possible to build this type of wave generation device, any where in the world, and with local materials, as car parts etc, which doesn't needs to be imported. Other materials could of course be used, and the schematics for its design of course, be different. Simple is better, it is said, and fewer parts, and bearings, will bring lower cost of building, and also repair.

We can here see energy content in waves, The numbers means kW per hour, and meters of wave. South America, 97 kW per meter of wave, for example, that means, a Wavereaper™ device, which is 100 meters broad, would generate 9.7 mw, cost would be around 1200 000 Dollar, for that device. However, the revenue would be over 400 000 dollars monthly with current energy price.

This is a simple schematic, showing buoys, wire and one-way bearing, connected together.In case of storm and rough waves, it is a problem, for all wave energy constructions, however, the Wavereaper™, has a built in safety feature in its construction, that would avoid damage on the equipment, its due to the max lifting force of the barrels, since the will sink under the surface, if the force is to great. this will make the Wavereaper™ possible to work in any weather, however it should be constructed, to take advantage, of the medium wave, that is present at all time, for best cost benefit of the plant.

The wire is connected to a chain in the end, witch works on a gearwheel sitting on a one-way bearing, mounted on an axle. This translates the pulling force of the wire, to an circular movement which is good for cheap generators. The wire is for this case 4 mm stainless steel, which give a lifting ability of approx 300 Kg before it brakes. Also plastic can be used as Pvc band, which today is commonly used for packaging goods on pallets, this type of Pvc band has high strength, and is also light, and cost-effective, of course the UV light from the sun is affecting it in the long run, but the part that is in the water, should be somewhat guarded from the UV rays.
Flywheels is also mounted on the axle, to collect, even out/store the momentum which is produced by the lifting barrel, this will even out and, smooth the turning's of the axle, to the generator, which is driven by a pulley, who will give it correct rpm. A simple brake, which can never wear down, is also planned, in those cases, constant current generators, or a special electronical device is not used.

Pipes mounted on the wire, which means we can haul in and out the device, without leaving the shoreline. With this configuration, if one set of barrels malfunction, only 10% of the plants output is lost, it can be hauled in to the shore and serviced, with ease, and without complicated offshore operations. When the wire coming to the generator housing, a chain is mounted to the wire, which drive the Gear wheel, and the one way bearing, which makes the chain draw, when the waves raises the barrel, but let it spin freely back, when the wave height is going down again, also a small weight is connected to the chain, to make it even out slack of the wire. A flywheel is mounted, and a pulley drives the generator, evenly.

One-way bearing, with pulley and wire, with bigger loads, chain and gearwheel, is an option. One-way bearings can be seen in ex. bicycles, the rotate freely in one direction, but in the other direction, they grip, and transfer force, this is used in the Wave reaper, and makes it simple, and cost effective. The waves up and down, movement is translated to rotating movement, suited for a generator, of choice.

Benefits of the One-way bearing.
The barrels will of course jump up and down in random patterns; this will add to an even movement of the generator axle, and its flywheel, as soon as a wave has energy to contribute, it will transmit its force to the wire, and to the axle. The flywheel is storing the momentum gained from the waves temporarily.
Because of its design, the WaveReaper, is always self adjusting regarding wave height, and tidal shifts, and higher or lower water levels due to shifting weather patterns, no adjustment needed, the Wavereaper™ is always balancing itself out, to optimal level in the ocean.

No computer monitoring is needed and that also brings costs down, and no complicated technology, which would need delicate conditions, or a lot of service. This technology, is in as private, non commercial, or company, 15Kw max output, offered globally for free, however, an voluntary size of donation, to www.o2gruppen.se is gladly accepted to get an “free” license.. Anyone can now build his very own, generator.
License should be acquired for selling generators, the inventions name “WaveReaper” must be honored, as the inventors name Stefan Nystrom. Max 1 generator per kilometer shoreline. Account information, for donors/license takers, can be seen at start page www.o2gruppen.se later Please, mail me a photo of your device, for educational purposes, and to help others get ideas, pictures will be promoted on this site!

Let everyone know, friend and foe, its time for things to change in the worlds energy sector. Oil based economy, is gone, lets all accept it, and build a better world, feed the hungry, cure the sick, and of course, stop polluting the environment, with the oil based stone age technology.
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Default Re: Free energy

Solar panels, chargers and accessories.

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Default Re: Free energy

Thanks David, been looking for this !.

this isn another good one.

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Default Re: Free energy

Your very welcome. I have put this off for too long and finally decided to create a home emergency kit. Starting with mobile power.

(1) RV Solar Panel Kits- RV-419 (With 12V 7 amp charge controller)
(2) 12 Volt Fluorescent Light 7 Watts
(1) 400 Watt Power Inverter
(2) 12 volt car batteries or preferably deep discharge batteries. If you don't have deep discharge batteries, then you will also need a battery monitor so you will not drain the batteries past 10.2V or else you could damage them.

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Default Re: Free energy

Great site for free energy !

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Default Re: Free energy

This has it all...

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Default Re: Free energy

Met Jim Murray with strong ties to Tesla. Saw this presentation and what a wake up call on how we have been lied to. It is 60 minutes long and very informative. He showed a demo of his Tesla machine at the presentation. He has friends in Cottonwood,AZ where the presentation was held about a year ago.

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Default Re: Free energy

i was just at a resort in northern ontario called
"the edge"...and, it was completely off the grid
it was an amazing experience,
they operate year round

brightest blessings
The eXchanger
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Default Re: Free energy

Dr. Robert Bass is an interesting fellow in the area of Cold Fusion

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Default Re: Free energy

My personal endorsement of http://projectavalon.net/Patrick_Kel...ergy_Guide.pdf ... a staggering 1750 page do-it-yourself Free Energy manual. Absolutely must read for any serious Free Energy researcher - this book has everything.
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Default Re: Free energy

Just want to throw in my invention:
it is basically an air compressor winding-up or charging, crank or wind-up motors that toggle and spin electric motors. the air compressor can be initialized by "human energy" like a crank up radio except cranking up a pump for the air compressor.

also please bare in mind I did the video on the first take so it may be a little weird I plan on revising soon.

another interesting find is a cool solar charger I noticed:

an awesome site with lots of stuff is http://www.campingsurvival.com/

Thats my 2 cents!

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Default Re: Free energy

Thankyou Bill, very useful information.


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Default Re: Free energy


Cheaper than solar, tried and true, and it runs on government paperwork.

For heating & cooking, or creating that steam... biogas.

there's more than one way to cook a goose!

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Default Re: Free energy

Originally Posted by CONDE View Post
This is place for all free energy info.


Isn't this the guy who Benjamin Fulford said was missing/murdered in Ghana??
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Default Re: Free energy

burning saltwater as a energy source? true or hoax?

look at this:

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Default Re: Free energy

wow that is an awesome book by Patrick thanx eagle

I will be checking out the other links too.

spent some time on peswiki a while back good starting place to see what is out there.
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Smile Re: Free energy

Dear Friends!

For free energy keep in mind to check out http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/

There are some very beautiful people over there working on devices, with the help of Dr Peter Lindemann: http://www.free-energy.ws.

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Default Re: Free energy

Awesome download...thanks Bill.

Just wondering if anyone has a copy of Bearden Free Energy Generation and whether it is worth getting.

From what I understand it has detailed circuit diagrams and instructions on how to build his radiant energy devices.

Could someone let me know?
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Default Here is information I collected

Hope this helps. It's a project I am working on for eco village communities.


This document will describe and produce processes and procedures on how to create a business model for delivering energy at the location of the consumer or customer. We will cover a summary of reasons and benefits for delivering energy to consumers by means other than the grid, the business model for delivering energy to consumers by means other than the grid and current technologies to use in the pursuit of for delivering energy to consumers by means other than the grid. By the end I believe most should see the undeniable logic in this massive under taking along with the positive impact it will have on society and mankind now and into the future.

No Grid, No Problem

This is not a new idea, but an idea whose time has come. As the electrical industry attempts to take the current system and improve upon what currently exist, an idea of creating energy at the location of the client is emerging as a serious and attainable solution. This idea is being driven by the need for a better way of delivering energy to consumers, higher level of security, the current energy situation in the United States, a push for environmentally friendly power sources, the need to find a more inexpensive way of providing energy and the advancement of new technology that can create energy with and without natural resources (such as oil or natural gas).

It is my contention that we do not need to solely rely on the Electrical Grid and that by following this path, though it may seem difficult at first, will be for the benefit of this country, this Continent and the world at large. The USA with it large global influence could be the leader in this new process that would be accepted throughout the world. We must act quickly, though, as some countries such as Israel and Thailand are already on board with the newer technologies used to produce power to consumers without use of a grid.

Current Electrical Industry Architecture

The current process for delivering electricity to clients started in 1891 with the first transmission built to connect Lauffen on the Neckar and Frankfurt in Germany. This makes this architecture over 110 years old and counting. So in the last 110 plus years, with all the new technological advancements we have made, the world still has not come up with a better system of delivering power to the end consumer. This in itself says it is time for a change. Let’s look at the issues that currently plague our system.

1. An outage in one area can cause a black out in many areas of an entire continent
2. The systems are unsecure on many, many levels
3. Too many consumers can be affected by even a simple malfunction
4. It is expensive to maintain, very expensive to run cable and set up transmission towers
5. Management of the Grid System is extremely expensive
6. Security for sensitive areas of the grid is expensive and hard to completely cover
7. Working with other companies has even more overhead
8. The weather can have an adverse affect on the electrical systems
9. The Sun can produce Solar Magnetic Disturbance which can adversely affect electrical systems
10. Animals and wild life have and can take down portions of the electrical grid
11. The system is very complex
12. Needs a large amount of natural resources to run (oil, coal, natural gas, etc… )
13. Not environmental friendly

The current model for delivery is generators to attach to the electrical grid. These Generators send energy into the grid where the consumer who is also attached to the grid receives this energy. There are many grids that cover smaller areas (towns, cities and Counties) and these grids are attached to form an even larger grid (states). Here is a very basic flow chart of how energy is delivered to a consumer.

Though this system has served us in the past, it has grown out of control, old, hard to maintain and extremely expensive to run. To continue along this line would be doing the same thing over and over again with the same results while expecting different results. I contend we need a shift in the thinking of how we deliver power to consumers.

An example of this is to walk around your home and see how many wires you have plugged into the wall and then see how many times you have added an adapter to so you can add more plugs into the same two socket wall unit. This is a simplified way our current way of delivering energy, but that is what we are doing essentially. We are plugging in more and more consumers into the electrical grid into the same sockets all across the country.

Proposed Electrical Industry Architecture

The new architecture for delivering energy to consumers isn’t that new at all. It would be same service oriented architecture that is used to supply refrigeration or air conditioning. Bet you that just sent your head spinning! Yet, with newer technologies we can accomplish this. The basic concepts for delivering energy are:

1. Customer calls for installation
2. Customer signs agreement for installation
3. Electrical Company installs generation unit
4. Electrical Company or other third party services generation units

The energy is then created at the client’s residence or business location. The electrical company supplies emergency services if the units fail or they need maintenance. Failures can be minimized by providing an onsite backup generation unit.

Benefits to the system are:

1. An outage in one area does not cause a black out in many areas of an entire continent
2. The system is secure by decentralizing where the power is generated, no one generator can be removed causing mass blackouts
3. If a consumer losses a generator it only affects that one consumer
4. With the removal of the building and upkeep of transmission lines, this is far less expensive
5. No more Management of the Grid System reduces over all costs
6. No need for security due to terroristic threats
7. This model is proven to work for other systems reliably
8. The weather will not have a large affect on most technologies
9. Animals and wild life cannot take down parts of the grid, because there is none
10. The system is extremely simple
11. No need for large amount of natural resources to run (oil, coal, natural gas, etc… )
12. Very Environmental friendly

Technologies to Use

Solar Power

Solar energy is the utilization of the radiant energy from the Sun. Solar power is often used interchangeably with solar energy but refers more specifically to the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either by photovoltaics and concentrating solar thermal devices, or by one of several experimental technologies such as thermoelectric converters, solar chimneys or solar ponds
Solar energy and shading are important considerations in building design.

Thermal mass is used to conserve the heat that sunshine delivers to all buildings. Daylighting techniques optimize the use of light in buildings. Solar water heaters heat swimming pools and provide domestic hot water. In agriculture, greenhouses expand growing seasons and pumps powered by solar cells (also known as photovoltaics) provide water for grazing animals. Evaporation ponds are used to harvest salt and clean waste streams of contaminants.

Since a recent breakthrough from MIT, solar power is now a 24/7 energy resource. That’s right, solar power technology can even produce power at night when the sun is not out.

Check out the recent article on techologyreview.com


Wind Energy

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form, such as electricity, using wind turbines. At the end of 2007, worldwide capacity of wind-powered generators was 94.1 gigawatts. Although wind currently produces about 1% of world-wide electricity use, it accounts for approximately 19% of electricity production in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, and 6% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland (2007 data). Globally, wind power generation increased more than fivefold between 2000 and 2007.

Most wind power is generated in the form of electricity. Large scale wind farms are connected to electrical grids. Individual turbines can provide electricity to isolated locations. In windmills, wind energy is used directly as mechanical energy for pumping water or grinding grain.

Wind energy is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean and reduces greenhouse gas emissions when it displaces fossil-fuel-derived electricity. The intermittency of wind seldom creates problems when using wind power to supply a low proportion of total demand. Where wind is to be used for a moderate fraction of demand, additional costs for compensation of intermittency are considered to be modest.

Black Light Generator

BlackLight’s catalysis of atomic hydrogen represents a new source of energy with H2O as the source of hydrogen fuel obtained by diverting a fraction of the output energy of the process to split water into its elemental constituents. Moreover, rather than air pollutants or radioactive waste, novel hydride compounds with potential commercial applications are the products.
Here a link to the technical documentation of how this technology works from an engineering stand point.


Here is a flash video on how the system works.


BlackLight has built, tested and demonstrated to its share holders and investors successfully a small unit able to deliver up to 50 KW. This unit can supply enough energy for 6 to 7 houses. BlackLight states that larger units can be built to supply the needed levels of demand for large cities. Here is the process BlackLight recommends for running their unit.

Searl Ring Generator

The Searl Effect is by definition the conversion of random quantum fluctuations and quantum kinetic energy into coherent currents of electron pairs formed between two dimensional boundaries of material layers in a changing Hall Effect field resulting in temperature decreases inversely proportional to the currents. This quantum process enables said device with the capacity to function both as a prime mover and more so as a generator.
Incidental effects include a halo of negative ionization of the surrounding air, vacuum by high voltage, cooling temperatures of the local environment, gravitational and inertial anomalies under specific conditions.
One of the forerunners for this business model, this technology has been given approval for installation in both Israel and Thailand.
Site links to further information are:


Here is a picture of the Sear Ring Generator

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

Though in its infant stages of development, Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) technology is by far the most inexpensive to make and maintain. Developed over the last 12 years; a group of scientists from around the globe are ready to put the final touches on a generator that requires NO MOTION. That’s right, no moving parts.
An electromagnetic generator without moving parts includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths. A first input coil and a first output coil extend around portions of the first magnetic path, while a second input coil and a second output coil extend around portions of the second magnetic path. The input coils are alternatively pulsed to provide induced current pulses in the output coils. Driving electrical current through each of the input coils reduces a level of flux from the permanent magnet within the magnet path around which the input coil extends. In an alternative embodiment of an electromagnetic generator, the magnetic core includes annular spaced-apart plates, with posts and permanent magnets extending in an alternating fashion between the plates. An output coil extends around each of these posts. Input coils extending around portions of the plates are pulsed to cause the induction of current within the output coils.
Here is picture of a running model of the unit.

US Patent # 6,362,718
Motionless Electromagnetic Generators
Patrick , et al.
(March 26, 2002)

Here is a link to a store with books that contain extensive information on magnets.


An initial 2.5 KW units will be put into production for residential customers sometime next year. This unit can be tied together with other units to produce up to 10 KW of power. A 10 KW unit will be put into production later in the year.
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Default Re: Free energy

Originally Posted by azpiper View Post
Met Jim Murray with strong ties to Tesla. Saw this presentation and what a wake up call on how we have been lied to. It is 60 minutes long and very informative. He showed a demo of his Tesla machine at the presentation. He has friends in Cottonwood,AZ where the presentation was held about a year ago.


Sad thing is we may never hear anything more about it...
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Default Re: Free energy


The idea is that fiber-based nanogenerators would be woven into the fabric of a shirt and the friction cause by moving around would be transferred into energy to power the device. Scientists even say that simply standing in a breeze could generate all the power your iPod needs to play indefinitely...


...According to Wang, the researchers estimate that a fabric made with this process would generate around 80 mW of power per square meter of fabric. The researchers see the technology being used by hikers and soldiers in the field to power sensors and other electronic devices.
There is a drawback with this design, however...

Wang and his team have a major hurdle to overcome before the technology can be put into use. The zinc oxide required to create the electricity degrades when it gets wet. Research into a type of coating that will keep the zinc oxide from degrading in the wash or rain is underway.
But that isn't too much of a problem, if they would learn to communicate with each other....
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Default Re: Free energy

The above scientists are still struggling with the Zinc switches for their generators, when last October these guys announced the use of an improved material: barium titanate.


Now researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have taken the first step toward building a nanogenerator out of barium titanate. So far, efforts to make nanogenerators have focused on zinc-oxide nanowires. But barium titanate could lead to better generators because it shows a stronger piezoelectric effect, says mechanical-science and engineering professor Min-Feng Yu, who is leading the research at UIUC. Lab experiments show that a barium-titanate nanowire can generate 16 times as much electricity as a zinc-oxide nanowire from the same amount of mechanical vibrations, he says.

16 times as much energy? That would yield 1280 mW in the scenario of the "electric fabric" noted above (which was only 80 mW).

The concept of piezoelectrics is just coming of age. Imagine:

1. Curtains made out of the fabric, taking the wind the ceiling fan creates and turning it back into electricity.

2. Embedding these generators onto a substrate that helps channel the electricty created into a circuit. You could literally build the house out of them.

3. Piezoelectric inclusion on solar panels, catching the wind and noise surrounding them and turning that into energy

4. Electric motor cars that is able to turn the wind and road vibration into energy to recharge its batteries

The list could go on and on, limited only by your creativity.
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Default Re: Free energy

It seems that the EU is working on piezoelectric power, as well:


Scientists have constructed a revolutionary vibration-based battery, ten times more powerful than any other similar device.

The generator, designed by engineers at the University of Southampton, converts kinetic energy to electrical energy by utilising vibrations and movements present within its environment.

The generator may offer a potential replacement to standard batteries.

The team claim that the device could be adapted for use in wireless, self-powered tyre sensors and if developed further, could even form the basis of technology for self-powered pace makers.

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Default Re: Free energy

url=http://pubs.acs.org/cen/news/86/i02/8602notw7.html]Thermoelectric Materials[/url]
Silicon nanowires transform heat into electricity


Thermoelectric materials convert temperature gradients into voltages and vice versa. If one end of such a material is hot and the other is cold, a voltage is generated, which can then be used to create electrical power.

For a material to have good thermoelectric properties, however, it must be a good electrical conductor and a poor thermal conductor. Because bulk silicon is good at conducting both electricity and heat, scientists had ruled it out as a possible thermoelectric material. Two teams have now independently discovered that by nanostructuring silicon, they can reduce its thermal conductivity, making the material promising for thermoelectric applications (Nature 2008, 451, 163 and 168).


"It confirms a growing sense in the science community that proper nanostructuring of materials will yield very significant enhancements in thermoelectric performance," he says.
The ability to convert heat directly into usable energy is significant. Imagine the possibilities relative to circuitry. Heat is the biggest obstacle with faster computing. Being able to rapidly dissipate this heat (and convert it back to electricity) would be a big step forward in processing speed.

Or electric automobiles, converting tire heat back into electricity. How about putting shingles on your roof that turn the ambient and solar heat into electricity to help power your home? Or combining photovoltaics and thermoelectrics in a single panel for a 1-2 punch?
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Next Step: Although the cells' electron transport was better, their overall light conversion efficiency was low compared to that of some nanoparticle-based solar cells (which have achieved efficiencies of up to 10 percent). Zinc oxide harvests electrons from the dye less efficiently than does titanium dioxide -- a material more commonly used in nano solar cells. The researchers are now making their nanowires out of titanium dioxide, a more challenging manufacturing process. The nanowires also have a smaller surface area than a network of nanoparticles, so they carry less light-absorbing dye. The researchers are consequently shrinking their nanowires to 10 nanometers in diameter so that they can fit more nanowires onto their arrays and increase the total surface area. Yang predicts that with thinner and more numerous titanium wires, his team will be able to achieve a conversion efficiency of 10 percent or more, which could make these nano solar cells a viable source of energy.
Photovoltaics are quite different from thermoelectric. However, given the recent finds from the cloaking piece, the field of photovoltaics is poised to really take off.

The key here is that we are finding new uses for old materials. We have discovered that there are REAL reasons behind the properties of materials. For example, why gold looks the way it does. Why it is the color it is, how brilliant it is. There is something to say about how it is polished, how it is formed. This is all done on a macro scale. Perhaps, with polishing, you can change it on a microscale. however, take it down another step or two, get down to the nanoscale, and if you can make changes to the material you can further change other properties it exhibits.

In the same way a large lump of gold has the property that it exerts greater force (due to the force=mass*acceleration concept) when dropped on your foot. On the nanoscale such changes in size, shape, contour...they all have further affects on the overall material. This is how you turn paper into a superconductor. Or how you make silicone have thermoelectric properties.

I am willing to bet that if we controlled design on even smaller scales, we could further create unkown, fantastic properties within the same old materials that litter the universe.
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