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James Casbolt
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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Originally Posted by iainl140285 View Post
My apologies for offending you James.
My point was, that all the events that occur behind closed doors are played out as fiction to the general public. Played out in movies/games/programs.

As you know this is a defence. When the victims come forward with their stories, it is written off as fiction because the public have already been trained.

That was my point.

This of course makes it no less real for the people that went through this in real life. Every one of them has my sympothy.
I'm sorry for going off on you Iain. I've been under a lot of pressure lately and have just been upgraded with a new chip in the back of my neck as part of a program known as DESTINY. Again you have my apologies brother.

I have just watched the new terminator film mentioned on this thread and it inspired me to write this email to dear friend. The film is definately based on possible future scenarios-

Thank you for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In regards to Michael Prince being my birth name, you mentioned the following-

4) There are hidden mind control altars inside me that contain important information. I am close to unlocking these but need more data. Do you have any codenames or alias I am known by? The names will help unlock this data.

Well, your birth name, Michael Prince, Commander, and I have seen you called "Baby Bear" in files regarding your younger years. I think we have discussed all of those though.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
The Baby-Bear name refers to horrendous forms of programming. I've been struggling too lately xxxxxxxxxx and feel I have been getting pulled xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that you mentioned in the past. I don't know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but I am xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx.
For my own part, I just have to keep reminding myself I am human and keep my heart open. It might sound corny, but if I don't tune into the energy of love, I may become nothing more than a machine. This new destiny chip is designed to get me to kill I think. Ultimately however many multi-million dollar/pound chips they put in me, they cannot program the human heart.
I am in control of my own DESTINY. I will use this chip to help me understand the machine part of me and will turn it around for my favour.

Yes, the Baby-Bear codename did give up the data stored in that compartment. As mentioned it was so horrendous i kind of wish I would have left it alone, but as Mark Richards mentioned- the truth is always best in the end.
Now the article entitled 'Poor Lost Bear' below the Cornishman article about Barack Obama's possible visit to Penzance makes more sense ( the pic of the huge man sized teddy bear in the article- Carousel- bigfoot- 'werewolf' programming ).

I think you should have a look at this as well-


Miles Johnston interviews CIA mind control victim Nicky Pavlevsky at the IUFOC conference in 2007 for the 'Bases 2 take 2' DVD. At th beginning of the interview Nicky shows miles her teddy bear she has brought to the conference with her-

Nicky- "This is Bryant the teddy bear. He's one of my personalities that I found, when I found out I was multiple-personality due to mind control from the government. He's the personality that protects the children from danger. So he's this mean, scuffy bear that protects the children from danger. So I got a representation of him and I brought this teddy bear to Canada"

Miles- "What kind of mind control were you under?"

Nicky- "I was under military mind control when I was about to two to twelve years old. I think they dropped my program about twelve and then they tried to make me self-destruct about eighteen"

Miles- "Yea, they do that"

Nicky- " They tried to make me a serial killer"

( Note on DVD- Interference in audio. Fairground music as used in mind control )

JC note- Fairground music begins to play in the restaurant as Nicky and Miles speak. NSA/MI-6 'Carousel'/Gypsy/'werewolf' programming themes mentioned many times in thread.

All the best

"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'
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