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Default Re: Project IBIS and Looking Glass disclosures

Excerp from EDH eductional report summer 2005 entitled - 'The Battle of New Berlin'- report compiled from efforts of numerous high-level insiders but centered around the legendary 'Dutchman'- Major Ellis Loyd Richards Jnr- Air Force Intelligence officer who was involved in numerous military conflicts against extra-terrestrials and his son Captain Mark Richards who is now serving life in prison after beign framed for murder. A friend of mine in the US Government mentioned that his grandfather met this man in the past. The Dutchman was murdered in the late 90's which allowed even more infliltration of the US and British government. Conversations recounted by probable eyewitnesses at this historic meeting and recorded transcripts.

1976 Alien Threat

Major General Carrol W McColpin known to his friends as "Red" or "Mac", was between Bob and father. A World War II flying ace, a member of the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadron, and long-time Commander of special interceptor squadrons called to attack UFO's, Mac had officially retired from the USAF in 1968 to become Commanding Officer of the United Nations Space Command. At age 62, he was still able to fly combat missions, though he knew his real value was to know and lead his men and craft with his years of knowledge.
"So what do the War-Gamers tell you, Andrew?" Mac asked as a young RAF airman brought the civilian a warmed brandy snifter. "If the Chinese let the aliens through their gate, can we contain them without nuking China?".
"If they have two Grade-One Entry Gates, as I.S has suggested", he looked directly at McColpin, "Highly unlikely".
From the instant mumbles in the room, he could tell it was an unpopular answer. "You reasons?" father asked, silencing the room. "We know with one Grade-One gate in full operation, the collectives can push through a Short-Range Interceptor-type craft every 300 seconds", Marshall answered directly. "Not to mention their walkers and Anti-Grav tanks. Then there is the problem of 'fake-fronts'. According to all of our projections, no alien force will attempt a major attack on the planet without a secondary force. An attack through one gate to distract us, and a major press through another a few hours later to crush our forces. The problem is that they aren't stupid enough to risk long-term damage to the planet and majority of its civilian population. They know we are ready to nuke everything trying to stop them, so they have to come up with a plan that would remove all of our military threat before we can use any of our major weapons systems. Our greatest tool at this point is their own need. They would like to have the greater use of of our planet's resources, of it's beauty, and of the human race for breeding and fod resources. If we blow it all up, they get nothing. Thus, they are better off making deals with our leaders to take small amounts of material, and small amounts of females, than they are to mount an open invastion. They would expose themselves, and thus their real agenda, only if they were assured that the resulting conditions will provide them more of what they want than they can currently get".
"Would Mao's death make them cocky?" Father asked. "I doubt it," Marshall shook his head. "I think they've been working on something huge for a long time, and the changes in China have simply given them a long-awaited chance to put the plan into motion. I am in hopes that we will find more in the Chinese intel that IS has just captured than just another treaty. We need to get an idea of what the enemy sees as important outside China. Have there been buildups at any of the known or suspected bases in the solar systems, or perhaps even on Earth? Any UFO sighting buildups? Rich, you know something. I can see it in your face".
"Just a thought at the moment, Andy" Father smiled. "I must be tired. I'll let you know if I come up with anything".
"While it makes me sick to think of the deals that some of our civilians governments have made with the aliens", Admiral Louis Mountbatten said from his place next to Father, "I have to ask why anybody would risk such a major action when they have it rather good right now without pushing their luck".
"George, I believe you may some ideas about that?" Father looked to Keegan.
"Some intercepts the NSA has picked up over the last year, they seem to suggest political unrest among a number of alien systems... though we aren't sure why... some of our translators are pushing a pushing a theory that several species that can use huan females to breed with have reached some sort of critical survival limit, and need more breeders than they can safely remove from earth under current conditions.. we aren't really sure of our translations yet. I had planned to make a full report on it in a couple of months.. but I can get a preliminary out in a few days".
"Probably a good idea", Fatehr told him. "Andy, we're going to need some projections, fast. Invastion numbers, victim forecasts, how much of any such action can we hide from the public... I'll have a list for you by the time we go back to the table. In the meantime, how do we neutralise a two-gate invastion? George?"
"If they start pumping SRI's through", collected his que, trying to stay calm. "You know as well as I do what our only hope is- short of nuking the gates..."
"The future isn't what it used to be Mr Angel"

From the film

'Angel Heart'

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