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Vidya Moksha
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Default a rare 'wow' moment with a 'new' product

Hi All
I really hope im not breaking any forum rules on advertising here - I am in no way endorsing a health product and I have absolutely no commercial interest in what I am about to share. If the mods need to remove the product name thats ok -

But...A neighbour came to me last week and asked if i could stand on one leg. I adopted the tree pose. He asked me stand on my right leg and hold out my right arm. He said he was going to push my arm down and see at which point i lost my balance. we did this, im pretty stable on one leg but i unbalanced at some point. then he put something (i didnt see what it was) in my collar and we repeated the test, he put his entire weight on my outstretched arm and he couldnt unbalance me, i was amazed! it was really 'wow', what just happened?

He didnt answer straight away. Next test he said. I stood feet together, one arm by my side, palm cupped upwards, facing out. He placed his fist in my cupped hand and again put all his weight onto my hand. I unbalanced at some point. same thing again - he put something in my collar, then i could support his entire weight (his feet were off the ground), without even trying.

The third test was a muscle test. Arms outstretched in from of me, a few inches apart - he tried to part them, i resisted but he had leverage and my arms did part. Same again, something in my collar, and he couldnt even begin to 'open' my outstretched arms.

So what he had put there was something called a 'shuzi' band, apparantly some nano vibration technology. I was genuinely amazed and next time in town i found the guy selling them at the market and bought one. They are supposed to increase balance, strength and endurance, well, lots of things really. I thought i would share, as i was so blown away by the product, and if any of you guys need help in these areas you might want to check it out. I say again, and some of you know me now, I am in no way endorsing this product and its got nothing to do with me, except i bought one!.
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THE eXchanger
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Default Re: a rare 'wow' moment with a 'new' product

he muscle tested you -- and, you are stronger with it, than without it

aka kinesology

that is a good test - to determine, what to use, and, what NOT to use

fabulous demostration of a good product for you
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