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Default On Project Avalon 2: I am Impressed. A worthwhile Transition

I just wanted to say that initially I was unsure about just what PA2 was all about and there seemed to be conflicting and/or vague statements. And thus I thought it was going to be more of an information type portal and not a free flowing forum as such. But, after being invited and signing up and looking around, I am impressed.

It is a very elegant forum, and I do indeed like the built-in chat room as an established feature. Very little on the surface seems changed. I can only say that with the splitting up of Bill and Kerry as an interviewing team, Camelot and Avalon having a redesign of both sites seems quite natural.

But with the decision to have a new site, there has been a deliberate attempt made to have a 'clear-out' of what are judged to be 'undesirables'. A sort of 'day of reckoning' when all (subscription) accounts are settled in full. And on this point, I can in NO WAY criticise such as Bill Ryan whose site this is, to attempt a fresh start. For indeed, is this not in line with how the universe itself operates? Does it not naturally periodically correct itself from time to time when things have deteriorated? Almost all those familiar with the spiritual traditions would agree that this is so.

There is nothing wrong I think in this venture into a new Avalon Forum. Of course, judgement calls will be made on peoples' character, in terms of who is allowed in to the new Avalon Forum. And not everybody is going to like this. But for my part, I do not see this in any way sinister. All I see is a simple desire to try to reduce the level of distractive posts that are argumentative in an antagonistic way; of backbiting and name calling. And to get rid of the small core of posters that seem to flood the boards with these types of posts.

This is just my view. Of course, as my record shows I do not myself post very frequently. I am quite selective, and am not perhaps as immersed in the 'politics' of the forum as some. Others may have a very different take on things. But such is life. And this is my view.

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