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Exclamation Nuclear and Radiological Attack

What would be the first thing you would do if america or anyplace else is attacked. If you do not have a clue, this site is a good place to get you mind in gear.
Have a plan, know that it's valid, pass this on to your familys just in case you do not survive.

the truth is obvious

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Default Re: Nuclear and Radiological Attack

Great article. I had been wondering about the 'suitcase nuke' scenario for some time as many years ago Russia had lost 22 suitcase nukes... they say. And Obama had briefly mentioned this in the second presidential debate several months ago as an off- the- cuff remark towards the end of the debate????? There has also been mention of covering yourself with 'Iodine' in the event of nuclear fallout until it passes? So, I guess have a couple of bottles of Iodine around just in case.
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Default Re: Nuclear and Radiological Attack

Well, if it's an all out *thermonuclear* exchange than most of us will not survive.


That seems unlikely IMHO.

An Atomic attack with a 10-20 kt bomb(s) placed in a large city be a 'terrorist', ship or missile from China is more likely. In the United States the prevailing winds go west to east normally so many suggest living West or North of a large city. One problem is that a nuke from Pakistan for example might be more "dirty" than from other nations.

So if an atomic nuke went off in downtown Manhattan half the island would go boom with radiation heading towards Brooklyn or maybe Queens and Staten Island.

I'm no expert by any means and in fact there is much disagreement on not only how much radiation will fall and when it would be safe to go outdoors after an attack.

Chernobyl still has areas of Russia uninhabitable today.
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Default Re: Nuclear and Radiological Attack

I believe it is so very important for people to have a plan. People must have a disaster plan of some sort.

I for one, if a nuke went off in the U.S. would be bugging out of the city I live in. I have that plan in order.

I don't know if a nuke is going to go off in the USA, but it sure seems that we are leading up to some sort of major disaster. A plan of some sort could make your life easier, and perhaps be the difference of survival and death.
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family, nuclear, semper-fi, survive

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