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Default To the founders of Avalon2: Think and feel!

Dear Friends,

I have to say something. Not much.
I just finished my review of the Avalon2 site.
I read the guidelines. Too rigorous. Actually it seems to me the one should only think about not breaking some rule, and not how to post something creative.

Also, there will be not personal pages of the members. Well, I don’t like that. Building a community without close personal relations is not possible, in my believe. All that flavors of exchanging and sharing among members were the key of the success of Avalon. We were loving one another that way. We were expressing ourselves the way we feel, giving so much beauty to one another. All that art from the heart, wanting to gave something beautiful to other members...Now, it will not be possible.
No art there will be possible, I think. And were is no art, there is no freedom. And were is no freedom, there is no truth. Were is no truth - there is nothing.

I won`t refer to all rules/guidelines of Avalon 2.
Just this - too rigorous!
Think about it, founders of Avalon2. Actually, I believe, you who are creating Avalon2, with these rules you have a way to ban any member if you just want it. You will find an excuse in these guidelines. Is that your goal?
I would like to think that you want a strict academic discussion there. Hmmm..I don’t think this is the way. Too cold. Too alienated. For me, of course.

The knowledge itself is not truth. The real truth for me is knowledge with love.

A forum that pretends to be a community and a carrier of a new light should have a broadest culture possible. All the positive heritage of humanity. To share it in an openness toward the Universe. To show who we are - humans. We are rich and beautiful. We have achievements. Most sublime ones.
This can’t be achieved with restrictions, dear friends, but with opening new and new possibilities for expressing the souls. Of the collective and of the individuals.

I appeal to Bill and the leaders of the new forum: do not go that way; it is not a path to be followed. Think one more time about keeping alive this beautiful Avalon forum. Really think.With all flavors, beauty, personal relations, all that love around, all that art and warmth…and with all mistakes, yours and ours – why not?! We are learning from them, and growing that way. Even agents and trolls – they are giving us a proof we are doing a good job…we can deal with them, don’t worry about that.

I love you all. I would like to make a mistake about this. But, I have too bitter experiences with divisions for to accept another one. Know this: In the moment when Avalon2 like this starts, it will be a sign that the final division succeed. THEY succeed!

You will all know WHO.

And you will all feel sorry that you didn`t succeed to finish the sublime and noble mission named Project Avalon.

But it will be too late.

Think. And feel.


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