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Default 11:11 Phenomenon and its meaning to you

Many people are seeing 11:11. This has been a very popular subject recently. Some people believe it opens a gateway. Other believe it is a way for you to remember your spiritual mission here on Earth. Some also believe that your spirit guides or Angels are trying to say "Hello". And others believe it is a connection to the spirit world.

And then there is the connection to 2012:

2012 winter solstice will occur at 11:11 universal time on Dec 21st the last day of the Mayan calendar which counts down interestingly enough, to something the Mayans new would occur on this date. This is the connection between the the 11:11 phenomena and the end of this game period.
What are your experiences with 11:11? Has anything paranormal occured while viewing this number sequence?

I see 11:11 on a regular occasion and feel like I am being watched. Please share your theories of similar number combinations such as 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 1:01, 1:11, and so on. Is this just our subconsious mind getting attention?

What do you think?

Suriel - Messenger of Light
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