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Default Re: 'V' Movie Revisited

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Thank-you for the thoughtful response Recallone. Fence riders form splinter groups! However...remaining for an extended period in observation and reevaluation mode can help one avoid taking a plunge into the abyss.How many people have been rushed into stupid decisions throughout history? The bankster bailout may be a recent example. All of this is so bizarre...yet how else should we explain our existence...and on what should we base any hope for a usable future?
For starters, I agree that everything continues to warrant our scrutiny and observation, like you said. Neutral observation is what I'm getting at here. Even if you were able to accurately define the parameters and agendas of various beings, you would still be left with the task of connecting to source in order to circumnavigate the various challenges they may present. We're going into an age and an existence that will depend heavily upon decisions made from a higher place, intuition, connection. In my opinion, the definable parameters of this dimension are becoming obsolete. Just as you can't conclude the mission and intent of the entire human race based on the actions of a few, I would think that the same applies to other races. As Americans, they try to instill in us a sense of suspicion towards anyone of Middle Eastern descent. Why? I think if any one of us were suddenly dropped into a different culture and had to live among those people, we would find that we're not so different. Children want to laugh and play. Parents want to raise their children without fear. Lovers want to love. Painters want to paint, musicians want to play, and so on. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that one of these alien races you're concerned about could very well provide you with your new best friend. You just don't know. And if what you DO know is bigger than the rest...well, then take it in stride is all I'm trying to say.

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
The video clip was interesting...but more violence! We always seem to gravitate toward violent solutions. We need to evolve just a little bit more.
C'mon. That's good stuff! I have a particular liking for movies that celebrate the nobility in mankind. This was one of those movies. Do what's right, no matter the cost. Regret for things NOT done are much harder to deal with than regret for things DONE. Live. Create.

Peace, my friend.
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