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Default Conscious Media Network - Videos of

The Conscious Media Network

There is a large number of on line video interviews here at
http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members.htm. Many are 'whistleblowers', the same as at Project Camelot, but there are many, many more in related topics of UFOology, consciousness, conspiracies, and more.

I've noted they have a copyright notice, which only says we can't do a direct insertion of a video here, but we can give links to any of their interviews and certainly talk about them here.

Please respect the energy and resources that it takes to create this video archive, and refrain from posting our interviews on other websites, no matter how meaningful the intent. All our material is copyright.
If you want to share the information, just provide your friends with the link to the page you wish to share.
We can only sustain ourselves and our expenses in maintaining this site with your voluntary subscriptions and donations, for which we are very grateful. Thank you for your compliance.

Some very nice interviews at their site! Nearly 200 interviews there.

Their most recent interview is with William Henry, on Stargates: http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members/whenry.htm He talks about why the USA went into Iraq, to take away historical Sumerian information that Saddam was collecting for the whole world to see.

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Default Re: Conscious Media Network - Videos of

I really enjoyed Fred Sterling, brilliant.
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Default Re: Conscious Media Network - Videos of

I visit Conscious Media often. It's like a sane and calm voice in the midst of calamity. I found Project Camelot/Avalon because of the George Green interview @ C.M.N. last October. I Googled George Green and.........
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Default Re: Conscious Media Network - Videos of

Also going there since a couple of years.
Thanks to a tip (downloadhelper for firefox) of one of the moderators here, I can now download them, which is very useful with my slow internet connection.
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conscious media network, interviews

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