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Default Re: Indigo's running for office...

I can see where I may have created an "us vs them" air in my posts, by considering myself Indigo, and everyone else not. As if I am exclusive in some regard...

That was not my intention. Simply I meant to say, the younger generation, those who will inevitably be of age soon enough to enter office - is now too soon - perhaps would be a better way of stating it.

To answer my own question, I think the answer is yes. It is too soon. The people in power who are playing the role of breaking down the system, and consolidating power is perfect...

Because once the NWO - or any version of it - is formed, this is the type of structure needed for planetary Oneness. In fact, multiple nations is division, and the coming together and the Oneness of all life everywhere is a Universal Agenda. Divide and conquer is the opposite perspective, the "I am God," rather than "There is a God" perspective.

Once the nations have been consolidated by the powers that be, it's at that time the correct people will assume the seats of power which will transform the world into a place of Freedom, Justice and Love for one another. The means by which they come to this end may not be pretty, but you can be assured it will come in one form or another. And that's not a bad thing...

In fact, imagine a one world government ruled by Angelic beings whom are part of a greater Galactic Hierarchy? If our fathers build this One World Order, and we inherit it -- that sounds like a good deal to me. Certainly this will raise eyebrows, but consider the alternative. Another 2,000 years of war nation vs nation...

Once the world is united under one banner, we can see ourselves as the only worth while thing to be at war with. Dominating our animalistic tendencies with our divine attributes and truly evolving.

How high can we ascend when we are faced with issues of basic survival everyday? Speaking generally, I say very little.

So let our fathers build the NWO, let them consolidate nations. And let us inherit their work, despite whatever means they used to bring us to that end.

Adam K.
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Default Re: Indigo's running for office...

Originally Posted by Humble Janitor View Post
Oh, but ambition can be a good thing, especially if you use it to help others instead of just helping yourself.

There will always be people who seek nothing more than power and those are the ones that we should worry about.
You can have a desire to do something but driven ambition equals selfishness.Power without ethics is the state of the world today.leaders supress the use of god given personal power.

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