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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

Originally Posted by motov View Post
maby a stupid question but, what are we going to encounter that we need this...?
i dont get it..

Hi Motov

it sounds like you are new here and maybe havent watched the project camelot interviews? www.projectcamelot.org It is worth investing the many hours going through all the material presented on that site and also reading Micheal st clairs book LIGHT SEEDS . This thread is for LISTS/RESOURCES ONLY...Questions and answers regarding any of the issues presented on the forum can be addressed in the PROJECT AVALON GENERAL DISCUSSIONS.

Please feel free to PM me or any other member privately if you need help unravelling your confusion.
best wishes
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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

Hi, I’m new here, this my second post and it’s this:- Where there is no Doctor, Where there is no Dentist and some other downloadable information.


Both are regarded as bibles by some.

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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

I have pasted this list from another thread...it is an extensive list and EXCELLENT!!

First Aid Kit

This is obviously only a suggested list from research, personal experience and consultation with our family doctor (a sailor) before our one-year cruise. Your needs may differ. Use the list as a starting point to discuss a cruising medical kit with your family doctor.

* First aid books
* Phone numbers for hospitals and doctors
* Eyeglass prescriptions
* A complete record from your pet's vet, a recent rabies vaccination


* Scissors
* thermometer
* needle pliers
* flashlight, penlight
* Scissors
* Eye dropper
* Tweezers
* Ear syringe
* Latex gloves
* Q-tips
* Towel
* Splints
* Thermal blanket


* Bandaids (plastic, fabic)
* Liquid bandaid (waterproof)
* Roll bandages (Kling)
* Gauze rolls 110 cm wide
* Adhesive tape (Elastoplast)
* Sterile gauze pads 2, non-adhesive
* Skin closures 3
* Cotton balls
* Q-tips
* Tensor elastic bandages small,large
* Tourniquet rubber tube
* Neck brace
* Arm sling

First Aid Products

* Antibiotic wound cream (Lanabiotic, Polysporin)
* Topical anesthetic (Solarcaine) for sunburn, insect bites
* Antiseptic - Mercurochrome, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Hibiclense, Betadine
* Vaseline
* Antibiotic eye ointment (eye infection)
* Saline eye wash (eye irritation)
* Activated charcoal tablets (poisoning)
* Styptic pencil (stop bleeding)
* Linament (muscle pain)
* Fleet Enema (severe constipation)
* Antifungal cream (Canesten)
* Toothache pain medicine
* Antibiotic lozenges (sore throat)


On a boat you may need to function in an emergency situation where a doctor not available. The right drug could allow you to function or save your life. Consult with your doctor about a drug kit for your cruise - this list was created some years ago with our own doctor, and should simply be used as a starting point.

* ASA, Acetominaphen - headache
* 222's - pain, severe headache (prescription required in U.S.)
* Tylenol No.3 30mg - pain, toothache
* Percocet - severe pain (broken bones)
* Sudafed 60mg - sinus congestion
* phenergan suppositories 25 - nausea
* phenergan 25mg - nausea
* Allegra 180mg - mild allergic reactions
* Atarax 25mg - allergic reactions (bee sting)
* Imodium mild diarrhea
* Lomotil 2.5mg - diarrhea
* Septra 160mg - dysentry UTI (antibiotic)
* Ipecac syrup 14ml - food poisoning
* Colace 100mg (docusate sodium) - stool softener
* Dulcolax 5mg - constipation
* Keflex 500mg - infection
* Pen VK 500mg - Abcessed tooth Strep
* Zithromax (zpak) URI
* Valium 5mg - muscle spasm, severe anxiety
* Dalmane 30mg - sleep aid
* Naprosyn 500mg - swelling/sprain, muscle pain
* Prednisone 10/20mg severe swelling/asthma
* enough medicine you require on a regular basis to last the cruise
Formally known here as FIREHORSE!!
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Default Re: Survival Hints and Resources (UK and Elsewhere)


For basic information on survival issues, storing food, monetary issues....the Ramtha people have been on top of this for years. I am not a devotee, but Ramtha has been talking about earth changes/society changes for over two decades and the Ramtha folk have an intentional community in Washington State. For those that are not followers, there still is a lot of good info that has been made available....

If you go to "www.beyondtheordinary.net"...which is a radio show...and free, you can go into the archives. There are shows on basic survival skills which are worth a listen. Each show is about an hour long and will give you information that you may need especially on food storage and survival.

Things I can think of right off the bat..having been through several hurricanes, a few earthquakes and lots of ice storms....think of what you would need if you were to go camping (and then some). If you can afford a generator, get one. If you can afford a small camping stove, invest in one.

1. Potable drinking water. You can't survive without water. Get a good water filter that will filter out all water---including puddle water if needed. Store water.

2. Get tins of food. While having survival food pouches is ideal, most of us may be past that time frame. Just get tins of food (beans, corn) filling food and make sure you have a can opener, too. Store them carefully. Most tinned foods last a few years.

3. Get a Freeplay radio...one that you can crank and use without batteries.

4. Get a free torch...similar to above.

5. Stock up on medicines...if you or if you have elderly parents/relatives who are with you they should have three months meds on hand. Think of the needs of those in your familiy that are infirmed. What will they need?

6. Stock up on basic needed items. Go to Savers or some other shop to get
simple bottles of shampoo, soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, basic first-aid items. You don't have to buy expensive iitems. It won't matter if you are using Paul Mitchell or Savers brand when there is an emergency. You will be worrying about other things.

7. Always make sure that your car is filled with petrol if you have to make a quick exit. If you do not have a car, network with friends and have a plan of exit with them.

8. Don't forget food/meds if your pet needs them. Do not forget your animal friends.

9. Pack a suitcase with necessities including two changes of clothing, copies of your license, marriage and birth certificates, passports and other important documents. Transfer your family photos to CDs (if you can) and put those in that suitcase and keep it packed and ready. Or just put the things that are the most important for you to take---in that suitcase. This is just something to have for any sort of emergency. Keep this suitcase in a place where you can just grab and go.

10. Cash on hand (though it may not be of value.) If there is a crisis, no ATMs will be working. So, keep bills and coins on hand somewhere safe. Get silver if you can and keep that on hand, too.

11. Matches. You will need matches to build fires.

12. Wood. Make sure you have wood to burn if you are hunkering down in your house.

13. If you can, purchase one or two good sets of warm underclothing ("longjohns") and good wool gloves, socks and a wool hat. If you can keep your hands, feet and head warm, you don't feel the cold as much.

14. Warm blankets and/or warm sleeping bags and a tent (if you should have to leave your house). Warm blankets are needed even in the house during the winter should the power go out.

15. Keep some good, positive, affirmative books on hand...you will need to remember that you can change your experience even when it looks like everything is falling apart. I probably would have a copy of SCIENCE OF MIND by Ernest Holmes which has some wonderful affirmations and prayers. That's what comes to mind for now anyway.

This is what I have thought of....right off the top of my head.

Above all, it is important to be prepared. Keep things handy and ready. Designate a wardrobe or a space in the house for storage of items.

Hope this helps.......Blessings to all!
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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

Hi all

I have to agree with Steve A. I have studied and practiced the art of bushcraft for a few years now. I have entered into forests in the uk with nothing more then a knife, water bottle and fire lighting equipment and walked out a week later still quite fit and healthy.

You need to learn certain crafts and learn them well.
1) Water, where are you going to get it, how can you find it, how will you make it safe to drink. Remember, its ok to say carry it but when you realise that a litre of water weighs about a Kilo and that at a minimum you need about 2-3 litres a day under low exersion conditions, thats 3Kg in your pack and thats a lot of needed gear in weight and actually only supplies you for one day. You can drink sea water, urine, rain water etc as long as you know what to do with it and you dont need expensive equipment that will eventually need replacement filters.

2) Food, with the possibillity of no food on the shelves in stores giving you no way to restock, other food must be sought. Learn trapping, fishing and cultivation methods. Keep a book on different plants that are edible in your pack.

3) Shelter, to be honest this is your first priority, you can make a good shelter from most things to protect you from the elements.

A rule of thumb that I teach people to remember how to prioritise is this:

you can live. In an emergency situation, IE lost in a forest by your self..
3 minutes without air
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food

Dont wait for it to happen, get out and practise.
If I can be of assistance to anyone with advice or help, pm me.

Be safe, Be good
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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

A good knife, dry clothes, a piece string and the sas handbook at least.
Why so little you ask? There will be a huge chance that you will have 2 leave your house and go into hiding. The country, mountains, woods etc. So you only take what you can carry. The rest can be found on route. So it may be best 2 have two different kits, home 'n' away so 2 speak. Try carring a bag of sugar for one mile and you will see what i mean.

And an Analogue CB. They are harder 2 track.
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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources



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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

hiya all,

As most of you will know already, Ray Mears is good and he has plenty of stuff on his site. He also does great survival kit lists.
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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

Hi everyone,

As you may of heard, the Project Avalon forum is going to be transformed into a subscription based site. I feel for the Camelot team as their work can be costly and they do need a means of support but I do not agree with the subscription.

Camelot does need support and I hope everything works out, they have helped me a great deal and their work is invaluable. But I feel they need to find an alternative form of means and support and not force us to pay a subscription to keep us together. As they said in the announcement "Project Avalon costs almost nothing to host" .

I believed in a free and open enviroment for us to chat and come together, so I will not be paying a subscription and therefore no longer be in contact with this site. Sorry guys but i feel very strongly about this. Anyone that wants to keep contact with me, feel free to sent me an email and i'll add you to my address book. michaelprobert@btinternet.com

Best Wishes
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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

Vacuum Sealer- Prolongs life of food. Prevents freezer burn (If your planning on freezing food). If your on the move you can fit more food in your bag.

You can buy them off of ebay, havn't seen any in shops.

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Default Re: UK survival kit lists and resources

Hi eveybody,

I know this is Amercan but the skills are global. Please watch his vids so you can refresh your survival skills.
He has some very handy tips.

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