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Post a massive piece of a colossal jigsaw puzzle

I know I will probably get in to trouble for posting this but it is worth it

My brothers & sisters

I can not find appropriate words to tell you of a website that is just newly on line

The author of this website is none other than Wayne Herschel his other website and book http://www.thehiddenrecords.com/ my words can not do it justice.

This is a massive awakening event I wonder if this is the coup dí etat for humanity the October surprise. The website: http://oneism.org/# another massive wake up call

We partake of the beast daily itís our global social system itís our global belief system

The beast murders lies and deceives us all but most importantly it keeps us all from the truth at all costs. This is the beast.

Does this ring a bell?

An out side evil is with us and itís been with us for eons of time

Please if time permits will Bill and Kerry consider interviewing this guy his two websites gave me a massive piece of a colossal jigsaw puzzle when you study and read all the info Wayne Herschel give you. You truly become an observer to the big picture. You will see with clarity our true dilemma

I am sorry but no amount of silver or gold will help I honestly know it will do nothing but weigh you down emotionally and spiritually you want to be as bag free as possible in heart mind and spirit.

The safe place is within simply remember it safe place will find you always

Fear will drive you from it this is well known
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Default Re: a massive piece of a colossal jigsaw puzzle


in times to come, we will see that these days were those that awoke us from our slumber, slumber that was forced upon us by those with an agenda of control through fear.

Shed this fear, and we will become free.
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