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Anja Morit
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Default Will the Netherlands be flooded?

Rising sealevels is considered to be one of the main coming earthchanges as we move to next density.
Lots of people around the world express their genuine concern towards us Dutch because half of the Netherlands already is below sealevel. Even Bill Ryan asked me in a personal e-mail "whether Holland feels like a secure place to live. Rising sea levels do seem to be an issue and (if this is real) then Holland would seem to be a very vulnerable place to be. At least one insider source we have (who we have not yet published) suggests that such changes might possibly happen very quickly."

Ten years ago I often dreamt about this subject allthough never in a scary way. In one dream I rowed in a boat from one top of a house (the other floors were under water) to another. In another dream I was with some people in a house and watched water rising around us untill we had to take our boats and eventually we were only surrounded by water. The third dream I remember was me getting a guided tour and a wild stream of water suddenly shattered the windows of the building we were shown. It didn't affect us physically or emotionally at all and we just went on shopping on higher grounds in a lovely sunny market place.
The crazy thing about all these dreams was, that I was so at ease with the situation.

Since then I never dreamt about floods anymore allthough I got a better understanding of the risks and the NWO agenda.
I considered emigration based purely on logical reasons, but it just doesn't FEEL the right thing to do for me. Instead I feel a strong intuitive need to clear up the house, to get rid of all redundant stuff. No clue why .....

I am interested in your experiences, views, etc. on this subject! Could it be f.e. that those dreams were just a possible timeline that we have now left behind?

Warm hearted greetings .....
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