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Default In Need of Serious Advice

Hello everyone.. This topic was created by me, in the attempt to gather a bit more exposure. I have used this reply in another section already, but I feel that it will just be buried as time passes. So I decided to start a fresh version..

My purpose of this post is to try to find a place where I can be a part of a goal oriented community within the U.S. or Canada. Currently I live in Florida.

To try and keep this short, I will explain my situation without too many extreme details. Those can be discussed later on a person to person basis as needed.

I am forty years old and have no children or family to care for at this time. I have been out of work to an extremely large degree for almost a full year now and financial survival has been at a minimum. Surviving on an average of about $400.00 per month, which is around 1/4 of the living costs in my situation. The home I live in is rented and I am quite in debt. Also it is in foreclosure status at this time. A friend owns it so he has allowed me to stay per his big heart. But it's not forever.
Regardless, I have kept my electricity and water services going by way of minimal use. I have had temporary help for food which will be ending in another month or two, I cannot recall to be honest, as time has seemingly stopped for me in some ways. The only thing I own is my truck. I have no bank accounts, no stocks, bonds, property or any other sources of possible income. I have been a builder for almost 20 years in many different fields of construction. All have been self taught to a great degree. There is nothing I cannot learn to do in my mind, as I am not limited to just construction obviously, but that doesn't matter here.

On a spiritual note I would like to tell you that I consider myself to be embedded within the consciousness of all things representing the global need for positive change. I am quite aware of what most of us knew as reality at one time in our life and I am also aware of the increasing change that is coming about in all matters. I have always considered myself to be a truly good man, who only desires the prospect of shared peace in the world which we know as home.

So my question for all of you is this and only this...:

Does anyone know of a place or a community like this topic, where I might be able to secure a place for myself?

The only thing I can truly offer is my honesty, good spirited ways and my many skills in trade.... even if it mean't that I would have to survive outside somehow on a piece of land, I would do so gladly.
I cannot express enough how very strongly I feel the need to become a part of something like this, rather than accepting the norm which would be aquiring a feeble job locally here, just to "hang on" a little longer.. To me that is no longer a viable option... I Must follow my inuition on this and try to procure a place within a community of like minded people.
If anyone here can spark even the smallest bit of information, so that I can take my next steps, I would be eternally and internally greatful.. Somehow I feel like I am dying inside, due to the stagnancy of my situation...

I have been long winded..
Sending you all powerful streams of peace,
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Default Re: In Need of Serious Advice

Good luck mate I was not far behind you but am now focusing on good things coming my way, no idea what they are yet but looking forward to them
Maybe you could try some possitive thinking?
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Ross H
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Default Re: In Need of Serious Advice

Heya Steve and welcome to PA

We chatted yesterday on PA chat. Im from Australia.

I noticed no-one has replied so I am, as you need to know I hear you loud and clear. Sadley I live the others side of the world and cannot help other than sending you peace and love and energy towards a place of comfort for you.
I sincerely hope someone can offer some assitance closer to where you are.

Please keep focusing on what you want and it will manifest!

Peace to you

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Default Re: In Need of Serious Advice

I would suggest reading this posting here on Avalon,

A Proposal
also: http://tracethecircle.com/
Everyone that has contacted TtC says he is quite responsive to inquiries. And someone with construction/builder skills should be in demand for growing communities. If I did not have other things to do, I would certainly check out his offer.

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Default Re: In Need of Serious Advice

Thanks for the responses so far everyone.... I must say that yes I am focusing on positive change to the greatest extent. The fact that I have even posted this request is my positive action going to work beyond just the thought process. I have also spoken for awhile with TtC this evening through his website and I had a fair time in speaking with him. Although I wished the conversation could have taken a detour around the metaphysical for awhile..lol.. I guess I just didn't ask pertinent questions and I'll leave it at that for the time being.

It's wonderful that there are people who can afford projects like those and are taking action to do so.

Raising the Vibe of Yahoooooo!!
Sleep well all, Steve.
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