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Default The War in America and beyond: Black Genocide

I posted this editorial on women's forum which I belong to. It's about the movie Maafa 21.

The War in America and beyond: Black Genocide

There is a plan so divisive, so insidious that my words here will not be believed. This plan has gone on for over 100 years, and it kills over 50,000 black people every day in America. More blacks have been killed by this than all the blacks combined who have died from aids, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or gang violence. More blacks die every day in America due to this very creative plan than who died in the entire Viet Nam war.

If you are black, your community has been and is currently targeted for extermination, and sadly you will do it while listening to calm elevator music. Think of Soylent Green and Logan's run. What am I talking about? I am speaking of the Maafa.

Watch http://vodpod.com/watch/2095139-maaf...ur-documentary

This is a world wide plan and agenda that is being carried out with precision. It is not a black vs. white issue. It is an elitist plan for world domination. It is about getting rid of the useless eaters. Yes, that is how they see the colored and poor people of the world. My recent warnings regarding the lies over the false swine flu vaccine are part of this. After watching this documentary ask yourself if you trust these people to give you a shot for the swine flu that has killed less people worldwide than all the people killed by MRSA in Britain last year. If you doubt my warning here and are scared of swine flu, watch this, and then tell me you want the shot:

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Default Re: The War in America and beyond: Black Genocide

This is an example of agendas that have been going on for centuries, but went largely ignored. Best way to summarize it is the same way comedians such as George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murpy (and others) injected into their routines. America didn't care about drugs, Aids, disease, etc until it hit mainstream America and/or the suburbs.

We all had a birdseye view of what potential travesties could be perpetrated, but it didn't affect our kids, our home, our neighborhood, our education, our job, our way of living.

There are many things I've learned that helps you understand why people feel and think the way that they do and have in the past. For generations, minorities in this country have had their key contributions to this nation hidden, suppressed, or proclaimed by those of opposite color. I'm speaking of inventions, not just planting cotton or labor that helped build the buildings of this nation. The Constitution have a lot of Indian principles as part of it's original structure. If people don't know how significant the existence of this country is also due to contributions from ALL it's people, they grow a sense of superiority over them...alas hate groups, and teaching hate to children, etc. Hell, I grew up thinking that the Egyptians were white, because that's how they were portrayed in all the movies on t.v. It wasn't until roughly 10-15 years ago were there introduced a black/minority based doll for minority kids to play with, reference and admire/adore. It goes much deeper than that, but that's another thread.

If you really pay attention to history, those of non-color has had a conflict with every nationality on the planet. There is something to be learned from this. However, we are all waking up decade by decade and are in the same boat now, regardless which one we took here. Forced or unforced.

When you think of all of the early cultures consisted mostly of indians, aborignies, africans, etc and then take into account that our understanding that they (primarily the Africans) were the first to walk the planet (not to mention the so called Pleadians claim that the black "genetic" was the first here then came others) I think there it something even greater to their undoing along with that US provided, besides that which they did to themselves.

We have to start uncovering all of the truths... not just those related to that which we are interested in.
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Default Re: The War in America and beyond: Black Genocide

You are absolutely correct gscraig

Its no surprise to anyone what was happening.

CIA starting up gangs, pushing drugs after the Viet Nam war where they got so many young people hooked on them.

That is why I personally really felt Rev Wright was telling his church goers the truth when he talked about AIDS,DRUGS,HIROSHIMA etc. He got me so excited that I seen an end to PTB.

The Blacks know full well who was behind this and my inner belief tells me that they will not let this happen. They had enough. They have many big power behind them that have the money they need and they are willing to help. I feel sorry for the ones that try to stop them now. Obama promised them change and who knows what was said all those years in school. I doubt they were being dumbed down like we were in the good ole "tell me what to say now" school. No, I don't think so.

The PTB will not play them again. They seen what happen after Katrina so I just don't see them pushing them over to easily. They are way too smart for the likes of them.

I think that they may be in for quite a surprise. I don't think anyone should just take the **** anymore.

I am not for fighting or wars but I'm for NO more BS. I once thought highly of the weather underground but I'm not for communism

am very interested in seeing the video but it must have alot of traffic.....not working for me yet

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