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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default An alternate take on a few things

You know, I've been reading a lot of stuff here and over at ATS about microchipping, population control, suppressed energy, E.Ts and other topics.

What if some of this information is purely scare tactics? What if it's deliberately put out there to push people to unite before it's put in place? Is it like some kind of last warning for humankind?

Could the benevolents be counting on us to "heed the warning" and do something? Now, before you accuse them of violating our free will, the powers that were have been doing this for decades upon decades.

It's like a war games of a sort with the benevolents on one side, the powers that were on the other and humankind in the middle. We're the pawns.

Just a few thoughts. Maybe if we found a way to recognize but not dwell on the scary stuff, we could overcome it, like we can overcome feelings of depression and anger?
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Default Re: An alternate take on a few things

Pressure is being increased intentionally. Quite powerfully now.

The objective of resistance is to make you strong. The weightlifter puts more and more weight on himself so that he'll be able to lift more and more.

There is an attempt to induce an evolutionary leap happening in this world...right now.

Part of it is by creating questions that can be neither borne nor answered. This causes so much consternation in people....but it begs a solution.

We will make the leap of evolution. We will square the circle, or we will die.
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