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Default Reclaiming Human Sovereignty and the New Paradigm PART ONE

Dear fellow Human Being,

Firstly I do hope that whilst reading this, in the present the past and the future you are, have been and will be well.

We all know the perilous times that lie ahead, for not just us as individuals or small groups, but the entire species. And we are, ourselves, making serious choices and difficult decisions.

Some of us are determined that it is best to relocate to certain places south of the equator. Maybe these places will prove safe, maybe they will not. Only time and the actions of the few or the many will show the results. Maybe the unknown is sometimes far harder than the known.

Some of us do not have the choice to relocate (although we would if we could) and therefore are bound by our domiciles and localities. Those of us like this may not believe there is a possible chance of succeeding our cause for justice, truth and freedom. Through that vision alone we may be doomed to fail.

Some of us are determined that we will stay and see this through. We were born from this place, we are sovereign human beings, our lives have value to us and we will fight for our values and our sovereignty. We will not fight in the streets but in the minds of the people. And we will start now to educate, motivate, inspire and support all those who seek the answers to what lies in every Human Beings core. We will start from the grass roots and raise the roof of the establishment.

Last Friday (5th) at 12:30am I was assaulted and threatened to stop doing what I am doing, by three concealed men with bludgeoning weapons.

On Sunday (7th) at 9:20pm I stated publicly on my regular slot on BBC Radio Derby what had happened.

As I said, I, as many others, am simply researching information that (for the large part) is in the public domain. That people either do not have the time or know where to start looking, to find this information themselves. We take that information and relay it on in a simpler format. We do not interpret and when we do we make it clear we are doing so. We do not theorise and when we do we make it clear we are doing so. The Human Beings listening draw their own conclusions.

This post will be followed by a post from Citizen Zeitgeist so please read both. It will make sense.

This is part one. On the 27th September in Derby we are putting on a launch event for the locality. Hopefully it will be the first in a series that we would encourage elsewhere other than this locality. For further information on this please ask and I shall send copies of the flier. This event is a launch which has been trialled already. We expect a reasonable number of Human Beings to attend. To be honest 20 will be good. The doors are open to all.

It is not the numbers, but the Human Beings who attend. Human Beings with soil in their heads, and not rocks, so that the many seeds we will be planting may nurture, and do so at their owners speed. 20 well planted seeds could result 100 flourishing flowers.

And what seeds will we be nurturing ? As follows:

1) A breakdown of some key definitions (e.g. truth, law, conspiracy, anarchy etc) so everyone starts on a level playing field – 10 mins
2) A brief on the Economy and the Banking system. How they work and some brief history (focusing on Rothschilds, Bank of England and Fractional System) – 20 mins
3) A brief on legal person vs freeman of the land, and on the securities trust (birth bond) – 10 mins
4) Break
5) A brief on Social Order and what means what, and what Collectivism is – 15 mins
6) A brief on Social Engineering and the Hegelian Dialectic – 10 mins
7) A brief on the European Union and where we are heading, breakdown of key Lisbon Treaty clauses and what they mean – 20 mins
8) Break
9) Summary of the lot
10) Brief on what we will be talking about in future evenings if they happen
11) Solutions

Question and Answer Session for One Hour.

We aim to focus people in on actually acting and setting up communities, but on a nationally linked scale. Look at a transition town like Lewes, which has just launched it’s own £ and made CNN news. How many of us know this ? How many of us are networking actively and are joining our own networks together ? I may be wrong but it seems like too little. It would seem as though we are entrenched in our own places, mainly as individuals or small groups, but we are not nurturing the communities around us.

These are communities that are WAITING to be awakened and to form up. They just need the information relayed in the right way. In a way that does not sound insane, crazy and too in their face. They are waiting to awaken and empower themselves with knowledge, truth and freedom. They just need some guidance. This is the guidance that we can offer, with no agenda and our full heart and moral alignment at the core.

These are people not ready to face the possibility the moon is a satellite planet with two engines inside which keep it rotating with one side facing the earth at all times.

These are people who are not ready to face the possibility that there is a race of Draconans living under the planet and feeding off their kids.

These are also a people not ready to face the facts of Global Warming, Codex Alimentarius, Chemtrails, Mind Control, HAARP, Montauk and all the other awful projects and plans out there.

However they are a people ready to face the things that are already and will even further, directly affect them and their families.

Those yet unawakened DO NOT NEED to have the same level of knowledge/information we do. They can do that themselves, if they should wish. If it were a house, they just need to understand the foundations, the walls and the roof. They don’t need to know about every trinket and bit of furniture in the house.

Our mission is to point them in the right direction and to motivate people. We must share our resources, collect together in order to achieve this incredible task that faces some of us.

And we will not feed on fear. We don not fear being infiltrated for our positive outlook and focus on a new paradigm will either rid those not aligned with us from the ranks, or help them to see the far better option for all Human Beings.

We do not fear opposition of any form, for our cause if just and right, and if we abide by our beliefs and all we are fighting for then we will without doubt emerge victorious.

So this is a call to all those in the UK to come and share contacts and open lines of communication. We have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

Peace, Light and Blessings
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Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Re: Reclaiming Human Sovereignty and the New Paradigm PART ONE

When blessed living souls are incarnated as Human Beings on Planet Earth, they are almost always registered with the government of the country of their physical birth. Undisclosed to the parents is the knowledge that each new born is then allocated a bond number and a securities account with the IMF, valued at what they perceive to be our financial worth over the course of an average lifetime of tax-paying enslavement. This transaction is known as the Security of the Person and is bought and sold on various securities exchanges by the international banksters.

Each Human Being is worth the value of the country’s resources divided by the population at the time of their birth. This method is used by all members of the IMF to securitise interest payments, on what is commonly known as the ‘national debts'. This system has been created for the dual purposes of perpetuating the power and wealth of the international banksters, controlling governments and enslaving the rest of us with a debt that can never be repaid. Since all credit that is created out of nothing adds to the balance it is supposed to reduce, there is no possible way to eradicate the debt within the current system.

However, our registration at birth serves another purpose; it creates a corporate entity associated with our name, almost always denoted in capital letters. It also constitutes the legal consent of parents to the registration of their children as the 'chattal property' of the state’s creditors (the banksters), under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law, also known as Commercial Law, or the law of the seas.

Withiin the boundaries this legal jurisdiction, all matters are matters of contract, and no contract is legally enforcable unless full disclosure exists between the parties at signature and provable consent has been appropriately given. Birth certificates are, in reality, the registration documents of our enslavement by proxy, since they register our names as future government employees, whom, until such time that we start paying government taxes, will be considered a ward of the state.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is my considered opinion that registering the birth of our children waives all legal rights we might think we have over the lives of our offspring, meaning that most of us are not actually the legal guardians of our own children.

Paradoxically, this little known universal deception is what invalidates the government’s contract with the corporate entity associated with our name, or the legal person. The fact that parents are never furnished with these crucial terms and conditions represents a clear case of non-disclosure. Furthermore, this renders every contract that we have ever entered into with a government agency unenforcable, but only once we revoke our consent to be governed.

To illuminate this complicated concept by way of example, when we apply to the DVLC for our driving license, we are in reality granting our consent to be governed by any punitive statutes, acts or codes they might impose upon our person’s right to free movement, when there is no law that compels us to apply for a driving license. It is at this point that we must recognise the difference between a statute and the law.

Statutes, acts, bye-laws and codes are rules drawn up by a corporation that are given the force of the law, but they only apply to its employees, partners and executives. The law, or more accurately, Common Law, or the law of the land, has been constructed to protect all Human Beings living on Planet Earth. We are all at liberty to act according to our own free will, provided we do not infringe the ability of others to do the same. In other words, as long as we don’t infringe the the rights to life, liberty and property of another Human Being, no judge has the legal authority to order us to do anything, including appear in court..

There are a myriad of ways in which we are tricked into granting our legal consent unwittingly. When we accept a traffic violation in order to avoid going to court, or to avoid being charged a heavier fine, we are confirming our consent to be governed according to the Department of Transport’s fee schedule for the public highway, upon which we already have a Common Law right to travel freely.

Similarly, when we admit a speeding offence to the clerk to the justices, we are granting our consent to be bound by the verdict of the court that hears the charges against us. Just agreeing to be ‘the defendant’, or standing in the dock, grants our consent to be judged according the ruling of a de facto commercial tribuneral, that has no lawful jurisdiction over Human Beings, only the legal persons associated with them.

To fully comprehend this maze of deception, we must also make the distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘lawful’. When something is legal it is allowed within the framework of a mutually-agreed contract, whether explicit by signature, or implied through passive consent, under the jurisdiction of Commercial Law. When something is lawful, it means that the Common Law rights of no other Human Being will be infringed by initiating the respective course of action. In other words, there is no injured party who is willing to give sworn testimony against us.

It is our failure to recognise these crucial distinctions that grants the government the legal right to hold us as collateral against the national debt, which is tantamount to giving our legal consent for our children to be perpetually enslaved by the banksters. It also represents the reason why it has been so easy for the Global Collectivists to pass so many draconian statutes in North America and the European Union; they are merely the rules that govern corporations and their employees and do not require the consent of parliament, since they are merely corporate rules that are given the force of law by mutual consent of the parties.

We should understand that it is our birthright to seek lawful remedy for all our financial problems, as the shareholders of the corporation associated with our country of birth. By establishing a Notice of Undertanding and Intent & Claim of Right, witnessed by a Notary Public and delivered to the government by recorded post, provided it is not rebutted under oath and full commercial liablity, under penalty of perjury, within the stated time constraints, lawful excuse can be established that enables us to revoke our consent to be governed by the rules of a soulless corporation.

This is the means by which we can all reclaim our individual sovereignty from those who have enslaved us for their own gain. When we achieve this in sufficient numbers, the old system will quickly crumble and we will have the infinite potential of humanity laid out before us in its glorious splendour, in a World governed by individual responsibility and mutual cooperation, rather than the fear of endless debt, starvation, disease and invisible enemies.

This essay is the considered opinion of the author and does not constitute legal advice.

Peace, love and light to all,

Citizen Zeitgeist
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Default Re: Reclaiming Human Sovereignty and the New Paradigm PART ONE

I Wonder how it went, for you? I havnt really done much public speaking, people who need this kind of thing explaind to them scare me.

My Parents and God Parents let me know about this stuff when I was young.

THen A friend came over from South Africa, got me interested in Radio.

How did you get interested in these non-main stream subjects, you see I just dont think you'll find it easy to accept any of this unless you already know it.

I've Found it far more effective to seed the Information into somthing practical, I've also traded information with people, but only ever indirectly, on a casual, off-hand, personal level.

Public Speaking is Bravework, so how did you get on I really sympathasize with what your doing.
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