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Default Re: Worst case scenario in the U.S. and elsewhere

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
Pls read the free e-books on www.michaelsharp.org

you don't have to register to read the free e-books and learn what Humanity is really doing............

Face yr fears and release!

Hi Samarkis,

I like what he says here: A lot of people say a lot of different things but frankly if the things they say put the power outside of you, then the things they are saying are frackin ********. The capital "T" truth is, the power (and the glory) is within you and as soon as you know that, as soon as you remember who you are, and as soon as you understand it all starts with us, everything begins to change.

The trauma-oriented processes I used to reach my current awakening level have relieved me from the compulson to "put the power outside of myself". Even the Maittreya says we can reach a state where we no longer adhere to "identities" , including his own.

And, yes, as Michael intimates, I did have to go back thousands of years, plus some.

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