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truth and integrity
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Default Re: Discernment

This is a good topic. I have a problem with resonance. Many times I have read on this forum when people expressed that one or another theory resonates with them. Resonance indicates a lack of mental activity that questions and processes the information. The most shocking discovered I have made was the fact that I can not trust all my feelings. The key is discernment. People have stopped questioning and take any opinion of so called scientist or spiritual “gurus” at a face value.

It is dangerous to take authority for the truth rather than the truth for authority.

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Peace of mind
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Default Re: Discernment

No fear Know God
Know fear No God

You are the questions and the answers, deep meditations can be time consuming but they will lead you to the truth.

Treat every human/animal the way you would like to be treated; and give thanks for the daily lessons and blessings. Find your own truth within, not inside of a book. Books are never accurate and were made to persuade and produce revenue for agendas. Be careful of those who find their beliefs in books…even more so when they try to get you to do the same. Most of the times, these people can not think for themselves…and are easily manipulated.

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