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Default Re: What does this mean....for you

I get the radio/program analogy. Thoughts are not really "my own", or at least that's my experience, although I certainly am triggered by them more than I care to admit.

I also get this: "In a nutshell, he who associates, who identifies with thoughts is the facto a reflection of an experience." Stellar!

"Hopefully, such a person will not think 'I am a creator', the reason being quite obvious." I've been (at least temporarily) outside the box myself. How refreshingly Not-new-age you are!

I've been reading up on some of your posts avalonwide..." he who does not believe is not influenced and then can listen without feeling threatened."
Grock that! Beliefs are not dynamic are they?

Here what you wrote Richard T: "Free will is just a concept given to the ego, who is torn between his desires and his needs, to make the experience bearable."

It's been my experience (& have mostly kept it to myself) that I didn't think we operate with Free Will or at least in the manner that many take for granted. It's obvious we are incredibly conditioned, more succinctly, your words here: "But if man is conditioned, then free will is an illusion. Because all impression of choices already are part of what is acceptable within the consciousness of the race, the rest being considered a sort of evil."

Would you mind shedding more light on this: "only through verb can anything useful be expressed." (the underlined word)... thank you


I wish I could talk all day with you and it's a tedious task to write in black n white.
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Richard T
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Default Re: What does this mean....for you

Verb is the spoken word.

Not a word spoken in reflexion of the memory of the experience but a word emanating from the vibration and spoken without interference from any energy that could be tainting the ego, its psychic territory.

The spoken word is the only tool available today to bypass the limits of thoughts and allow he who speaks to inform himself on what he really needs to know now, not on questions arising out of curiosity.

What the person needs to know now is what is needed to bring an elevation in his personal rate of vibration.

Each person becomes responsible for his own rate of vibration and cannot expect to be given this freely.

And, in any case, for the planetary ego, this raise in vibration equates de death of his impression of himself, because it eventually leads to the destruction of the memories of the soul so that they can be integrated, the only way the soul can escape its karmic prison, death, and adopt a new vehicle that allows transoprtation over realms that are not made of astral fabric.

This is basically the reason why people don't really want to change but work hard to change things around them so that their environment will fit their psychological conception of reality.

The verb is the short-circuiting of the formal thinking process.

The verb is, ultimately, the expression of the power of the source of an individual through him once there is no resistance to the passage of this energy, because this new body, lets call it this new morontial body, has been created.

Energies that come from this plane, or universe, where those intelligences that we call sources dwell, are totally incompatible and opposite to those energies into which the mind are bathed planetarily.

The spirit is shielded by the soul in its incarnation to permit a connection with and the electrification of the material body.

In a future evolution, this electrification will be based on the direct relationship between the energy of the cosmic double and of the body, this double replacing the soul as a vehicle for the mind and for the science that it carries, the science that was recorded from the experience of the contact with cellular consciousness for the express aim of creating a body that would be free to travel all realities instead of being free to travel astral reality.

The verb is the application of an instruction that comes from the source behind the mind, from the other end of the mind tunnel, and that represents in its ability to self-correct at prodigious speeds the time that is perceived psychologically and measured scientifically.

The verb is the tool by which the individual will dictate his direction, which will for the first time be the same as the direction of the spirit and of the time of the spirit, so that this individual may, for the first time since the creation of his underlying principles, receive the power over his own life, but never over the lives of others.

The verb is the only possible puncture through the fabric of the veil that is the cosmic lie that applies to not only the human race but to all races that evolve in a material universe that prevents them access to sciences that are the principles behind their limitation in vibration rate.

The verb is, ultimately, the universal status of the source of an individual and represents his right to know.
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