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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default My Book Report - Sex Economic Theory

If you haven't seen it already, I recommend you listen to Alex Jones' interview with Zeitgeist producer Peter Joseph.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=434042117846104780&ei=0c42S8bTLYus qAPL6oHiBw&q=alex+jones+zeitgeist#

In my view, Alex is a little hard on Peter, but both of them bring up some good points. I listened to this interview about a year ago and it brings up some interesting questions:

- Is competition natural?
- Do we naturally create religions?
- Do we naturally create hierarchial structures?
- Is war natural?

At the time, I was undecided. I remember listening to Alex Collier's description of Andromedan culture, and it seems to make so much more sense than our survival of the fittest, the strongest empire uber alles, the wealthy control the poor, system.

I'm about 3/4 through the book, Saharasia (http://www.amazon.com/SAHARASIA-Orig...1883774&sr=8-1) and I think I have found the answers to these questions, which is contrary to what one might expect.

In the book, James DeMeo is expanding on Wilhelm Reich's sex-economic theory. For me, this is amazing and very eye opening. DeMeo asserts that the answer to all of these is no and shows throughout history the exact places and times when we switched over to a competitive, religious people with a society based on hierarchy.

So, here's the theory:

All cultures are primarily matrist or patrist. Matrist cultures are non-hierarchical and do not divide people based on "groups". The people are one with nature. There is no need to worship an outside God, because the people don't seen any separation between themselves and anyone else or God. They see themselves as a cell in the body of humanity which is in itself divine. It is said that division is the seeds of war. Since these people have no division of groups or labels to separate people, there is no need for war.

Patrist cultures are sexually repressive. Both men and women are circumsized. Marriage is arranged and requires a dowry. Women are considered to be property and are subordinated to men. In extreme cases, women must wear the veil and are put under house arrest nearly all the time. God some outside force to be feared and it necessary to have intermediaries (clergy) in order to make sure one is right with God. Society is segmented by upper, middle, and lower classes. The upper classes control the show and everyone shows obedience to the system.

Reich's theory is that nearly all cultures were originally matrist and that the became patrist during times of desertification, climate change, and famine. The idea is that as resources became scarce, certain tribes would "armor" themselves and invade other tribes to take the few available resources. In this environment, it literally was survival of the fittest with the weaker people not surviving, while the fittest became the rulers. When patrist tribes invaded matrist tribes, they altered the culture and caused peaceful people to armor themselves and accept the values of the invaders.

After food supplies and resources stabilized, the people who lived through these times had psychological scars which caused them to cling to the status quo of living in a patrist society. The children who were born were trained to accept a lower consciousness of separatism and kept the values through cultural institutions that were enforced by the threat of violence and even death.

So, apparently this all originated between the Sahara Desert and Asia which eventually spread to Europe and finally to the New World (America). The book does a good job of analyzing the major climate changes and correlating them with changes in culture.

The book is quite interesting, however it will never become accepted by the mainstream because DeMeo seems to have insulted nearly every culture and religion in the process. He is also criticized for accepting Wilhelm Reich's work who is somewhat of an academic heretic.

Anyways, I wanted to introduce this and see if anyone would like to discuss this or if anyone else is familiar with this work.

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