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What Does It Mean ? What does this all mean for the Ground Crew ?

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Default Mainstream media starting the (very long) path to disclosure?

I think the mainstream press is trying to train the people who still belive them that ETs and UFOs are real and not hostile. Let me explain with four videos from the BBC website.

The lights in Norway, reported to be a missile:


The video was not working when I went to the site, but I've seen reports on other sites along with footage of the spiral. The media claim that it is a missile that Russia launced. However, I think it is a way for the media to prevent strange phenomena to people so they will get used to them. The report says that 'eyewitnesses were left wondering whether they had seen a UFO.' They then say that a missile launch from a Russian sub had failed. However, this in no way explains how a missile can produce such a pattern (can it?). I think this missile line is for the people who are still staunch unbelievers. It provides them an 'out' without having to face the idea of ETs too soon. This is why I believe that it is the beginning of a gradual disclosure.

UFO mystery over broken turbine:


Two people say that they saw strange lights in the sky and a wind turbine looks mangled. One of the blads has come off and another is bent. No other reasons for this damage are mentioned. However, the report uses the words 'mysterious aircraft' rather than UFO. I think those words were chosen for the unbelievers again.

UFO files released:


The report mentions UFOs seen over Belfast airport, Ireland and Bangor, Wales. Once again, the 'out' is given to the unbelievers but it is quite thin. They say that on the night UFOs were spotted over Belfast, there were two helicopters flying. It does not explicitly state that these helicopters caused the UFO sightings.

There is film footage of strange lights over Bangor. We then hear an explanation from a man saying that lenticular clouds look like flying saucers. However, I fail to understand how a lenticular cloud can explain lights in the sky at night.

UFO art piece released


One bystander said:'I think it will help people get over their fear of extraterrestrials'. The woman also does not say that she does not think ETS are real. The impression I got was that she thought they were.

It is interesting that the news report says that the art piece will help people to 'face their fears'.

The artist states that it was interesting to create something that was not real, but the poin of art was to show people what is not real. IS this some kind of disclosure message?

Is this art project and its report the first steps to make ETs seem more friendly to people so they will not be so scared when disclosure happens.

In summary, I feel that there are more videos on UFOS on the BBC these days (please correct me if I am wrong) and that they are aiming to give the impression that strange phenomenon and ETs are less strange and frightening while at the same time, giving an excuse to the die hard non believers as to not destroy their beliefs in a damaging way.
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