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Default The great ancient Chinese prophecy- Tui Bei Tu

Tui Bei Tu (Push back diagrams) is the greatest Chinese book of prophecy ever written. The prophecies indicate human history will continue after 2012, but there will soon be prolonged conflicts, at least in China.

The book of TBT was written by the Tang Imperial astronomer/astrologists Li Chun Feng and hermit Yuan Tian Gang. Each prophecy consists of a diagram/picture, followed by 2 quatrains. A prophecy may describe a period of history, or important events. The words of the quatrains may hide the name of an important historical character. There are 60 prophecies in all.

As with prophecy in general, it is not easy to decipher the meaning of the diagram or the quatrains until the events have happened. In this aspect, TBT is quite similar to the Centuries, but with a major difference: The diagrams are arranged in order of time. Also the Chinese are less abstraction oriented, that the verses are far less cryptic, and usually good or bad are easily discerned. The hidden names sometimes simply appear in one line of Chinese characters and are readily recognized. The period of history it describes is from the beginning of the Tang dynasty to seemingly a few hundred years into the future. The last diagram showed the two prophets one pushing the back of the other and the quatrains say rather philosophically:

One Yin one Yang
No beginning or end
The end ends itself
The beginning begins itself

The unfathomable heavenly way can be quested this way
The ebb and tide of worldly way is not at liberty
Infinite happenings cannot be completely described
Let us push back to retire.

Thus comes the name of Push Back Diagrams.

To show the astounding accuracy of the TBT, let me describe one diagram which just follows diagram depicting the demise of the Qing (Ching) dynasty in 1911.

Diagram 38

第叁十八象 辛丑


门外一鹿 群雄争逐
劫及鸢鱼 水深火热



With verses:

A deer outdoor
Chased by the heroes
Disasters affecting the fishes and eagles
Deep as water and hot as fire

The period of Fire starts with Disaster spreading
Ten thousand men die and ten thousand men forwarding
Ocean waves can muddy rivers and streams
What difference is there between the outside world and the present sight?

Note that Heroes chasing a deer is the metaphor for war. Particularly interesting is the words outdoor and the diagram depicting deaths outside the house. This obviously refers to a great war outside of China, WWI. Even more surprising is the knowledge of the war involving fishes and birds, which as we know WWI was the first war fought using planes and submarines.

The authenticity of the TBT is not a question. One proof is that in later versions each prophecy is appended an interpretation by a famous Early Ching scholar Jin Sheng Tan. For example in the above prophecy, Jin wrote: This is the sign of war arising outside and spreading to inside.

An interesting thing is that the dead men and women, we now know to be Europeans, are dressed in Tang clothing.

Diagram 39 describes the Japanese invasion of China.

Diagram 40 describes Communist rule of China. The striking verse is “No land has owner”, and the name Mao ZeDong can ‘almost’ be found in entirety in 2 verses.

Diagrams 41 to 42 can be ascribed to the Cultural Revolution and a description of Jiang Qing. 43 is hard to understand and may refer to China under Reform. Diagram 44 without question describes a prosperous China, with heads of foreign nations come visiting in the picture.

What is of particular importance is diagram 45, describing the immediate future:

第四十五象 戊申


有客西来 至东而止
木火金水 洗此大耻





The diagram shows two soldiers pointing spears toward the sun, with the quatrains:

A guest coming from the West
Stopping in the East
Wood Fire Metal and Water
Wash away this great humiliation

The Yun (period/decade/bi-decade) of fire starts grandly with the world in Tong(unison/similarity/sameness)
Golden eagle hidden in the white ocean
Dare not proclaim superiority afterwards
When conflagration ends the Yun is already ending

Comments by Jin: This is a sign of war returning to the period of peace and prosperity, should be in the ocean. Afterward should follow by an even greater peace and prosperity.

I have roughly calculated each diagram on the average span a period of 40 years, with in recent years a time compression to 10-20 years. This prophecy is obviously a prophecy of war, in view of the China center nature of the TBT, it is at least a prophecy of a long war in China. A Yun is 20 years in FengShui, but 10 years in ordinary Chinese Fortune telling. The spark for the war is in the oceans. This is interesting as Nostradamus seemed to predict WWIII to be sparked by a maritime conflict.

Of greater importance is that the TBT sees no ending to time/human history, so a doomsday version of 2012 is impossible. This is not to say that there is no great earthly disaster in the future, the TPT does not describe natural deaths and disasters. I presume this may be less catastrophic in China. The diagram of pointing spears at the sun is baffling though. The sun as interpreted by many is Japan. So there could well be a war with Japan. While quite possible, we can bear in mind that the sun is important in the immediate future.

Let us put each diagram to include 15 years, there are still 60-44=16 diagrams for the future, and 16*15=240 years to go before the prophets got tired of fore-telling, and a possible Utopian world may befall mankind.

I have some problem with the pictures posted.

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