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Default End Of Nations

I didn`t know where to post this so I put it in here Move it if requiered.

This movie I watched about a year ago and have made reference to at several sites it deals with the Eu and the Lisbon Accord that was voted down by Ireland . Again it deals with the set up of the E.U. and what rights Ireland would lose should they accept it.

It was filmed before the vote the Lisbon Accord has since been renamed and is being presented to the people of Ireland for a new vote .

The man presenting the info is from Denmark I believe and he explains to the people what rights they will lose and have to give up how employment and law enforcement will work to a degree how the EU parliament is set up and where the power is in the EU government and how the population will effect votes despite all nations being in it it is a population based system .

In other words the more people you have in the country the more Reps you send to parliament and if two or more of the larger populated countries in Europe want something Say France and Germany because they have more reps then the other countries involved in the EU combined it would pass.

The NAU should it come to pass will be set up in much the same way. I encourage you to watch this so you will have an idea what we end up against if this merger occurs.


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